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  1. Obviously, I'm in for some of this. What we could do (if we are to make this a semi-regular thing) is to use play money, but give points to the top three players left after each tournament (say, 50/30/20). Then after a few weeks, we should have a proper leaderboard. Everyone chips in a fiver or a tenner at the start and we can distribute it to the top three at the end (say after 10 games). I vote for pokerroom too. You can create private tables and only allow fellow rllmukians to join in. CJ
  2. There's lots of examples here. I particularly like this (which was the one that I think was posted earlier) and this . CJ
  3. I felt that the point of that scene was to change the relationship between Rachel and Ray. At the end of that sequence, you can see the pride in her eyes as she realises that her father brought down one of the tripods. Previously, she seemed to prefer going to Robbie in times of real stress (see the diner scene) rather than stay with her dad. The show of pride was similar to the look in Ray's eyes when he sees Robbie scramble up the ferry ramp to bring those extra passengers on board. I went to see it again today and it struck me that it is all seen from Ray's point-of-view. You don't see the effects of the alien attacks from any other perspective (as opposed to ID4, for example). It is solely the impact on him and his family that the film is about (for me). Even some of the major set pieces are only shown in the background or in reflections whilst Ray is the main focus of the scene. From a special effects perspective, the three stand-out bits were the bridge destruction towards the start, the initial drive along the freeway to his ex-wife's house and the first emergence of the tripod. The bridge destruction only lasts for a few seconds but is so spectacular. The subsequent drive away from that is very impressive too. The camera swoops around and into the car seamlessly. When I first saw it, it didn't even register as an FX shot. CJ
  4. Yep. I started off 4-3-3 but switched to 5-3-2, with a deep-lying midfield 3. I really just wanted to crowd the penalty box. You may have noticed that I stopped trying to tackle your midfielders too and just concentrated on getting my men back as quickly as possible. It worked to a certain extent, but I think you managed to get a through-ball right through the centre of my defence a number of times, which I was a bit distressed about. CJ
  5. To be honest, I felt a bit bad about that. I really wasn't making much of an effort to get forward, simply because I wasn't able to get through your defences. I had similar problems with my games last week with pompey88 too. I'm sorry I couldn't give you a bit more of a game though. CJ
  6. You could do thumbnails of the designs, each in a separate post. Then people just need to quote their choice. CJ
  7. Commander Jameson's Elite Squad 0-4 Daley Daley 5-1 Commander Jameson's Elite Squad (it was 5-1, wasn't it?) Had no chance in either of these two games really. Daley was far too good. I think I only had one decent chance during both games for the goal. But other than that, I couldn't get past the defence. I had to just pack my defence in an attempt to stem the tide, but to no avail really. This is going to be a l-o-n-g season. Good luck with your remaining games, Daley. CJ
  8. I have just got back from, quite possibly, the oddest cinema experience I've ever had (maybe the second oddest), but certainly one of the most annoying. But as for the film, I thought it was good, almost typically Spielbergian with some great set-pieces, tight personal dramas and dysfunctional families. I didn't think it was his best by a fair bit though. As people have mentioned, Jaws and Raiders are better. I preferred Jurassic Park too to this, but it is good to see him back doing large-scale films again after a couple of low-key efforts. As for the odd experience, it was like being in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I like to go to the films to see the film. I'm not one who likes to chat whilst I am sat in the cinema at any stage; adverts, trailers, the feature. As I was walking in to the cinema, some guy asked me, "War of the Worlds?". I replied, "Yes.". That was it. He locked onto me for the rest of my time there. He was like Del Griffith. He just would not shut up and had no trace of self-awareness. All through the film... "I love this advert." or "This is from a book." or "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" or singing the Jeff Wayne intro (badly) and all really, really loud too. People were moving seats to get away from him. I was trapped with him on one side and some other people on the other. He stayed behind to check who did the voiceover. I don't think I have ever left a cinema so quickly. I practically ran down the escalators and out of the building. Anyway, WOTW - 7/10. CJ
  9. My favourite overall commentary is from the first one that I ever heard: The Usual Suspects with director Bryan Singer and writer Christoper McQuarrie. It is obvious that the two are close friends and enjoy taking the mickey both out of each other and of the actors. Another commentary I particularly enjoy is The Thing with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell. Again, two friends just watching a film. I love their commentary when the head sprouts legs and starts to crawl away. More votes for Verhoeven and Ed Neumeier too. Theirs are always fun to listen to too. The ones from Dog Soliders (where, I think, they are pretty drunk) and from Clerks (where, I think, they are pretty high) are very funny too. The in-character ones are great fun too (Spinal Tap, as has been mentioned previously). I'm never keen on commentaries that are spliced together or ones that have just one participant. The Simpsons and Futurama ones are pretty good but I often can't tell which person is speaking (unless it is Matt Groening or one of the voice actors). I do prefer a mix of anecdotes, history and technical info about the film during the commentary. I'm not mad keen on gushing directors. I was very disappointed with the Star Wars DVD ones (original trilogy). There's just too much Ben Burtt! I have a feeling that the complete sexology (!) will have fuller commentaries with more people (Hamill, for example). CJ
  10. Spoon definitely has the best lines in this. When they are wondering about a decoy... Cooper: "We need something quick and loud." (all look at Spoon) Spoon: "What?" ... "Sorry, what?" and when he is being chased back into the bedroom... Megan: "Move your fucking arse!" (upon getting back into the room) Spoon: "I love it when a posh bird talks dirty!" Cracking! CJ
