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  1. Commander Jameson

    Die Hard

    Now I have a new addition to my wish list, ho-ho-ho.
  2. A lot of that sounds like it was used, albeit toned down, for GoldenEye.
  3. Commander Jameson

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Disappointed that West Ham have not gone in for him.
  4. Commander Jameson

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This team.
  5. Commander Jameson

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to transfer my captain Salah out.
  6. Commander Jameson

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    For us, yeah?
  7. Commander Jameson

    A movie watchers blog

    Die Hard (1988) Rooftop Cinema Camden If you looked up "perfect action film" in the dictionary, you'd see an entry for Die Hard (with "see also" entries for Hard Boiled, RoboCop and Predator). It's not just one of the best (if not the best) action film. It is also one of the best films full-stop; with a story that is finely crafted and pared-to-the-bone, characters, both main and secondary, that you care about and recognise, well-shot visceral action scenes that feel real and make you wince, a script that is endlessly quotable and an iconic music score. I've posted about my love for Die Hard in the dedicated thread, but I got the chance to see it on the big screen again last night. Front row seats. Blanket over my knees. Pizza in my hand. Girlfriend next to me enjoying it nearly as much as me. Even now, I was picking up on things that is never noticed despite watching the film so many times, like, when we see Karl with the chain wrapped around his neck for the first time, he's got his hand in between the chain and his neck. Or when Hans is talking about his love of models and the attention-to-detail, he's also taking about his plan. God. I bloody love bloody squibs. As good as any modern action films may be, without real bloody squibs, something just doesn't feel right. I've yet to see CGI blood look as good as that guy getting shot through the knees in the computer room. I love the tiny character touches; like Al Leong's henchman and his desire for sweets or McClane and his continual distractions by women. The story is so well-written, you are never left wondering why something happened (apart from one minor thing - where did Karl get his own gun from at the very end?). Every beat of the story makes complete sense. I can't do a review of Die Hard without mentioning, probably, the very best villain in action film history (although I do see Clarence Boddicker waving a gun in my direction); Hans Gruber, played by the late Alan Rickman. Witty, multi-faceted, clever; he was a world away from the traditional 80s action film bad guys that peppered Schwarzenegger's and Stallone's films. In conclusion, I LOVE Die Hard. 10/10
  8. Commander Jameson

    The Thing

    Here's the one for our Top 100 Films.
  9. Commander Jameson

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Still laughing about this. What a way to win a derby!
  10. Commander Jameson

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  11. Commander Jameson

    Remembering when video game intros were epic

    Another World
  12. Commander Jameson

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Here you go.
  13. Commander Jameson

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    This was an interesting read about the final episode and the dance. https://www.vulture.com/2018/11/its-always-sunny-mac-dance-season-13-finale.html
  14. Those are great/insane! I've been looking for videos of TDM again. All my regular channels are posting Blackout videos which I don't find particularly interesting to watch. I'd like to see what the other team members are doing though in these; what their setups are and their protective tactics.

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