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  1. If you base a character on yourself, who is basically a guy hitting a mid life crisis and needs a motorcycle to validate him and THEN hear that people think that character is a bit of a dick then ohhhh I guess it smarts. I assume.
  2. Dele Alli most certainly had a darkness about him. Too quick to anger. He never to hold himself up anywhere near how Bellingham behaves. It seemed to me after he shot to some footballing fame he started to appear everywhere, and perhaps either the media and money got to him or he got on it too much. Either way Bellingham seems to be a very different character - and this can't be about football it is probably about upbringing. Which is very said for Alli because perhaps he was fated to fade despite everyone trying to help him. As far as Mbappe goes, isn't he given free roam to not defend? This could really play into England's hands on Saturday because the possibility of exploiting the gaps he leaves in the France left midfield become apparent. Or if cover is added there by France, then we either get more space in central midfield OR I would fancy we might see us trying to switch the play to Shaw and whoever plays on our left. Suddenly an overload there to exploit any space opening up, due to the additional cover needed for Mbappe, could prove key.
  3. This sounds amazing. I've not played dwarf fortress for years but back in the day I would just do one thing. Then another. Just do this bit. Suddenly it was morning. I doubt I'll have time to get into this for a few days but I've already bought it!
  4. Aged like horsemeat. But isn't that the beauty of football. The pressure. The drive. The passion! Wonderful stuff. Loving this world cup.
  5. Did anyone explain why the ITV pundits are all dressed in beige and cream?
  6. In the name of...Will they make it to the final, next Sunday week?
  7. I think the idiot is someone who quite doesn't understand the nuance of what I was saying. The 'old school manager' nod is the less thoughtful, rough and ready "yeah go on lads then have some pints" types that is prime big sam and Redknapp territory. No nuance (irony?). In Southgate we have someone who has shown care and understanding for the players and has fostered a team spirit without the laddish behaviour that was rife in the past. Progressive, not set in their ways. Nothing to do with tactics. You're quite right though all the goals tonight came from those long balls we smashed up the pitch. Hey Big Sam has got the best England record, bring him back! Yeah England Booiiss on tour!
  8. £100m draught excluder a real highlight tonight.
  9. Great ITV coverage of the second goal with Roy Keane looking annoyed and writing something down, maybe "annoy Ian at half time".
  10. Who's going to try a proper reducer on Belly in the next half? He may need to be taken off to protect him!
  11. Bellingham is immense. Did you see that? Brutalised them.
  12. Wow. Long ball from the keeper and we get a good chance. LAUNCH IT EVERY TIME!
  13. Sheesh. Senegal have had the two best chances. Great save.
  14. It ses that we push three up, with players wide, presumably with the idea that we are going to get in behind. Problem is the balls come to feet high up the pitch and we end up with back to goal, and the ball gets passed backwards. It seems to need deeper runners / less players so high up the pitch away from the ball.
  15. Tonight could be Southgate's last game. He's done better than anyone could have hoped and all this nonsense about "Being too defensive" is balls, because good defences win Tournaments. It's also great that a nice guy without a huge ego or that old school manager vibe (Big Sam, Redknapp) got the job and has been rewarded for it. However things go, thanks GS. It's been a great ride.
  16. Unbelievable. What a joke end to this game.
  17. Ooof. Mbappe official obliterated the third. What is the point of that penalty though? Stupid.
  18. McGuire has been fantastic against such pacey, dangerous attacking players. Can't wait to see him face up an Mbappe! Easy, easy, easy!
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