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  1. Tommy K for me too, but now a question: Bread or Toast? My own favourite combo is: White Bread (lightly toasted) + Butter + Bacon (done so the ends/edges are crispy, but the main meaty bit is still soft) + Tomato Ketchup (Heinz) + A Nice Cup Of Tea. Lovely. CJ
  2. ET - When ET and Elliot are dying together and no-one know what is wrong. Schindler's List - In the epilogue, where the survivors visit Schindler's grave with the actors that played them. Spider-man 2 - After the train fight, when the people tell Spider-man that they won't tell anyone who he really is. CJ
  3. Is this the one with the guy from Third Rock? I heard this was very good. CJ
  4. What's it about? (Nice username, btw! Hehe). CJ
  5. Clue is fabulous. On a similar murder/mystery/comedy-vein is "Murder By Death". Written by Neil Simon with a raft of stars including Peter Sellers, Alec Guiness, David Niven, Maggie Smith, Peter Falk and Truman Capote, it tells the story of five famous detectives summoned to a spooky mansion to solve a murder to see who really is the best. Dead of Night is a spooky/Twilight Zone film. It is quite well know for Hugo the Ventriloquist's Dummy, but I'm not sure how many people would have seen this. It's a psychological horror story with a number of intertwining stories leading to a horrifying conclusion. Way of the Gun is a modern, gritty (dark barely begins to describe it), almost Western-like film. It has one of the best opening sequences, some cracking, smart dialogue and great performances from its two leads (Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Toro) and a great supporting turn from James Caan. It has some well-done action scenes too, done in a realistic fashion like Heat. CJ
  6. Yes. As the transport returns to Coruscant after Palpatine's rescue, the screen pans from right to left. In the bottom right of the screen, lands a Falcon. I still need to see George Lucas in there though. I've missed it both times now. CJ
  7. I thought that was quite clever. There may not have been a control to open/close the door from the inside, so it kind of makes sense to use the Force there. CJ
  8. On Pootle's recommendation too, can I join in? Gamertag: Thush Email: thushan--nospam--@btinternet.com (remove --nospam-- bit) Cheers! In the league now - Thanks, SaintM. CJ
  9. What if it is the other way around? Instead of Padme's (perceived) death being the trigger for Annakin's fall, what if it was Annakin's fall that triggers Padme's death? I wondered during the film if the visions he was seeing (and I assume that he had seen many, not just the single one that we saw) were induced by Palpatine, in order to trigger his turn to the Dark Side. CJ
  10. Just got back from seeing this tonight. Spoilers included: Wow. I'll say that again. Wow. This ranks right up there with Ep IV and V for me. I was really surprised how emotional this was, especially given GL's track record. Plus, how grim it was. Lucas was doing things I would never have imagined him doing. Killing kids?? Blimey. Decaptitations. Multiple limb removal. Flip! How good is Ian McDiarmid? I thought he was excellent throughout, with bits of the Emperor's voice coming through his dialogue during the beginning. Beating the crap out of Yoda? Jeebus. Hayden Christensen's acting is much better (or at least his character comes over as more mature) than in AOTC. His relationship with Obi-Wan is more relaxed and more natural. His turn to the Dark Side is quick, but I imagined it to be a slippery slope, where once you start on it, your consumption by it is quicker and quicker. I only recall 2-3 cheesy bits and I don't think Padme's character was the best written, but I can forgive that, given the rest of it. The effects have improved too over the first two prequels. Whereas the digital landscapes looked a little too clean in AOTC (apart from the beautiful opening scene with the Naboo cruiser flying through the clouds), the cityscapes in ROTS are pretty much spot on. I loved the camera moves through the environment giving you an idea of the scale of these grand buildings. The betrayal of the Jedi sequence was really well done too, with the minimum of dialogue. I really liked the scene with Padme at home and Annakin in the Jedi Temple, where it was almost in silence. The ending(s) were neatly done with it dovetailing nicely into Ep IV. Definitely going to see this again; if only to catch all the background bits. CJ
  11. That looks really neat. I've used similar stuff before to create panaromas, but that just used pictures taken horizontally. I love the idea that you can take any pictures of a scene in any order and stitch them together. When I've got some time, I fancy doing a 360 of my flat, but with me in each shot doing something different. Then when everything is stitched together, there'll be 10-odd mes all in the same shot. Gave this a whirl just now. The demo only stitched about half the photos, but the result is quite good. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/thu...s/flat_pano.jpg CJ