  11. Just noticed that on that website the 300 set (and case) is down from 80 quid to 40 and the 500 chip set is down from 100 to 50 quid. Not bad deals. CJ
  12. Presumably this is a spoiler thread...? The Usual Suspects ending blew me away. Just as all the pieces fell into place. Even at the end the Keaton/Keyser Soze bit fooled me. But when Verbal's walk changes, it's magnificent; changing everything that went before and making you want to go straight back in and see it all over again. CJ
  13. You know, we really should arrange an online Rllmuk game someday. CJ
  14. It will help in the long term, but as you play you will get an idea of what the probabilities are. You'll never really need to know exact numbers anyway. Mostly, it is simple things like, if you are waiting for a "6", then the chances of that coming up are fairly remote, since there are only four "6"s in the deck. But if you need any spade card (to make a flush [five cards of the same suit], for example), then the odds might be much better. davweb is right about people playing differently when it is just play money. They are much more likely to bet on weaker hands (for example, waiting for a "6", when they should just give up and fold their hand). CJ
  15. Texas Hold'em is the most popular form at the moment and is the one that you may have seen on TV. If you know the basics of poker (in any form), then Texas Hold'em is pretty easy to pick up. 5 card draw is probably the simplest form (with five cards dealt face down and the option to change a number of cards). Texas Hold'em is the most popular form right now though. Essentially, everyone gets dealt two cards face down. There is a round of betting. Then three cards (the "flop") are dealt face up in the centre of the table. These are shared by all the players. There is another round of betting. A fourth card is dealt (the "turn"). There is another round of betting. Finally, the fifth card is dealt (the "river"). There is a final round of betting. Each player makes the best hand of five cards out of the seven that are available (the five that are face up on the table and the two private cards that each player holds). The winner takes the whole pot. A good place to start is on an online poker site playing for play money. PokerStars or PokerRoom are good places to start. You can see how the games work and get a taste of what it is like. Once you are comfortable with the rules and the betting, you can try playing with real money either on-line or face-to-face (myself and Poet hold poker nights in London - see the Meets thread for details). This is a good site to start rummaging around for general Texas Hold'em info too. CJ
  16. Yes. The cinema at the Trocadero used to be a Virgin one. Now it's a UGC. Are Cineworld any good, does anyone know? I hadn't heard of them before. As long as they keep my local cinema the same and keep the unlimited card, I'll be happy. I did get a letter a month or so ago about the price increase. I've got no problem since it has been the same price for about five years now. CJ
  17. Actually, you're right about the tills. We can get huge queues going right out of the door at ours and still there's only two tills open. Then again, we tend to get the useless people (couples, for some reason) that don't know what film they are going to see until they get to the till and then don't know how they will pay. I wish they'd keep one till open for unlimited card holders only. I still love going to the cinema though. Even though, I've got decent home cinema set-up, it is nice to actually get out and see a film. The buzz of going to an opening-day screening is great and something you can't really replicate at home. CJ
  18. Hmm. I really like the Canary Wharf UGC. The seats are comfy with lots of legroom and there is loads of height between each seat, so I can always see even if people are sat in front of me. The picture was juddering on a film I saw recently. I mentioned it to the staff and they got it sorted right away. Maybe it is just your local one that is bad (or my local one that is good)? CJ
  19. Reminder - Top Gear is about to start now. CJ
  20. I'd be up for a race in the evening (can't do 3pm though). CJ
  21. If you get poppadums, try putting the mango chutney *and* the onion salad on the poppadum. That's lovely. Dupiaza dishes might be worth a try if you like onions. Biryani dishes are worth a go - where the meat is prepared with the rice, rather than served separately. CJ
  22. Lamb Rogan Josh (may be spelled differently) - tomatoey sauce, quite chunky, not creamy. Not hugely spicy (4 out of 10 on the hotness scale, where 1 is mild and 10 is hothothot), but enough to give it a kick. CJ
  23. Emulator FAQ 1. Download the latest pack of emulators from PSP Hacker. 2. Copy the whole lot over to your PSP in the PSP/GAME dir or just the ones you are interested in. You will need both the normal dir and the "%" version too. The "%" dir is the one that used to be on the other memory stick. You will need to create the GAME dir if it does not exist already. 3. Put your roms onto your PSP in the PSP/GAME/XXX/ROMS dir. 4. Run it from the memory stick option on the Game menu on the PSP. There will be two entries per emulator; one with a little graphic and one that says "Corrupted Data". Select the little graphic. 5. You should see a dir listing. Go to the ROMS directory you set up earlier. and select the game you want. 6. For SNES games, press the analogue hub left to access the emulator options. On other emulators, you may need to press the L shoulder button. 7. For SNES games, try Frameskip 3, Soundrate 11kHz, PSP Clock 333 MHz. That should get you going. CJ
  24. Wow. The software must be really good to handle odd shaped objects, especially on older films. The transition of people moving into and out of the screen would be very complex, I imagine. On pure digital films, they must be close to doing this automatically during regular production. If the objects are digital to begin with (say, the sets), then they would already have a depth component in the model. Presumably, the In-Three software could use this automatically? I wonder which will be the first new feature to take advantage of this. CJ
  25. There is an In-Three website that has some good background info too. I wonder if we could get to a stage where this is available for TV transmissions too and instead of glasses, we have the same technology in contact lenses. CJ
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