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  1. Cheers @gospvg! I see Mr Robot is on that list, I was thinking of watching that - I thought it was an Amazon show?
  2. How do you see what’s about to leave?
  3. Yes I loved that flick, really great. I can’t remember as it’s so long ago I watched it but I think I got a bit tearful at the end how they got screwed over. Or I might be thinking about something else!
  4. Yes, a very weird trailer. It starts off looking like a CGI Ghibli film and you are naturally repulsed, but once you’ve started to forget it’s supposed to be a Ghibli film it starts looking very impressive indeed, and quite interesting.
  5. Like @Sabreman, I’m think I’m out of the grip entirely. A while back I pirated what I could of my dvd / Blu-ray collection so I could get rid of the discs, that was about half of them. I’ve got about sixty or so left and I chucked the cases and stuck them in wallets. Since doing that I’ve barely watched any of the ones on digital, let alone the wallets. There is too much stuff available to stream. I firmly intend to never buy any physical media again...but never say never I guess! EDIT: In fact I did recently buy that Weeping Camel doc on dvd because it wasn’t streamabl
  6. Brilliant thanks, I was going to see that at the cinema ages ago and forgot all about it, nice spot!
  7. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    After you save the image from Switch, Nintendo will email you a link to a location in your Nintendo online account where you can enter your address details so they can post you a scratch card that you have to rub off to get your personalised QR code. If you scan that with your registered smart device you can then download the picture.
  8. ZOK

    vinyl lovers

    Looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous set up!
  9. I watched this again and there’s a nice little compilation video linked to it about composition in the show:
  10. It is fitting a thread this good should have a ten year anniversary, but aren’t we a little late?
  11. Some tasty treats from last night!
  12. That bit is tough, but remember if you are there it means you beat the bit before which is much harder. It’s been years and years since I last did it, but can’t you glitch it by shoving plasma grenades on to Cov who are about to come in through the entrance hatches, then cause them to delay and blow each other up while the doors are closing again?
  13. Nice! Includes both Burmese Days and Down and Out in Paris and London in the list, sweet prices, cheers.
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