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  1. That's the point, I would assume if you connect with the opponent which causes them to fall BEFORE you get the ball then it's a foul. However I don't know the actual law, does anyone? We will never know.
  2. Looked like a penalty to me. Nunez has the ball and the defender touched the Uruguayan before he gets the touch on the ball. Cheats!
  3. Imagine being told that 12 years later and 3 world cups (do-dah?), that Suarez would be back to do you again.
  4. Oh wow. 2-0 to Uruguay Demons go deeper.
  5. Incredible. Suarez pivotal in giving Uruguay the lead. And South Korea equalise?! Absolutely loving this!
  6. You wait over a decade for another penalty and mess that up too! This world cup keeps delivering!
  7. Football weekly - all the Japanese scorers in the tournament play in...Germany
  8. At least one German won last night. Havertz claimed man of the match.
  9. That's what Toney had a bet on. Long odds!
  10. Now one off his belly! What is happening!? It cannot be!
  11. Has Lukaku achieved a perfect hattrick of 6 yard box misses now?! Incredible!
  12. You've got to feel for Hazard. Since leaving Chelsea and moving to America, and all that crazy stuff with Butcher, he really isn't the player he was.
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