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  1. My crapness at this game is knobbing me off. I’ve gone quite a way now, into the bit with the second blacksmith, all around the garden bit and basin (except for the magic door by the hidden bonfire), all around up to etc, and I’ve pinched all the loot in those areas by sneaking and running. But I haven’t killed a single major enemy except the Talus demon I cheesed! I haven’t got any technique for black nights, giants, big knights, shiny knights, robot rats, laser moth women (I don’t know the names)...all of them I either escape or get killed by, whereas all the other enemies in the game are currently a reasonable cake walk with my gear. Rolling just isn’t in my nature. I had a few runs when I tried to parry only and I manage it 30% of the time, which makes even basic enemies more trouble than they should be. It’s easier just to smash them into submission.
  2. Cool, thanks!
  3. Quick question about the first Undead Burg tower with the Talus demon up top and the boss knight at the bottom. On the right angle stairs up to the entrance, there is a crack in the wall that you can walk off, with a small ledge below. I managed to walk off it and land on the ledge, but turned the wrong way and fell off, and I tried again about ten times and kept going straight down the side into the abyss so I left it. Can you go down there, or did I just have a glitch? There seem to be some stairs on the ledge.
  4. Tropical Freeze is the only single player game my Mrs plays on the Switch. Occasionally I watch and have a go, flipping heck it’s hard.
  5. I started following this, but totally cheesed it. After I jumped down the demon seemed to get stuck on the ladder, and I just merrily chopped away at its ankles unopposed until it dropped dead.
  6. I must have seen Eight Men Out like thirty times...for some reason it was our regular after pub viewing when I first moved to Bristol. Great flick!
  7. I died. But I did find the forge, that’s made a difference!
  8. You’re way off. What’s your easier solution?
  9. Anyone seen this? A cracking slice of Bolton black comedy on the iplayer, seems like it’s been picked up for a full series, which is good news because it’s excellent.
  10. I’ve watched five of them! You do speak very quickly though.
  11. I see! Cheers for that.
  12. Is the jump automatic? Sometimes I seem to do flying leaps as I run along, the only jump I know is the jumping sword chop.
  13. But I like him! I was only giving him a tickle with the axe to see if he would react...
  14. Gracias!
  15. I’ve been trying that! I mustn’t have the timing right.
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