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  1. It’s been about 15 years but back in Uni I had one of those “What would Macgyver do?” t-shirts with the empty toilet roll on it. Someone then bought me a season on DVD as a gag gift and I had an absolute blast watching it.
  2. I’ve been happily playing through it too, now up to the casinos. I can’t see myself ever touching the other two tho, they have nothing to offer after a stint with SA.
  3. George says they don’t care about health and safety in the Star Wars universe!
  4. makkuwata


    I’m sure they have the data to back that up, but some of those seem way off. Nozdormu is an automatic pick for me.
  5. I think it’s safe to say there won’t be an appearance from Franco.
  6. Yeah, looks sharp and runs well (as well as it ever did). Only odd issue is that they’ve added a combat status window that takes up half the screen whenever you enter combat. The text within is a sensible size, but the border around it is massive. Not a deal breaker, just odd. Hope it gets patched out.
  7. Really enjoying spending a couple of hours each night wrapped up in bed playing handheld KOTOR. It can be a ballache to keep stable on a modern PC, and it’s too good for phones.
  8. makkuwata


    Finally got this to work.
  9. 20 minutes with all three on Switch and all seems fine. The dialogue mix is oddly low by default, and San Andreas may take a second or two longer to load into the city, but it’s a second or two on top of a second or two.
  10. I thought that didn’t sound right. Just a simple contract dispute. Pitchforks down.
  11. I’m genuinely confused by what I just watched. I read the book as a kid and saw the Lynch movie, but there’s still no story. It looked pretty and the sound design was excellent, great to feel the seat vibrate in the cinema again. But what a load of wank.
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