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  1. Here's something I didn't know: Levy got a £3m bonus for getting the stadium move done? Isn't that his base job. Now it sounds like they might push this 20% pay cut and then latterly also furlough staff at 80% if their new salary? Utterly scumtastic.
  2. I for one am shocked that Spurs would underpay their staff.
  3. Jack Grealish goes out to a friend's in his car and has an accident. He says he's really sorry and all that, utterly hollow words from someone earning £75,000 a week to sit in the house and do some exercise a couple of times a day. Not a surprise, he's no real captain - a selfish, entitled, man child. Sounds perfect for that Man United transfer then.
  4. Clearly afraid of something else than ghosts.
  5. Their homework at making a show duller than the original trek, or the first 2 episodes of voyager?
  6. What happened in that last episode? For a show that had a lot of slow episodes suddenly, RESOLVE EVERYTHING. Hugely disappointing and the Picard outcome was just weird and not needed. The final shot with all those people together, oh come on. Spoilery stuff They made it blow.
  7. Why don't they just decide it by playing FIFA?
  8. Is this better than BL2? It left me cold, and not just because of the start.
  9. Football Ramble DAILY will have to ensure they are doing DAILY things on a DAILY basis. Maybe they need to interview a lot of guests. My list so far: Tony Daley Daley Blind Rachel Daley That's all Google gives me so far.
  10. That winter break was a bad idea wasn't it
  11. If you'd had put a scarecrow in goal instead of Adrian, the result may have been different.
  12. I take this back, what a shit performance.
  13. At least Liverpool haven't lost their record of not being beaten at .... Oh. Another piss poor piece of goalkeeping. He is so sold.
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