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  1. Yes, I’ve watched some episodes of this and love it.
  2. I watched this last night, and have to agree, it’s an incredible flick for my money. Extra bonus is that the water truck driver looks like a Brazilian Kevin Rowland.
  3. Yeah...it’s fucking weird, you fucking weirdo. Get fucked.
  4. I just saw that episode today - it was insane that she made him carry on, and that he carried on. It’s all a bit cult-like in that regard.
  5. Anybody watching Cheer, about the Navarro junior college cheerleading squad training for the national championships? It’s really good.
  6. That Tiger King series is flipping great.
  7. How good was the kid playing young Kim? Totally sounded like young Kim would sound.
  8. We don’t seem to have an All4 thread, but you’ll find this excellent film on there now. It’s by the guy who did the Senna doc, and covers Maradona’s time at Napoli, his rise to godlike status and the sharp decline of same after Italia ‘90. It’s a brilliant watch.
  9. I got a 90 day Mubi pass so checked this out. It’s garbage, basically. But nicely shot, and certainly watchable if you don’t expect anything of consequence to happen.
  10. I was 50/50 on this. There is so much about it to love, and it’s often dazzling to watch, especially as this is a case of filming the unfilmable, but as @Monkeyboy mentioned above the pacing is all over the place, even during the conclusion - I nearly fell asleep at a couple of later points. The final scenes with the mother were the biggest disappointment. The nameless dread of the book is just tossed away really. And the nods to The Thing are just too on the nose. ‘Hey! If you’re watching this, you like The Thing! Here’s some bits like The Thing that you like!’ I also think what disappointment I have mainly stems from Lovecraft being something more precious to me these days. If I’d have watched this as an unknown video pick in the Eighties the way I discovered Re-Animator I would be all over it, I’d think it’s a classic. As it is I’m expecting more.
  11. I couldn’t get on with Kate Winslet’s narration at all, it was really flat. The Jeeves was excellent, it’s a stand-alone story called Thank You, Jeeves narrated by Jonathan Cecil, brief and splendid. Joanna David’s narration of A Room with a View is very nice indeed. At the moment I’ve got Herman Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game on the go, the narrator is David Colacci who is doing a great for an American (I find American narrators can sometimes be more monotonal)...however on the odd occasion he reminds me of Jerry from Rick & Morty.
  12. This new Far Cry 2 movie looks like they’ve played a bit fast and loose with the original story, but I’ll give it a go.
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