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  1. Just watched episode 3...superlative stuff once again. I’m really eking it out. I did have a chuckle during the one-eye ex-FBI man intro...I had a fleeting thought that the guy was a terminator, and the whole thing was about to enjoy the most spectacular pivot.
  2. Absolutely, ignore Moosey. I’m not really bothered about any of the Resis that came before it either, but 4 is a masterpiece. The controls are idiosyncratic for sure, but it’s their restrictive nature that creates the magical mix of gameplay and fear the game is famous for.
  3. Got somethin' that might interest ya'.
  4. It does feel clunky, but god, it’s still so addictive. I bought it last night for a quick peek and played three hours
  5. Both dlc are essential, but the first is only really essential if you’ve finished the game and want to explore meticulously.
  6. Okay thanks guys. For that price I have to buy it anyway.
  7. How much is Resi 4 now? Also on this version do you still have to complete the game to access Mercs? I’m more interested in that really, I don’t know where I’d find the time to do a whole runthrough.
  8. You ever watch Festen? I assume so, but if not it would probably be up your street.
  9. Yes - but if you haven’t seen the movie is it full of spoilers?
  10. I’m assuming not one to read if you’ve not seen the film?
  11. The reccos you’ve already had. But be sure to get Theatre of Magic, which is a superlative pinner in every respect. Possibly the best of the lot.
  12. I always thought that was the Shrike’s head.
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