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  1. The Dean/Craig Pelton Oscar award winner Jim Rash everyone.
  2. I loved her in Cheers and Khan, but she died a hateful MAGA lunatic.
  3. I must have watched the reaction of every streamer on the internet to the ‘Take on Me’ moment in Part 2. Bella much more convincing in action.
  4. Wordle 531 5/6 Should’ve been 4 but I slept through the 4th guess.
  5. Wordle 529 3/6 Handed to me on a plate so quickly that I dropped and smashed it, ignoring the yellow.
  6. Would there be a rights issue with Microsoft if they used Rare’s nineties redesign of Donkey Kong? I don’t hate the more classic look they’re going with, but it’s a little jarring. Especially as Cranky is sitting right there! Wait, answered my own question. I guess I don’t like the choice to mess with it for the sake of it.
  7. If you’re not on board by the rock throwing scene in episode 2 your opinion is unlikely to change. You don’t need to understand why you’re on board, but if that isn’t compelling goddamn television then I don’t know what to tell you.
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