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  1. ZOK

    Apple Arcade

    The new Reigns is on Apple Arcade, this time you are an interstellar rock star instead of a king. It plays nice, a few new tricks, definitely worth a look if you liked the original.
  2. This is pretty much the opposite of what you saw.
  3. Come on, Jon! You would be the first to admit you’re no judge of comedy! But the point was none of them were stand up comedians, it’s a challenge amongst many designed to expose their strengths and weaknesses. As for what the point of it is, it’s the best programme on telly - unparalleled as a medium for conveying pure joy.
  4. No, Ellie’s was actually funny. I imagine A’Whora’s would have been too if we’d been allowed to hear it, but god knows why the judges went so easy on LC’s train wreck. LC just comes across as a proper dickhead too. She was one of the main characters in the Mother Tuckers show I linked to before, she seemed a lot more likeable in that so maybe it’s the pressure as you say. That’s the problem with this kind of format though - overall you would have to say Ellie Diamond should clearly be out and A’Whora should clearly be in, but based on last night’s performance, she was r
  5. Of course, watch Wages of Fear first if you haven’t already.
  6. No, Laurence Chaney and A’Whora had the worst stand up by a country mile, and LC was by far the least funny of the two. It was difficult to pick who should have been lipsyncing because they were all such a mismatch, apart from Bimini and Tayce who were the only two who should have been safe. But the whole thing is bullshit now, LC is being dragged (ho ho!) through for no good reason each week.
  7. Okay, that all makes sense. I seem to have access to loads of stuff (for now), I just keep roaming around EDZ and it seems massive. I love the detail in this area. Also, I love the bow in this! Amazing, it’s like Far Cry 3 crossed with Halo. Somehow I ended up with some legendary bow called Whispering Slab that does 13K damage on average, I just noodled through the firebase one shotting everyone, then I ended up in some massive public fight and it was rinsing the bosses.
  8. Okay, some help please! I booted up the game earlier and instead of the Director screen I got a massive cutscene talking about some war or other, people got lazy, just like with Halo I tune this stuff out. I presumed it was an advert for a campaign. The humans had a massive gold tower. When that finished though it went to another cutscene where the baldy human boss and a pal were arguing with three massive alien dudes over a hologram of a pyramid. I’ve no idea what this was about as although there was a stirring soundtrack there was no speech playing - I’m on Stadia so
  9. This is basically just PSO with a Halo engine isn’t it? I love the weapons in this.
  10. I started playing this because @Gorf King was going on about it in the Stadia thread, and I’m enjoying it very much. Cheers!
  11. Goodness, here’s one that popped into my mind thanks to @Camel, should definitely be in here:
  12. I find the Caliburn pretty solid to handle...there’s nothing like scooting through the city in it weaving between the traffic, then hitting the highway out into the desert and letting it fly.
  13. Yeah, I can remember playing through all that VR stuff, and the first mission with Jackie particularly where you steal the robot thinking ‘this is just rubbish’. His last one wasn’t much better. I think it really gelled when I was playing one night after a few wines, wandering around the market at the docks and thinking ‘I’m really in this place’. I was in love with it from there on in and it all just made sense.
  14. Is this going to be a stand-up fight sir, or another bug hunt?
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