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  1. The mobile version looks and plays quite well. The combat could prove to be a weak point. But I have been looking forward to the full release since playing the alpha and betas.
  2. Insurance is limited to ships minus the fittings and clone costs. Which can be very expensive.
  3. I've known people to lose ships/pods log off and never play again.
  4. Oh really? Hmmm. To be honest I'd rather give my money directly to Nintendo with stuff like memberships. At least I know where it's going.
  5. EBay is cheaper £6 for 12 months.
  6. Sony has Android and their own Linux OS TV's now.
  7. What version of HDMI does the PS5 support? 2.1?
  8. Animi has been popular in Japan since the 1980's.
  9. If you entered 0.0 use a fast scout ship. Stay around 0.3 if you want to build up a rappor with others.
  10. I used to be part of curse alliance a few years back. Loved every minute I played. Made some good friends, and lost some too.
  11. They do seem fragile. I've had mine for a couple of weeks. Tempted to buy the official controller at some point.
  12. Say hello to server meltdown and unresponsive ships. Unless they fixed that for large scale combat, which I'm guessing not.
  13. Too much eye candy for my eyes to handle.
  14. I think it will probably depend on the games in question. Racing and side scrolling will take their toll on the joycons imo.
  15. No I agree. Two of the best games I have ever played. Other peoples opinions differ though. Some say unfinished and flawed.
  16. MGS V and FFXV spring to mind when I read your post.
  17. It shouldn't be about how long it takes to complete at all. How a game makes you feel while you play it is the upmost importance to me. A game could last 10 hours, however if it made me smile or laugh. Perhaps even applaud how indigenous a puzzle or level design was then it's worth the money. Except £50.
  18. Yeah I guess you could say they would be worth that price, well perhaps £50. But even that looks and sounds expensive. £45 on the otherhand, not so bad.
  19. Which games do you think are worth £55?
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