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  1. I unironically hold a candle for Bubsy. The box art took up the entire back of a Rice Krispies box for a competition back in the day. I earned my copy by tracing the design and adding some flair. That was a platformer that rewarded patience and memorisation. The modern DK games are 80's coin sinks.
  2. makkuwata


    Race for 6 and buff the swipe beast and mech each turn. Throw in the golden pirate. It should get boring, but it doesn't.
  3. I have whiplash from how fast I just deleted Tropical Freeze. DKC on the SNES emulator? GOOD ENOUGH!
  4. Disappointed it doesn’t do the dual analogue control thing.
  5. I woke up this morning, saw Star Wars Racer and literally couldn't stop myself. I mean my thumbs made the decision before I did. Oops.
  6. That's a really fascinating insight for something I haven't engaged with in at least 16 years. That comes off wrong without an emoji, but I meant it.
  7. We grew up in a largely Beano Vs Dandy culture. If there was a local comic store that would allow me to grow up with the real thing I undoubtably would have. I used my pocket money at the local newsagents and filled out the sticker book for the premier league 96. Haven’t watched a single match of football in my life, much less cared about the result. It’s in the distant past. Maybe it would have been the same if I had access to DC or Marvel this or that, but I suspect not. There were so many cartoons!
  8. Not reading the thread, rather than google a generic response, how long is the first game? I played 3 hours a year ago and thought it was too heavy to deal with in the moment. But i'm unspoilt (other than dramatic incentive for a sequel starring Elsie from Westworld) and I can't see that continuing much longer with a casual attitude, based on how the online culture talks about spoilers being out there.
  9. 51 games feels more special than it deserves to be, but it still feels special. I really don't understand why quite yet. I had the ability to play against a stranger at connect 4 twenty years ago. It's just nice to grab that thing first thing in the morning and have a quick game before getting up. What's the generation after millenial? Teach them 3 in row with space to either side is checkmate. Still satisfying. They never take a rematch.
  10. Yeah, forgive me I forget who brought it up, but I have a PS4 and have any number of contemporary games sitting in my pile of shame, RDR2 among them. I treat myself every once in a while to playing 20 minutes and realising the future happened years ago and passed me by. Then I return to playing my doubled up copy of Witcher 3 on Switch. It's a nice treat to be reminded where we are. Outer Worlds on Switch just reminds me of where we were a long, long time ago.
  11. I recently bought a lite and have been playing exclusively on it (RIP Leper island, hello Dharma Island. I was oddly glad to see an old friend, Cookie start the new journey with me) But even on the lites smaller screen it’s atrocious. Character faces appear to have lines around them and almost every ground or surface texture could be spat out by the N64 on its best day.
  12. i plugged on through Outer Worlds. Playing in typical fashion I sucked that first planet dry of content and have just left after 10 hours. I expect the rest of the journey will be short lived. I'm going to finish it, and i'm trying my best to enjoy it, but KOTOR looks better on my iPhone.
  13. Yeah, as much as I want all of these shows to continue...Legends is the only one that is beyond reproach. We're at the point with Supergirl/Flash where new contracts need to be negotiated. Let them each have one more season and die well. Then throw Brainy/Cisco/whoever into Legends for a season and let it be a show that goes on with old hands dipping in and out for a few months work. Either Cisco. Legends is bonkers.
  14. I haven't read the backdated tweets. Glass houses - not that i'm equating with anything out of ignorance. But damn. I love Ralph. And I love the activism i've seen from him following his twitter the past few years. I guess it comes down to personal conflicts in the workplace. Dean Cain was shown the door and that was a long time coming, but this guy had a head on his shoulders.
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