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  1. That’s a great poster too.
  2. Not really! I don’t think their recommendations are worth that much.
  3. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s really is great. I only approached BOTW once I’d ‘completed’ Odyssey myself...and consequently not touched it since.
  4. I’m about three quarters through this collection and I have to congratulate you @projectarnold, it’s really quite excellent. A mark of it’s quality must be that the stories seem to get better and better. Every time I finish one and think ‘that’s my favourite!’, the next one seems to take its place.
  5. I’ve read three on the list, and didn’t bother to finish two more. I’ve not read any in the top ten but based on the terrible lists they’ve produced previously and the fact Ted Chiang is only at number eighty, I’m guessing this list is just as pointless.
  6. There’s a hidden entrance, you don’t have to go in through the gate.
  7. I love it. I’m totally unfamiliar with it as meme fodder though - I just take it for what it is, a superbly crafted slice of hokum. I saw Burn After Reading for the first time a few weeks ago. I loved that too, but this flick is on another level entirely.
  8. It’s also worth knowing that there is a lot of fun to be had here just dicking about, rather than ‘advancing’. It’s basically a griefing game.
  9. You’re playing an evil goose! They literally tell you on screen exactly what is expected of you!
  10. I’ve no idea how anyone would get two hours play out of this unless they were trying to speed run it or something. I’ve played it for about five hours and I’m on the pub level - which may be the last one, but still way beyond that point.
  11. My hat was completely different! I think there are many ways you can do these things (up to a point anyway).
  12. I live next to a nature reserve stuffed with Canada geese, and every time they honk this morning I can’t help but wonder what mischief they’re up to. EDIT: Thanks for the tips @DeciderVT & @Gotters, I’m not going to peek yet but may well be revisiting your posts later today!
  13. Yeah, I don’t get the hat one. There was another I didn’t do...break the broom? I thought sticking it under the garage door might work, but no. Other than somehow getting someone to drive the car over it I’m stumped.
  14. Oh that’s great then, I know how to do all that. Cheers!
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