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  1. I have zero interest in the series, but yeah, covid-tax. Let's see what the fuss is about.
  2. He blocked me years ago. Yeah I get in fights with Superman on the Internet, AMA. After all this time for him to be acknowledged at all I’m surprised it seems to be in earnest rather than thrown away with a meta joke.
  3. Hey now, c’mon! I’m sure he’s very much in love!
  4. Probably timed that pretty well. I've been half waiting on what they'd end up doing storywise when it happened, but if he's due late summer they'll probably get away with it. Oh, uh, and d'aaaww and such also.
  5. It was ready to go into production imminently, the daughter stuff happened, now he's out?
  6. Until they get it right! They learned the lessons of history from that Coyote. You don't invent a new trap each time, you note what went wrong and fix the problem. The next one will work for sure!
  7. I always knew avoiding buying it for 15 years would pay off one day.
  8. If someone asked me to define what made TNG great, what is lacking from modern Trek, I would point to Measure of a Man and say
  9. I think drawing on Maddox has more to do with Measure of a Man being the favourite TNG episode of some of the cast and producers than anything else. It also happens to objectively be the best episode.
  10. Back in the day Colin Trinneer went straight from Enterprise to a very important recurring role in Stargate Atlantis. Filling that Trip shaped hole in all our lives.
  11. Blowing up the cube was fine. It was the entire fleet, the last line of defence for Earth, against one ship. And even then it could have been a deliberate distraction tactic. Meanwhile, on DS9 “Oh hi Worf, what did you get up to over the weekend?”
  12. Archive footage maybe. That’s fair enough for Cat Grant, but with so many other returning cast members James was notable by his absence. Especially with that little beat at the end. The three core actors acknowledging the journey together.
  13. When you look at some of the BTS from Voyager they basically inherited 2 or 3 fancy First Contact Borg props and milked them for absolutely everything they were worth. I wonder how differently things would have turned out if they were never available.
  14. Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s genetic engineering. Their kid must be twenty odd now. Weird.
  15. Supercorp focused 100th episode, but keeps up the tradition of taking a walk through the history of the show. Good stuff. The arrowverse is at its best when being meta. Zero acknowledgement of James ever existing. Weird! Actually, come to think of it, I wonder if Mechad will turn up in Superman and Lois in some capacity. His twitter is bonkers.
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