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  1. When it ends he shrugs to himself and says "fair enough". I saw it in the cinema like half a dozen times. Every time it played a little differently for me. It could be Him accurately recalling the events that led to him being kicked off set. What a badass. Him recalling events as an unreliable narrator and making more from it than what actually happened, as he goes back to his menial labour. He's past his prime. Wah-wah. He was never invited back at all, he had a little day dream while soaking up some LA sun and drinking a beer. This is the life...while copping to the fact that yeah the wife stuff is true and no hard feelings toward Kurt.
  2. I went a good stretch of years without watching Maverick at the height of Mel Gibson's whole deal. But that's always a movie that leaves me smiling.
  3. Don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but that looks pretty on the nose.
  4. Barry and Kara’s excellent adventure, galavanting through time with the Legends for a few episodes and getting up to all sorts of adorable hijinks.
  5. It's not Fire Smash Emblem Ultimate.
  6. Anime man with sword. Just what everyone wanted!
  7. Yup, all of that plus ‘Chekhov’s dude who knows how to handle himself.’
  8. The action and sentimentality had me wincing, the editing was all over the place (Hi Tyler!) but they finally gave me the exact taste of fan service I was looking for. That Indiana Jones “happens to me all the time” magic. Looking forward to some sort of impact in either case. Crossover saved!
  9. Madness. The Galaxy games were great and all, but Odyssey is the fabled Mario 128 in all but name. It’s like being let loose in a theme park with the power of a god.
  10. Yeah the icon design change caught me off guard at the time. I was almost tempted about to buy the fighting game separately before noticing the “showdown” option had appeared in the main menu of this.
  11. The main thing to bear in mind is that you will die. A lot. It’s not Dark Souls, but it’s nothing like any Zelda that came before. At first I found it easy to blame some of that on not being able to have a stable set of gear, knowing its capabilities. It’s nothing to do with that. It’s just a game that’ll instant kill you over and over and over until those memories of breezing through LTTP and OOT without a single death seem like a ridiculous dream.
  12. In terms of total playtime on the system it’s never going to drop out of my top row. Its place is cemented up there with Dead Cells and Slay the Spire as always good for an hour of guaranteed gratification after a long day.
  13. That’d be an amazing crossover DLC for Breath of the Wild. If you listen very closely you can hear it whispered on the breeze...megato...
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