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  1. Sorry for the direct link, but this is important.
  2. Warning: As a ‘bit’ it’s awful. But the costume looks promising.
  3. I wonder how much Ted Danson’s agent is looking when approached for a Frasier reboot appearance.
  4. Same here. I figured I’d get around to Forbidden West first, but just know I’m going to give in.
  5. The first game took me around 14 hours and for a 9 hour adaptation I’d say they’ve got a good pace. They’d have to be considering splitting Part 2 over a couple of seasons tho. Whatever format they choose to follow in telling that story it’s over twice as long as the first.
  6. The PlayStation stars quests have updated and Beyond Light is listed under the PSPlus campaign. There’s also a separate campaign dedicated to preordering Lightfall.
  7. My parents are taking my 86yr old Granda to the cinema for this today. I guess I’m streaming it at some point to be part of the conversation.
  8. Especially as it’s the first thing we see a day after the announcement of the original actress passing away.
  9. The show has now established that Joel and Tess have been together for 13+ years, I expect that means it isn’t the last we’ll see of Anna Torv. They’re bound to do a flashback episode with Tommy to fill in how they got to Boston and cover their falling out. She’d have to be in the picture by then.
  10. New DC Universe Unveils First 10 Projects: ‘Superman: Legacy’ in 2025, Batman & Robin Movie, Green Lantern Series, Wonder Woman Prequel and More
  11. I’m surprised they didn’t let him milk reading the end of the letter. Opening aside, I don’t recall him ever having a good cry in the game, but they have said they’re softening him for the show. We’ve yet to see evidence of that.
  12. 5pm GMT the internet is set to implode. I wonder if they’re going as far as casting announcements. The press have known for a day. It’s astounding there are no leaks.
  13. One of the most impactful moments from the game
  14. I wonder if they’re writing something new into Ellie’s character. The Dahmer like curiosity she had playing with the infected makes me think that look on her face as she watched Joel beat a man to death was worth reading into. Every other word or action from her is in service of getting a gun!
  15. I thought I had steeled myself against the hype, and was actually rolling my eyes a little at the tropes in the middle. Blubbering mess.
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