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  1. There's a lovely fruitiness to Scotch Bonnets. My favourite hot pepper.
  2. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/1220638/
  3. I preferred this to Bad Boys 2. It was like Bay but toned down. They managed to get in the...
  4. Looks like fun. Red band trailer. Alternative title: Edward Triggerhands
  5. I've done a visualisation of cumulated PL points so far. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/1220638/
  6. Huge win that. Couple more for January please, then I can unclench.
  7. Good start. Would feel more comfortable with a second.
  8. Not a movie, but the updated Worzel Gummidge on BBC over Xmas was fantastic.
  9. Spy is probably my favourite out of the list in your post. MacGruber is a mickey-take of MacGyver. Black Dynamite is a fantastic take on blaxploitation films. Office Space is a little less mainstream but supremely quotable. Team America World Police, not live action but worth a watch.
  10. Happy New Year, fellow Reds!
  11. I don't see One Cut of the Dead in that list. You should remedy that. I've not seen Parasite yet either though. I should remedy that.
  12. #1 would be Hard Boiled. Right up there with Die Hard. Another from this year is One Cut of the Dead.
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