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  1. I've only watched the first two episodes. That has to be a confusing boner for the child Prince or two.
  2. I haven't kept up enough to remember if elements of KOTOR are still considered canon, but as soon as I saw the ROTJ flashback scene I smiled and thought maybe they'll have fun and tie the mining operation in with a Czerka reference. Then they went all in. "Oh you enjoyed Knights of the Old Republic, here you go. Here's that bit." It's too blatant to not be a tease for the pre-covid speculation on a KOTOR trilogy of some kind.
  3. -Travelling single file to hide numbers. -Finding the pearl after basically playing out a KOTOR quest. The fanservice feels earned in a way it didn't with Rise of Skywalker. Maybe it's just been a long time between drinks with 2020.
  4. For the record I disavow that line of complaint. I just think it looks naff.
  5. Willing to accept it’s a generational thing. Maybe the hair is important in a way I don’t fully understand.
  6. He's the president's lawyer and the ringleader behind the Hunter Biden laptop conspiracy that's being funded by the Russians. This isn't hypothetical. It's that guy with his hand on his dick with days to go until election day.
  7. With everything now streaming I think I still lean in favour of a staggered release of episodes because I miss the LOST/GoT type community speculation. But if you binge this show...I understand that reaction. It's a high.
  8. I didn't get much further past the second reactor on the PS4 Midgar game and that cost me more than all other combinations of these games combined. Maybe i'm born with it, maybe it's 2020. I bought the Ghostbusters game on Switch sale a week ago and haven't looked at it.
  9. I bought them both digitally on release for a little more than I bought them on my phone, but for much less than I paid initially. And both were on platinum! Not played them on Switch yet. That's probably a joke.
  10. The pandemic is likely the death-knell of paying for office space for glorified YouTube streamers across the board.
  11. Rorie is the only one who counts his MMO time in years. Brad had a spell in the aughts, thinks he can play. Thinks he can talk about months. We all went AFK Brad. No Rorie is let out of his cage as and when appropriate
  12. Maybe? Regular face/GOTY columnist. I have a very poor understanding about how Twitter works but the most recent mutual follower it flags for me is Dr Tracksuit.
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