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  1. ZOK

    Uncut Gems

    This is just brilliant, really hard to imagine I’ll see a better film this year. I loved every second of it. And that score! My brain was humming like a flying saucer. Beautiful.
  2. Interestingly there were a lot of complaints that it was transphobic apparently - I’d read it as very thoughtful in support of trans people! Some detail on different views here: http://file770.com/clarkesworld-removes-isabel-falls-story/
  3. I read the comments too, they were broadly positive when I read them, I’d discounted the negatives as crackpots. I don’t know that publication, is the story in print?
  4. ZOK


    Your Name is an wonderful cinema watch, but my hat is off to anyone who could sit through 5cm Per Second again, no matter how incredible its visuals are.
  5. Mark Harris seems to have it right to me. I’ve never heard of Hustlers, but he described the Oscars’ relationship to the gongs they give out to actresses dot on.
  6. Yes, there is interesting stuff in it for sure, and I’m still reading.
  7. Joker isn’t even the best film I watched this weekend.
  8. Anyone else read this? I’m about 15% in and I can’t help feeling I’m reading something a little sub par writing and ideas wise, as readable as it is. I guess I’m coming to it off the back of Blood Meridian which most things might seem thin in immediate comparison with, but I wonder if I should stick with it. It all seems a bit on the nose.
  9. ZOK


    The fact that it’s the best thing they’ve all collectively done must rankle somewhat when reminded of it.
  10. This is a timeless classic imho. 'Walter! Well, this is an unexpected revulsion' is probably my favourite Tom Hanks line in anything ever. It makes me laugh like a drain.
  11. This is a brilliant piece, thanks for posting!
  12. Wow, what a disappointing bait and switch this flick is! It sucks you in with a delightfully thoughtful and nuanced mess of filmmaking and performance right up until he sees his gig being broadcast on the telly in his mom’s hospital room, and then it just reveals itself to be an entirely vapid and witless turd. A real shame. If it had ended before that bit it would be a triumph.
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