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  1. From Eurogamer. The price cuts are all effective from this Friday (24th August 2007), in line with the release of Bioshock and Blue Dragon. There's never been a better time to pick one up imo!
  2. Sorry guys, I couldn't provide a link when I posted this story as it hadn't hit any websites (including Game's own site) at the time of posting.
  3. Looks like they've secured their number one position in the market! They've paid £74m buying it off Blockbuster. GAME ACQUIRES GAMESTATION The Board of The GAME Group plc ('GAME'), a leading European specialist retailer of PC and video games, today announces that it has unconditionally acquired Games Station Limited ('Gamestation') from Blockbuster UK Limited ('Blockbuster'), significantly enhancing its customer offering in the UK market. Acquisition highlights *In line with GAME's established strategy of expanding its customer reach both within the UK and int
  4. I saw the following article in the FT this morning. I had no idea this was going behind the scenes. If they succeeded it would be a step back for the industry imo. "EU moves closer to ban on violent video games Violent video games could be banned throughout Europe, European Union justice ministers meeting in Dresden said yesterday. The ministers called for closer scrutiny and co-ordination of national bans amid concern over the alleged link between playing violent games and brutal behaviour by children and adolescents. Though the EU has no competency to ban games, ministers agreed to set up a
  5. Looks like someone caught a sneaky peak at the revised Xbox 360 console at engadget. The pic clearly shows that it will include the much waited HDMI port!
  6. I just hope I get sent the bonus pack with the cd, stylus and all that glorified goodness. Looks like they've sold out everywhere else! I'm a sucker for bonus edtions!
  7. Woot my order is processing from Gamestop!
  8. The Eurogamer review is up!
  9. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Announces a Content Organiser for PSP London, 1 November 2006 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced the launch of Media Manager for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) allowing users to easily transfer, share and manage their PSP content with their Personal Computer (PC). Developed by Sony Media Software, the new Media Manager for PSP will enable users to transfer video, photos, documents, podcasts and music to and from the PSP system using the simple drag-and-drop method. Users will be able to simultaneously transfer multiple items from their
  10. Brings the 360 version right back into the race for me! Still concerned about timing concerns due to it going wireless - think I'll wait and see how these pan out before I pre-order!
  11. Where did you see this? I can't find anything on ebay?
  12. Sony have done this to try and justify the cost of the PS3 I imagine. They have said they equivalent cost of the 360 is $700 once you account for the HD-DVD (which they say is a 'requirement'! Click here.
  13. Eurogamer have their initial impressions up!
  14. Gameplay have started pre-orders!
  15. I'm sure technically it's not difficult to do, but I imagine that the ever-so-slight lag you would inevitably have, rendered the concept void? Timing is a crucial part to this game.
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