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  1. I won’t watch the trailer as it sounds right up my street. The best stuff in Hereditary was the last five minutes in the treehouse so it sounds like he could make a decent fist of this tale.
  2. I downloaded it @dumpster - can I review the book without ‘reading’ it though? By the way, I also bought your X Factor tricks book - not read much but it’s interesting stuff! I used to do a couple of tricks myself, and whilst I’m not very good with the techniques (especially with cards) at all I was good at the distraction (which had to make up for the poor form), so I’m finding the intro really good. I’ve only watched X Factor from this current series, a shame your book doesn’t cover this one but I can see how what you’ve written applies to the stuff I’ve seen so far.
  3. Would have been better with NWR directing. Or Harmony Korine.
  4. Will do, I’ll get it on Kindle. One thing I’d say is while the content is good (and potentially very useful) you could stand to break up the paragraphs a bit, there are some real chunky ones in there! Also, I think it would be worth touching in a bit more depth about how MLM effectively turns all of the participants’ relationships into ‘selling opportunities’. You do mention it, but I think that’s one of the things people don’t get about these schemes, and is worth hammering home with a bit more force. By the way, do you know much about Cobra Group, Appco, etc? They are far worse than standard mlms I think, I’ve seen some real casualties of that environment.
  5. I’m reading the pdf at the moment, it’s good.
  6. ZOK

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    That’s interesting. I’ve read most of these impressions with a raised eyebrow as the first John Wick is clearly very average at best (not bothered with the second), so I view with much suspicion most of the ravings about this new one. If it’s a big improvement on the first I may well give it a watch.
  7. ZOK

    What books did you read in 2019?

    I’ve always found Steppenwolf curiously unreadable, in that I never get much past the opening. I love Herman Hesse, and Narcissus and Goldmund is one of my very favourite books, but that one’s always been a stumbling block for me. Although having said that, I last gave it a go about twenty years ago, maybe I should tuck into it again.
  8. ZOK

    Celebs in Adverts

    The one that is pissing me off at the moment is the Usain Bolt Virgin one, with his knacked signal. Firstly, the slow wi-fi is causing his Bolt signal not to work. Why? It seems to require power, like most lights, and yet wi-fi is what powers it, not a plug. But then when they activate it, the assistant says something like ‘won’t this give away the location of our secret base?’ Of course it will, which is why the Bat signal was on top of Gotham City police hq, not Batman’s own house. And Commissioner Gordon didn’t go to Batman’s house to switch it on - he would have just asked Batman to help when he was there if he could do that. It was a signal, not an advert!
  9. ZOK


    I just caught this on Amazon Prime, was okay I thought, obviously it’s mainly silly and makes no real sense but there was some great acting going on (Collette and the daughter). The best bit for me was the last five minutes in the treehouse, was a properly silly but decent ending, not something many flicks manage these days.
  10. ZOK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Only thing I’ve seen on that list is (excellent) Lunatics. I must get around to watching the Sicario flick - that’s the second one, right?
  11. ZOK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Well that looks decent, but the trailer seems to have been purposely designed to save you the bother of watching the film.
  12. ZOK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    WTF does this mean a GRENDEL TV SHOW?!?! If Netflix did the full Grendel cycle from Hunter Rose>Christine Spar>Brian Li Sung to Grendel Prime it could be the greatest televisual epic ever made.
  13. ZOK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Fuck I’ve got to start watching the OA2! I got distracted by Chris Lilley’s Lunatics (which is flipping funny so that’s cool) but OA2 must be next. I might call it OA-Z...could that be a thing?
  14. ZOK

    How it should have ended

    Not really an ending, but the second Matrix flick is actually a pretty good movie if you chop off the first 50 minutes or so and start it where Neo meets that psychic granny in the park. Having said that, the series would have been better if they’d then ended it before the third film, so maybe it does fit the thread...
  15. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    Somebody must have been very bored on a bank holiday to find that! Looks very cool though, good spot.

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