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  1. I posted the Primer Deobfuscated video on the last page but this is also a good explainer video. Love Primer.
  2. I checked Amazon to see when I could pre-order it. Couldn't see it there, but I found a range of Tenet colouring books. Not what I expecting.
  3. Oscar the Rabbit? Skip forward a bit to see Gnasher the Pterodactyl.
  4. Were these hand puppets or full costumes?
  5. John Sessions has died aged 67. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54797823
  6. The extra "The" before "Motion Picture" is annoying me.
  7. That's reminded me. The Final Countdown - a modern-day US Navy ship goes through a time warp and ends up in 1941 just before Pearl Harbor. The Philadelphia Experiment - essentially the reverse of the above. I haven't seen this one, but always get it mixed up with The Final Countdown, and, bizarrely, The Philadelphia Story.
  8. Season 3 teaser (8 Jan 2021, US at least) and season 4 confirmation.
  9. Project Almanac - kids find time machine in a basement Time Lapse - machine takes pictures of the future Coherence - multiple realities collide ARQ - time loops in a house under attack from intruders Some short films:
  10. Are you using the old text code [spoiler] to do the spoilers? I think they no longer work with the latest forum upgrade.
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