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  1. The only reviewers I trust are Pete Bradshaw and myself, and Bradshaw’s only any good when he agrees with me. All the others are useless.
  2. There’s a cracking documentary on Netflix called Circus of Books, about a straight Jewish couple who ended up running the titular bookstore which was a centre of gay culture in Hollywood for several decades, and became the largest distributor of gay porn in the country. This is an amazingly moving doc for a number of reasons. Interestingly Ryan Murphy seems to be exec producer, is he doing everything on Netflix these days?
  3. Couple of early evening corkers...
  4. ZOK

    Apple TV +

    The Beastie Boys doc is good...other than that you’ll see why they are giving it away free.
  5. ZOK

    Broad City

    I honestly can’t tell which I rate more, this or Kath & Kim. There can be no higher praise, really.
  6. I’m pleased this hasn’t aged, I’m at the end of series two now and it’s as fresh as it ever was.
  7. Ooh, nice to know...I’ve seen that advertised but I get pretty angry if people don’t do Daphne du Maurier right, so I wasn’t going to watch it.
  8. Ah yes, she was in the pictures before the war, but when did she actually get the powers? I don’t know.
  9. Thinking about it, was there any reason given in the show for Stormfront not using her powers to just win WW2 for Germany seeing as there was no way anyone could have stopped her, and instead sitting on her hands to crop up as a super hero in America several decades later? Why did the Nazis need a super army, one significantly powerful superhuman would have been enough, and they already had one.
  10. I found both of these way off the mark...I loved the last episode, and I didn’t find there was any drop off in quality throughout the show - it was great throughout, and I can’t wait for the next series. Of course there were the odd silly things to keep the plot turning (Marcus Drusus is a lot luckier and more resistant to getting the chop than his namesake, that’s for sure) but when it’s this good, all can be forgiven. This has been such a surprise - the first SF show in years to be smart, exciting and mysterious, without any real fuss.
  11. Now I have seen them all - phew! That planet is just one big ball of bad luck for all concerned.
  12. Watched a bunch of MUBI stuff over the weekend... The Aviator’s Wife - 4/5 This is the kind of Eric Rohmer thing you either love or you hate, and if you hate it I can’t help you. Nearly two hours of Parisians talking to each other about the inconveniences of their love lives while Rohmer lets them get on with it, generally more interested in filming the minutiae of city life. Somewhere inside there’s a story of crossed love trajectories, but who cares. Wonderful. The Other Lamb - 2/5 A very thin story about a cult living in a forest, kept to thir
  13. I love this album, especially Shuttered Palace, which is probably one of my favourite tunes by anyone ever...
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