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  1. From Eurogamer. The price cuts are all effective from this Friday (24th August 2007), in line with the release of Bioshock and Blue Dragon. There's never been a better time to pick one up imo!
  2. Sorry guys, I couldn't provide a link when I posted this story as it hadn't hit any websites (including Game's own site) at the time of posting.
  3. Looks like they've secured their number one position in the market! They've paid £74m buying it off Blockbuster. GAME ACQUIRES GAMESTATION The Board of The GAME Group plc ('GAME'), a leading European specialist retailer of PC and video games, today announces that it has unconditionally acquired Games Station Limited ('Gamestation') from Blockbuster UK Limited ('Blockbuster'), significantly enhancing its customer offering in the UK market. Acquisition highlights *In line with GAME's established strategy of expanding its customer reach both within the UK and internationally *Enhances consumer choice, service and product range by securing a strong future for both the GAME and Gamestation brands within PC and video games retailing *Anticipated to deliver synergies of approximately #7 million per annum by the second full year following completion through improving efficiency, inventory management and leveraging existing overheads *In the financial year ended 31 December 2006, Gamestation reported revenues of #203.5 million, EBITDA of #6.5 million and profit before taxation of #2.1 million(1) *Total cash consideration of #74.0 million on a debt, cash and tax free basis including assumed working capital of #7.5 million, to be funded from new debt facilities *Expected to enhance earnings per share, before synergies, in the first full year following completion(2) Information on the acquired business Gamestation is a specialist UK PC and video games retailer employing over 1,800 staff in 217 stores across the UK, and serves a highly complementary customer base to that of the core GAME format. The average Gamestation store has approximately 1,000 square feet of selling space and is located in a secondary high street or shopping centre location. GAME intends to retain the Gamestation brand alongside its existing GAME format, and the Board is confident that the enlarged business will be able to expand the group's offer and improve consumer choice on the high street. Gamestation is particularly strong in serving the core gamer: the business model was developed 'by gamers for gamers' compared to the more mainstream model of GAME. The experience at a Gamestation store is more pre-owned focussed than GAME, and predominantly tailored to appeal to the male games enthusiast. Gamestation's existing concessions operated within Blockbuster stores in the UK will not form part of the transaction and will cease to operate under the Gamestation brand prior to 30 June 2007. The senior management of Gamestation will remain with the enlarged GAME group. The acquisition follows other complementary acquisitions made during the past three years in France (Addon and Maxi Livres), Australia (Games Wizards), Norway (Spiderman) and online (gameplay.co.uk). Financial information and terms of the acquisition In the year ended 31 December 2006, Gamestation reported revenues of #203.5 million, EBITDA of #6.5 million and profit before taxation of #2.1 million. As at 31 December 2006, the gross assets of the business being acquired were #60.9 million. (1) GAME has unconditionally acquired the entire issued share capital of Gamestation for a total cash consideration of #74 million, on a debt, cash and tax free basis including assumed working capital of #7.5 million, subject to post-completion adjustment. In addition, GAME will pay #0.3 million in respect of stores opened since 1 January 2007. All of the consideration is being funded from new debt facilities entered into for the purposes of the acquisition. The Board expects the transaction will be moderately enhancing to GAME's earnings per share, before the benefit of synergies, in the first full year following completion.(2) The regulatory authorities will have the right to review the acquisition. Impact of the acquisition The combined group will continue to operate both the GAME and Gamestation formats, using its knowledge of the customer base currently served by each brand. There are expected to be good opportunities to improve the efficiency of the acquired operations through integration with the existing infrastructure and facilities of the GAME group. In particular, Gamestation's supply chain and certain business support functions will, over time, be fully integrated into GAME's existing operations. As a result, the Board anticipates realising pre-tax synergies of approximately #7 million per annum by the second full year following completion. There will be a non-recurring cost of approximately #4 million related to integrating the acquisition, of which #2 million is expected to be incurred in the year ending 31 January 2008 and the balance in the following year. In addition, there will also be incremental capital expenditure of approximately #4 million in respect of IT and logistics infrastructure development. Commenting on the acquisition, Peter Lewis, Chairman, said, 'We are delighted to bring Gamestation into our portfolio and believe it has a strong future within the group. The Gamestation business is one we have long admired and is complementary to our existing business in terms of both store portfolio and target customer. By investing in both brands we will further enhance the group's retail strategy while continuing to deliver and broaden our consumer reach. I am confident that this transaction will add considerable value to GAME and its shareholders over the coming years.'
