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  1. It’s just where I’m at right now. What more can I say in this kind of literal forum.
  2. My aunt does PR for the local cinema chain, I didn't pay 7 times. I have a lot of thoughts circling around that are hard to get down. I'll try to bash out a few paragraphs later in the week, but I've taken away something new with each screening. It's just one of those movies I enjoy sitting in with a fresh audience and you'll never get that chance again. Like the guy on the opposite end of the room who bursts out laughing when the feet go up on the chair and a majority of the room doesn't understand why it's funny.
  3. I’ve seen this now in cinemas 7 times. That’s crazier than what I did with The Force Awakens. It’s officially beat-out Zodiac as my favourite movie of the 21st century so far. (No, Prometheus doesn’t make the list)
  4. He's always said he was up for an Arrowverse guest run if it was a substantial arc, but surely that's a poker face tweet. You wouldn't want to be the spoil sport for the sake of a days work probably catching up with old crew mates. Still plenty of room down the line for him to make a proper appearance as whoever because comics.
  5. Fine people on both sides.
  6. Yes old man Logan, yes Firefly, but the man has said no a thousand times. Probably literally a thousand times. I’d hope his thinking isn’t geared toward “ageing out”; maybe that’ll end up proving to be the case, but there’s a reason those other stories exist and with Firefly in particular it’s probably in no small part to do with someone putting fan fiction to paper and getting it done. Looking at that trailer again, they’re throwing us a bone or two as fans. The sting is 100% a Holodeck therapy session, I doubt we’ll get a Search for Spock happy ending for Data. “I don’t want the game to end”/“I should have done this a long time ago”/All Good Things dot dot dot. There’s probably nothing more there. But for Picard, of all people, the actual story teased has unique potential. He’s Space dad. He’ll rise to the occasion by taking the step back and judging it for what it is. He was space raped by this force, but he’s the guy who takes that step back and gives thought to ‘Is this young woman the next evolution of our species?’ Some sort of abstract tease of a Borg baby. There’s the nostalgia that counts. I know Voyager made that all a bit messy, but “The Measure of a Man” is still at the core of what we think of when we think of the character and TNG. That and time travel. Time Travel is always good fun. But maybe less of that. They might as well have released that as the trailer. Then the chub faced reference at the end followed by the poop emoji making a sad face.
  7. He’s so pretentious tho
  8. With the online poker face some of these people have held, I'm reading that as an in-joke.
  9. Legend. That's fantastic, haven't seen that before. Just the right kind of candid "She's a lovely person...but c'mon. Tits." Siddig and Nana Visitor's kid would have to be mid twenties by now. Hell, throw them on the crew. Edit: This is more for the general thread, but it just occurred to me the Bell riots will take place toward the end of Trump's theoretical second term. I can see that.
  10. That's Mrs Columbo you're all talking about!
  11. I haven't kept up with GB podcasts and their personal lives the past few years, but that's great to hear. Jeff seems to bounce between hyper OTT energy one moment and a sad soul the next. I hope this kid loves Yoshi's Island in 5 or 6 years.
  12. I'd love to see Archer and Picard together. Isn't there technically a version of him that exists outside of time or whatever? The elusive wibbly wobbly shade that advised on the temporal cold war? Messy. Sisko...also messy. There's no way we don't see Janeway along with The Doctor at some point if Seven has a serious part to play.
  13. Every now and then I'll watch a "Clark's secret" compilation on youtube. Aah that's the stuff. Sure they cheated with a few magical fake-outs over the years, but this show was amazingly patient with doling those out.
  14. JJverse is the Kelvin timeline. This is the Prime timeline, the "real" one.
  15. OK, sight unseen it’s a guilty pleasure again. That’s made my morning.
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