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  1. I was wondering if only the elite controllers were rechargeable? Hopefully they are standard with the next Xbox release. I do own a 360 controller, but I rarely use it for PC gaming.
  2. Less weight with the PS4 controller though. Adding batteries makes it heavy. Personally I used mine wired (Razer controller) as it takes away input lag.
  3. I remember the pistol being Uber. Plus flying around on Hive ships in multiplayer. I presume this was Halo 1? It was awesome either way!
  4. That is what I am waiting for. I loved the original Halo on PC.
  5. Microsoft are still playing catch up. They have a lot of work to do to convince consumers. The US will be their biggest market. Sony has the EU and Asia wrapped up.
  6. Windows phone? No one brought it. They must have took a big financial hit there. Back to the Xbox. Personally I am willing to buy a Xbox this time around. My PS4 Pro has always been quiet. If it sounds like a jet engine, place it on glass, not wood.
  7. Microsoft is a software company. Yes they do make some stuff, but honestly they never get great reviews. Microsoft surface laptop thingy? How much is that? First and foremost. Sony makes TV's, phones etc etc.
  8. I agree. The problem for MS is that Sony is willing to take a loss on the units sold for the first year or so. They are the hardware specialist. The Xbox controller still uses batteries, which says it all really.
  9. Microsoft is helping Sony with regards to cloud support/infrastructure. So it's safe to assume they are well underway.
  10. You can Steam Xbox games right now to your mobile phone.
  11. Indeed. We know next to nothing yet. Until the official reveal(s) next year. Well, actually we know what the Xbox series X will look like, but that it about it.
  12. The thing to remember is that the GPU and RAM will help elevate bottleneck that might arise from a lower clocked CPU. Which was why the PS4 had 8GB DDR5.
  13. Both the next gen CPU's are technically classed as mobile CPU's. Just clocked a little higher.
  14. I remember reading somewhere that the sales of the PS4 Pro had been less than good. No one saw the need to upgrade. I might have mixed up the TV sales with that.
  15. Interestingly there are rumours that the Series X will use NVMe storage.
  16. Watchdogs springs mind when I read this. Remember that? Running on a dual SLI that no one could afford.
  17. It will be all about the games. As it should be. Showcasing high end graphics with all the bells and whistles added should get the point across.
  18. The sales of 4k TV's has been slow. Most are happy with 1080p for films and the like. Same with PC gaming. When you add supersampling/AA/AF then the difference in image quality becomes small. 60 FPS will be talked about more.
  19. We could just see one high spec console on release. Perhaps for a year or so to lessen the impact a new console has on the previous one. That would make business sense for Sony.
  20. One thing that neither Microsoft or Sony will mention is the frame rate cap for multiplayer. The PS4 Pro has this in effect already.
  21. I predict that the series X will cost £499 in the UK. With a cheaper cut down version of the console available around the same time.
  22. Hello Rllmuk. I'm not quite sure how I found this site, but I'm glad I did.
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