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  1. Needs sound on, but nsfw (swearing).
  2. That was the best they've played in months and the worst we've played in months too, and still they could only get a draw. I don't recall Alisson having to do much at all during the whole game. I'm happy with the current trajectory of both teams.
  3. Stephen Moore, voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android in the BBC TV radio and TV Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series and countless "Dad" roles, has died. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50035065
  4. Traore goal https://streamja.com/42GG Edit: The first one!
  5. I love a 12:30 Saturday win. Can spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.
  6. Radius 3/5 Another low-budget sci-fi, but more interesting than Plus One. Worth a watch.
  7. 2000 1. Memento 2. Gladiator 3. Sexy Beast 2001 1. LOTR Fellowship of the Rings 2. Ocean's Eleven 3. Zoolander 2002 1. City of God 2. Minority Report 3. LOTR The Two Towers 2003 1. Oldboy 2. Kill Bill Vol 1 3. X-Men 2 2004 1. Primer 2. The Incredibles 3. Dead Man's Shoes
  8. Plus One 2/5 Usually love low-budget sci-fi films, but this isn't good. A so-so premise and really horrible characters throughout.
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