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  1. Haha, exactly the same for me. Loved Gawain, hated Malory.
  2. I pre-ordered it and I got the email to redeem on Saturday, and it was delivered today.
  3. I started listening to True Grit, Donna Tartt’s narration is great.
  4. I’ve seen the videos of the high end PC builds running with all the bells and whistles, and there is very little observable difference. But I get the feeling I’m a lot less particular than you are!
  5. Did anyone say it was? I said this: ‘It’s been widely observed that the closest thing available to the high end PC experience for Cyberpunk currently is Stadia’ - which I stand by, and there was discussion over this in the Cyberpunk thread. ‘The closest thing available’ does not mean the same as, which is why that wasn’t what I said.
  6. Indeed - do people still seriously suggest that frame rate / resolution is what tells you which version of a game is better, rather than how it actually looks and plays? I thought those kind of nerdisms were dead.
  7. It’s been widely observed that the closest thing available to the high end PC experience for Cyberpunk currently is Stadia (which may well change when PS5 / Series X get dedicated versions, the owners will feel pretty short-changed if not). I’m not familiar with what is regarded as a high end PC cost, but in the Cyberpunk thread the figure given is £1500-£2000. And as it’s always worth repeating - those of us who got the Christmas launch deal got Cyberpunk, the Chromecast Ultra and the Stadia controller for a grand total of £40.
  8. That’s odd, I was just playing Resi 7 on it. Seems to be still brilliant.
  9. I can’t see how this would be possible - if the only thing that runs Cyberpunk better than Stadia is a £1500-£2K PC, how can they make it work? Also if I needed to shell out console money to play Stadia, I’d just get a Series X instead.
  10. Does that mean it’s not brilliant? I don’t get it.
  11. The people who moan about it don’t use it - the people who do love it, because it’s brilliant.
  12. Why is it too bleak to read? It’s pretty much exclusively populated by people who have Stadia and love it.
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