  12. Does the BBFC rating affect selling the DVD or showing the DVD? In any case, I doubt this would stop any parent from buying it for their children. Ratings like this may impact cinema showings, but I doubt it will change DVD sales too much. CJ
  13. I saw the Spielberg one (near the start of the film during the first big chase through the alleys in large writing on a wall/garage door) and the Besson one during the Tuk-Tuk sequence. Wasn't sure if there were any others though. Thought it was a nice in-joke of them, especially if it got them in contact with Besson. CJ
  14. I just got bak (ho ho) from watching this now. Bloody hellfire!! A lot of the HK action films I have seen do have great fights, but they do seem staged. Whereas this really looks like they kicking shit out of each other. BTW, did anyone notice the scrawled graffiti with messages to certain directors; "Hey, XXX, let's get together"? Also, I thought the Tuk-Tuk bit was straight out of a crash junction in Burnout 3. CJ
  15. The extra bit with the ED-209 continuing to shoot Kinney whilst he is sprawled over the city model is what gives the scene its comedy. As Verhoeven points out in the commentary, without that additional extra, the death of Kinney looks just gruesome. By getting Verhoeven to remove the ending, the censors in the US actually made the scene look worse that it was meant to. In either incarnation though, Robocop is a great film. However, I actually think it is still relevant today. The ambitions of multinational corporations are a feature of today's society, just as they are in Old Detroit. CJ
  16. 12 Angry Men One jury room. Twelve men. A heat wave. A youth accused of murdering his father. Overwhelming evidence of his guilt. A simple job for the jurors? One would think so. However, even the most open-and-shut case can throw up questions. It is these thought-provoking questions that force the jurors to think about their own prejudices and preconceptions. There are stand-out performances from Henry Fonda (Juror # and Lee J. Cobb (Juror #3), but each actor is given time to shine on screen. The ebb and flow of the arguments is superbly expressed. All the time, you imagine yourself as one of the jurors, imagining what you would do, how you would vote, in a similar situation. It's also a film that you can rewatch many times over; something I found quite surprising for an old film. Even though you know the final outcome, the journey there is still as impressive as ever. I would definitely urge you to buy this film. As with the posters above, when more people have seen it, I can add more details. CJ
  17. The associated GeoComTex site has got some neat stuff on it too. There are some Bad Wolf references on there (Morse Code). Plus, it has got this on its support page: Q: My Tubbs just doesn't work like it used to. How do I reset it? A: Enter code 12-T. Hehe. CJ
  18. That looked pretty good. I enjoyed the first one, but didn't think it had done well enough commercially to warrant a sequel. I'm slightly concerned about the addition of a child to proceedings though. CJ
  19. Fair point. I did see the R1 cut of the guy with his hand in the other guy's chest. That was pretty gruesome/cool. Unfortunately, it has also got Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) in it too. Karen Allen (fiesty, punches Indy) Alison Doody (Nazi, sucks Indy) | | | | | Kate Capshaw (shouty, erm... squeally) CJ
  20. Kids. Got to be the kids. Is it really hated though? I liked it but never to the same extent as Raiders. I guess it was seen as disappointing because of the high benchmark that it had to meet. CJ
  21. Raiders--Crusade--------------------------Temple Crusade is a quality, quality film. The addition of Connery added a whole new layer of comedy to the film. It could have been quite awful, but Ford plays the part of a son very well. Where, in the past, we had always seen him as a swashbuckling hero-type, when in the presence of Jones Snr, he turns into a different person; more meek and less brash. It's a nice touch on Ford's part. As ever, Spielberg's set pieces are fantastic; the opening scenes with young Indiana, the boat chase, the castle escape and the awesome tanks! Raiders just pips it though. CJ
  22. There is an excellent thread here in ATF which covers some good settings for PSPVideo9 and other stuff. CJ
  23. Blimey. How arsey were the LFO being?! Just seen the advert for the Grand Design show at Excel in June. I'd be up for going to that, especially to see a Huf House being built live! CJ
  24. I'm sure I read in the old "Empire Strikes Back" fold-out magazine back when the film was released that the stormtroopers were clones. I'm a bit surprised that this has changed. Also, doesn't the commentary in AOTC mention this when Jango bangs his head? CJ
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