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  1. Yes, I think he’s a legitimate heir to the Dozois mantle (although has he written anything himself? I don’t know). If you like the first collection I think the second is even better - I’m on number three now and to me it’s not quite as good…which essentially just means there are still loads of brilliant stories, but I’ve loved slightly less than 95% of them!
  2. For some reason I started watching a bit of one of his Cyberpunk reviews again last night, and before I knew it I’d watched three hours. Being naturally awed by its length I’ve never managed to watch Heimat, but I feel this review is somehow a primer for it.
  3. How does the frame rate hold up when you look at your date’s ass?
  4. Anyone who plays multiplayer and doesn’t set all items to Frantic by default dares not call him/herself a man.
  5. Hang about, doesn’t Tim Rogers really rate Days Gone? That automatically gives it a thumbs up from the tofu-eating, Pocari Sweat-swilling wokerati.
  6. Also, another thing about the Clarke anthologies is he picks a wide variety of stories from around the world, so you get some interesting cultural flavours too.
  7. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Clarke collections then, you’ll find there is stacks of that stuff. They are amazing value for money too, I’m audiobooking them as I say and they clock in at around thirty hours.
  8. Lowbeer Is not a baddie!
  9. Hmm, I’m not sure what you mean by similarly themed. Like modern, social media, nature of digital life / identity type stuff? Or high physics? I would say any relatively contemporary best of year anthology will have a lot of that in it. I’ve been exclusively listening to Neil Clarke’s Best Science Fiction of the Year collections and they are very good, but you’ll find a lot of stuff in those that don’t fit the categorisation as well, because there are many stories.
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