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  1. Secret of Mana. The final boss. The Mana beast. The only way I found I could damage the beast was once he'd done his swirly towards the screen attack - start to charge your weapon and get it to max attack. He appeared on the screen and you'd get one hit IF you timed it right. This took absolutely ages because the hits were kind of weak, and sometimes I wouldn't quite get the charge up and your window to score this hit was literal seconds. The AI characters was also useless and didn't get any hits. During the swirly attack too I discovered all I could do was to time a group heal so that it activated while the attack was passing through you all - and you suffered no damage. This was vital because otherwise I couldn't dodge it and there were so many of these attacks because I was getting a maximum of one weak hit on the beast every cycle. Thing is I remember finally doing this whole thing, which took so much trial and error. I felt I had cracked a big mystery, a hugely tough challenge. I felt proud and elated! So happy in fact that I played the ending again with my SNES hooked up to my VHS recorder so I could catalogue me achieving this amazing feat. I even watched it back a couple of times, quite smug at myself. Imagine my surprise/disgust when months later I found out that you could cast Mana Magic on the sword and you'd do loads of damage. I booted the cart back up and finished the beast really, really quickly. I never watched that video again.
  2. Steve Bruce '1000 & out' facts Games managed - 1000 Games missed/left to assistant - 29 Team beaten most - Southend United Team lost to most - Man United Different dug outs sat in - 288 Corners for - 2857 Corners against - 3281 Rival/Derby team duos managed - 6 Player w/ most appearances - Maik Taylor Most used substitute - No stats exist Players bought - 398 > £1.3b Players sold - 301 > 495m Favourite colours - Black and White and Red all over Name of next autobiography - Black and White and Red all over Win percentage - 11% Different penalty takers - 219 Goals missed as he was on the toilet - 17 Houses owned - 67 Holidays - 129 Percentage of made up facts - >80%
  3. It seems you set up gamepass for cheaper on a seperate username and then share it with your original tag on the same console. Seems like a cheaper work around but I guess you miss things out, like the points? I don't know for sure. Seems like a faff especially if you want to buy something.
  4. I hope they launch a Drink Pass which keeps refilling my beer.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I think what would help me is something like the replays on Trials HD that showed you the players input. They really helped me improve, although I still wasn't that good!
  6. I gave this a download and thought I'd roll into it and bang out some easy laps and OH MY GOD I AM STEERING LIKE A DRUNK. I'm rubbish at such games, yet I'm finding challenge in getting around and getting better. Any tips or advice? Finally I'm wondering if you could get this kind of viewpoint and mechanics to work for Moto GP. Taking that original Xbox masterpiece and doing it like this. Including ragdolling characters falling off bikes.
  7. I actually loved GBE's actual inventory system also. Miles ahead of Zelda and its peers.
  8. "This customer segment also rated Resident Evil 4 as 'so-so'"
  9. The motion controls are rubbish for sure - but some of the level design is so so tight. Perhaps people want fan service, but the way Galaxy plays with a proper 3D space and makes it easy to navigate is absolute genius. It was also a really smart use of less powerful hardware. Technically and from a design standpoint it's immense.
  10. For me it was how it became part of the game. No easy pause menu fiddling like your Resident Evils.
  11. I saw the title and was going to type "Beyond Good and Evil" and then scrolled down and saw you'd won your own thread. Eve Online I liked, due to the way you could move all your windows about.
  12. I've just started this and it is mint. I'm glad these new aspects are in it. I got the 0 second cool down on the wolf trap and it's awesome.
  13. I still can't believe that you can switch from another game to this and be driving in about 5 seconds. It really feels next gen.
  14. Kinda funny. I recall people being really defensive of the original switch when it couldn't do this.
  15. So this actually does Bluetooth headphones now?
  16. Lies and deception Clear human rights violations No real interest in the club itself The fans used as a means to an end ...but enough about Mike Ashley, check out all that money the Toon are getting!
  17. I thought you'd be bigger.
  18. Eurogamer then? There is not, but then you have to look at how they consume that content and how it triggers purchases. Subscriptions and micropayments are wildly different, even if the crossover is becoming blurred. A 'Season pass' is a subscription type model, but it's being triggered by a variety of factors. Product familiarity (free), desire (better stuff), and social (everyone else is getting it). Its already tied to rewards, you are already participating, so upgrade a bit to get even more desirable stuff. Microtransactions are often based around a 1. product familiarity (free + length of service) and 2. an offer appearing at the right time. With 2. - this can be demographic, time, or investment based. Most commonly, surfacing a microtransaction to a player when they are in a joyous state. See Clash Royale. You level up, yay! Get new things unlocked, yay! Sparkly graphics, yay! Now - there's an offer in the shop for £5! Yay! Dopamine hit targeting is an easy thing to do if your product is great. Eurogamer does not appear to be doing any of this. It is likely they haven't conducted enough user research, and didn't define a plan to succeed.
  19. That's the crux. The Athletic is very professional. The Guardian are also pretty good. Eurogamer?
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