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  1. Another Halo! Lies! Only 3?! Who do I write to.
  2. I think these are a good offering, some good relaxing long tail gaming. Easier to sit back with and spend some time doing so. Why are these games less worthy, these apparent hardcore gamers are pretty elitist about things. Right now id play either of these over something engrossing or full of action. I don't have time! A virtual farm sounds lovely. Much better than a month with games I've already bought.
  3. You have explained it far more succinctly than I, it appears!
  4. Another take would be that a game from a well known franchise should make good money if properly prepared and marketed. Early previews and reviews will help hugely with sales. You wouldn't do this if it was a bit of an internal fail, because you feel the marketing spend won't be clawed back. Not wanting to dump a poor product and lose the development cash - you instead release anyway, which targets the current fanbase. The product isn't great, they generally are on board though. Enough to make some cash back. Reviews are not as bad as they should be, due to the goodwill and decent Comms from the franchise and publisher respectively. Still it's painted as a middling product, more indie/outta student town while "keeping the ethos of xcom, despite its flaws". Scoring 7/8's when really it's more of a 5 or strong 6 - that's enough to help sell through based on the franchise name. Fast forward a year and you can accept that you made mistakes with the product and that 'it wasn't what we wanted' - promise it will not happen again and you've learned your lesson. Spinning the thing you 'learned' (but knew all along) as a positive, and further pushing your core franchise in the process. Who knows tho, it might be amazing - it would just be very off book to not get anyone interested in it early on.
  5. This is where smart TVs need to be better. If I could just connect a wireless controller to the TV + it ran via an app it would be fine. One of the manufacturers did this with their TVs didn't they? You could play the stuff like tomb raider and the Arkham games.
  6. So Chromecast ultra only? I got three months free for having YouTube premium. My thing with this is that I can't play it on my phone. I can't just boot it to my TV. Is there even a market for it? It seems expensive and not easy to use. I tried destiny and it lagged too much to be enjoyable. It would be better playing destiny on my gaming laptop and drinking to a moderate to large amount. It recreates the lag input and I have more fun.
  7. Here's something I didn't know: Levy got a £3m bonus for getting the stadium move done? Isn't that his base job. Now it sounds like they might push this 20% pay cut and then latterly also furlough staff at 80% if their new salary? Utterly scumtastic.
  8. I for one am shocked that Spurs would underpay their staff.
  9. Jack Grealish goes out to a friend's in his car and has an accident. He says he's really sorry and all that, utterly hollow words from someone earning £75,000 a week to sit in the house and do some exercise a couple of times a day. Not a surprise, he's no real captain - a selfish, entitled, man child. Sounds perfect for that Man United transfer then.
  10. Clearly afraid of something else than ghosts.
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