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  1. A little bit, but to be honest the book that kept coming to mind was Blood Meridian…I think near the end of that book someone talks about having hunted the buffalo to extinction, and that was echoing throughout my read. Wonderful books though, all of them.
  2. This is a great little documentary series on iplayer that is well worth five hours of anyone’s time. It’s the story of the two young women who were busted trying to smuggle 11kg of cocaine out of Peru in 2013, told from the perspective of Michaela McCollum, the Irish one. It’s told through a mixture of interviews with real people and dramatised clips, and despite seeming initially quite trashy it soon becomes riveting. One of my favourite things I’ve seen this year.
  3. That is a sweet team! I finally got the last bit (Planar Lead) to the blacksmith the other day, unlocking the Alpha and Omega bullets. Then I got killed on the Dragun, and because I’d quick started the game froze, which seems to be a permanent bug on the Switch. So the unlocks were wiped.
  4. Reviews?! I say they are great, and that’s all anyone ever needs to know.
  5. I’m all for 4K, but if the frame rate has to take such a significant performance hit I’m happy to do without.
  6. Only your praise for Butcher’s Crossing has prevented me from reporting this post.
  7. I enjoyed that a lot. Why do you need (clever bread-making wordplay, cheers) a razor blade for the slashing rather than a knife?
  8. It’s a sweet little digital curio to play games on.
  9. I strongly suspect it’s this. Usage will have dropped off a cliff compared to the initial heights of the beta period, and gameplay is sorted out as a result.
  10. That sounds spot on to me. I’ve got a 512gb Steam Deck pre-order, but this sounds way more interesting.
  11. Bit on the nose after the piss poor Us, isn’t it?
  12. Read ‘Puckoon’ by Spike Milligan, or ‘Indiscretions of Archie’ by PG Wodehouse. They have been my lifetime constants as go-to feel good books.
  13. Just checking, has your turntable got adjustable feet? If so I presume you’ve played around with them?
  14. Yes, I suspected it might be worth doing something like that, I’ve noticed that alert service but I thought it was likely to be just more temptation. I hate 7”s though, they just get lost in the record box.
  15. Also I like to think that cover is influenced by the back of the first Squeeze album. They even look a bit like them!
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