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  1. If we are going there, then why not Southern rail? Streaming point to point tech that doesn't work for everyone and to those who do you use it - seemingly massively overpriced for such low quality service.
  2. That's your opinion, and I for one, am not sure on my opinion of that. Does anyone else have an opinion on the opinion of opinions?
  3. Perhaps I came across as aggressive initially, however I suspect when something seems so at odds to what I take as sense and data - was the original poster doing it for discussion instead of it being their actual position. There is still a desire for consoles, and expensive ones still sell. In many ways the power, specs, and sexiness of the new consoles appeals to punters. If these consoles cost £50 they wouldn't be as powerful and wouldn't be as desirable. Skoda sell a lot of cars, yet they aren't as desirable as BMWs. The latter costs more, for a reason. Which then have far more loyal fans. Consoles are not much different. Merc/BMW - PlayStation and Xbox. Of course if the original poster is right then Stadia should be selling through the roof. It's actually cheaper. Yet he goes on to then discuss the merits of PC gaming! High specs Pcs, even further ahead than your consoles. Costly to repair and fragile. Suddenly you've gone from a PS4 Merc to a PC Ferrari. I think there's room enough for every type of car in the gaming world. Except Fords, which drive like ass (see Stadia, above).
  4. Is having an opinion on his opinion now classed as upsetting then? If that were the case wouldn't the forum be full of empty pages, with everybody not responding? I can only presume by the aggression and time of posting you had one too many last night.
  6. I would imagine it is something to do with the officiating, if it is "illegal" as you say. Perhaps you should contact the Police.
  7. Seems to you? You're wrong. Everything you said above is wrong. Is this simply utter trolling.
  8. What an assist. What will Ole complain about this time?
  9. This is a crazy game. Liverpool just aren't going to score again. I reckon man u will turn them over.
  10. The VAR decision against Liverpool is another one. It's a wrong decision, ages after the incident happened. It probably evens itself out considering how lucky Liverpool have been.
  11. You're right. Still you have an apparent Manchester United fan commenting on Frank Lampard, when little Ole is a truly awful manager. It is a dangerous game for sure.
  12. I'm surprised it didn't get an EDGE cover.
  13. Something special today I feel. A special one. Spurs are going to shock Liverpool, and hit at least 3.
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