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  1. ZOK

    Vinyl lovers

    Yeah, I’ve never bought vinyl that skipped. Mind you, I did have 1P pieces blu-tacked to the top of my head shells for years, that could have been a factor…
  2. I recognise nothing about the game I played from your post.
  3. ZOK


    I finally finished Fullmetal Alchemist, what an amazing show! I then started watching the 2017 Netflix movie they made of it, and I’m quite enjoying it. It’s very weird, it basically looks like a cosplay convention someone gave several million pounds to put on, but Al looks dead on, and the guy playing Hughes looks very like him too, so it’s got some lovely qualities.
  4. Is Titane streaming anywhere @Dark Soldier/ @Bazjam ?
  5. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    I agree, but the point is still sound - who is going to bother pirating if you can get everything for a tenner a month? A minority. What is then the issue is how much do we value art, and do we think we should own art automatically on one format if we’ve paid for it on others. I pay for Spotify for example, but I hardly listen to anything new on it, except by accident. I’m mainly paying to be able to get music I already own somewhere easily on to a device where it isn’t. I’m not saying that is universal, but a chunk of people I’m sure. As for indie titles (which I’m guessing Sable/Silksong are), I wonder if they are as impacted by piracy? In my mind I expect the sort of people who want such titles are more likely to want to pay for them anyway (based on nothing more than it sounds plausible to me).
  6. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    Well how is he going to prove it one way or the other? It’s his opinion, and I agree with it. The fact is emulation of something like that is strictly for nerds who can be bothered with it only, and they will make up a tiny fraction of the copies that end up in circulation, compared to people who will just buy it because they want to play it on a Switch and that’s what you do to play it on a Switch. Most people just cba with piracy when it comes down to it, even if they have the know how…and the majority don’t even have that.
  7. I thought it was a decent approximation of the source material, considering the source material was in a different medium entirely.
  8. I’ve never watched this, which service is it on? EDIT: Ignore me!
  9. As amazing as Dune is, a point that is often missed for my money is that it is perfect adolescent boy fantasy material. Hey, here’s a teenage boy - and he turns out to be the special one all the women are praying for! He’s amazing in fights! And he beats up his perfect cousin! And he gets a hot mysterious girl! And then he becomes a man who rules the galaxy! Obviously it has a multitude of complexities that elevate it beyond this, but I think acknowledging that some of it’s popularity stems from this teenage appeal is quite rare - maybe people just don’t agree? I’m pretty sure I first read it at around 12, and some of the guys quoted in the piece above seem to have read it at a similar age. It goes without saying of course that most adult SF fans are men with the intellectual and emotional maturity of teenage boys.
  10. The Love Witch - 4/5 (MUBI) I found this to be a riot, although if you don’t dig what it’s doing I can imagine it would grate. It’s the story of a witch living in modern day LA and looking for love, who doesn’t really mind who pays the price for her romantic misses. It’s filmed in a groovy sixties Technicolor style, and the performances all play to pitch perfect parodies of B movie performances while they whack out incongruous occult opinions on sex, feminism and the patriarchy.
  11. It’s just possible they think that allowing quibble-free returns helps them sell more, and consider it part of the cost of doing business.
  12. It’s him just being himself. I’ve never seen any of his stuff so no idea how different that is to his shows, mind you.
  13. Two wonderful treats on MUBI, together running for a grand total of twenty minutes: I Like Life A Lot - 5/5 A work of touching beauty, this 1977 animation is the work of Roma kids illustrating their own thoughts on life. Breathtaking in every respect. Scenes with Beans - 5/5 Another Seventies Hungarian animation, this is the stop motion tale of an alien bird investigating life on a planet populated by beans. But really they are human beans. Just amazing.
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