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  1. Solid. First good news I've had in days. On we go.
  2. To be fair, I don't mind Jedi Rocks. Much more heinous for me is the awful limp, insipid pan flute nightmare that replaced Yub Nub.
  3. I have had an aversion to Adam Sandler's films right from the start (I know Punch-Drunk Love is good though), but this is might be the one to make me break my duck.
  4. You can only compare how City did against every other team in the league and how we did. Overall, we did better than them. They took four points from six against us. We took one from six from them. There's the difference in winning and losing the league. Still... Top of the league right now.
  5. That looks like great (not just good) fun. Love me some Reynolds.
  6. Son's goal. https://streamja.com/XNGX It's like the goals I used to in primary school, just legging it as fast as I could down the pitch. Great goal.
  7. Everyone wants a goal now. Salah.
  8. Big Dunc with the ball boys today. Awww.
  9. King of New York and New Jack City might be worth checking out too.
  10. 1995 1. The Usual Suspects 2. Heat 3. Apollo 13 1996 1. Fargo 2. Mission Impossible 3. The Rock 1997 1. Grosse Pointe Blank 2. Face/Off 3. LA Confidential 1998 1. The Big Lebowski 2. The Truman Show 3. Saving Private Ryan 1999 1. The Matrix 2. Fight Club 3. Galaxy Quest
  11. Holy flurking shnit! I bloody love this team and club.
  12. Not really IMO. We did better than Man City against the rest of the league. It was just our home draw against City that cost us, at much as the Man U fans and Everton fans want to proclaim about their specific games.
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