  4. I saw the following article in the FT this morning. I had no idea this was going behind the scenes. If they succeeded it would be a step back for the industry imo. "EU moves closer to ban on violent video games Violent video games could be banned throughout Europe, European Union justice ministers meeting in Dresden said yesterday. The ministers called for closer scrutiny and co-ordination of national bans amid concern over the alleged link between playing violent games and brutal behaviour by children and adolescents. Though the EU has no competency to ban games, ministers agreed to set up a central register of games banned in different member states. Franco Frattini, EU justice commissioner, said: "Protection of children cannot have borders." Germany, the holder of the rotating six-month EU presidency, promised to draw up a study of the different national rules that apply to computer games across the Union. The Commission hopes this will mark a first step towards harmonising the EU's approach, for example on what games to ban outright and what games should be subject to a minimum age. Several scientific studies claim to show a link between sadistic games and violent behaviour. Makers and distributors of such games found themselves at the centre of a fierce controversy last November, when an 18-year- old German stormed a secondary school in Emsdetten, shooting five people and wounding others before committing suicide. According to media reports, he was adevotee of war simulation and computer games. Mr Frattini said: "My personal opinion is a certain degree of linkage between the growing violence among the younger generation and the growing diffusion of violent games exists. Mr Frattini has long campaigned for tougher rules on computer games, and yesterday he won broad support for a range of measures aimed at tightening the regulatory environment for violent computer games. Industry yesterday offered its support to Mr Frattini's efforts to protect minors, though it said it opposed outright banning of games. Patrice Chazerand, secretary general of the Interactive Software Federation of Europe, the pan-European trade association for games publishers, said it was trying to tackle the problem through an age-rating system that categorised games according to suitability and issued warnings on those with violent content or references to drug use or discrimination. Banning would be ineffective as gamers, who were increasingly going online to order material, could easily source games from outside the EU. The commissioner declined to identify individual games worthy of a ban, but ministers were shown a short clip from the game Manhunt, which lets players impersonate a killer in a city, where "the ultimate rush is the power to grant life and take it, for sport", according to Rockstar Games, the developer. The game has been banned in most EU countries."
  5. Looks like someone caught a sneaky peak at the revised Xbox 360 console at engadget. The pic clearly shows that it will include the much waited HDMI port!
  6. I just hope I get sent the bonus pack with the cd, stylus and all that glorified goodness. Looks like they've sold out everywhere else! I'm a sucker for bonus edtions!
  7. Woot my order is processing from Gamestop!
  8. The Eurogamer review is up!
  9. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Announces a Content Organiser for PSP London, 1 November 2006 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced the launch of Media Manager for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) allowing users to easily transfer, share and manage their PSP content with their Personal Computer (PC). Developed by Sony Media Software, the new Media Manager for PSP will enable users to transfer video, photos, documents, podcasts and music to and from the PSP system using the simple drag-and-drop method. Users will be able to simultaneously transfer multiple items from their PC to their PSP system and a media previewing function will also assist in the easy flow of content to and from the PSP system. Media Manager for PSP will support a vast majority of file formats (see Notes to Editors) and will automatically convert files to allow users to easily view or listen to a massive library of content that is available to the PSP community. Along with simple management of content, users will also be able to transfer Internet Explorer favourites to their PSP system plus easily backup games saves and move game saves between Memory Stick Duo™. ''We are delighted to launch Media Manager for PSP in Europe. Media Manager adds a great deal to the everyday running of the PSP system and ensures that it will remain the ultimate entertainment companion for all present and future PSP users’’ said Stephane Hareau, PSP Senior Brand Manager for SCEE. ‘’Consumers will now be able to organise and manage non-game content like videos, music, photos and much more on their PSP with the utmost ease’’ Media Manager for PSP will be available to download for €9.99 (£7.99) from the 3rd of November (details at yourpsp.com) and boxed in store for €19.99 (£14.99) from the 8th of November. Vouchers to download Media Manager for PSP will be included with specific PSP bundles. Supported File Formats Audio – mp3, ATRAC, wma, wav, pca, ogg, m1a, mpa, m2a, m4a, m4b, aac, mp4 Video – mp4, avi, wmv, mov, qt, dv, mpg, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mmv, m1p, mp1, mp2, m2t, 3gp, m4v Image – jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, pnp, gif, bmp, dib, tiff, tif Document – .txt, .rtf, .doc, .wri, .wpd, .wps, .xls, .html, .mht, .htm Video File Size One minute of video will take approximately 3.5 MB when using the Low AVC setting or 6.6 MB when using the High AVC setting. The following table illustrates how many hours and minutes of video you can fit on common sizes of Memory Stick Duo media: FORMAT 32MB 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB Low AVC (384 Kbps video; 512 Kbps total) 0:09 0:17 0:34 1:08 2:16 4:33 9:06 High AVC (768 Kbps video; 896 Kbps total) 0:04 0:09 0:19 0:39 1:18 2:36 5:12
  10. Brings the 360 version right back into the race for me! Still concerned about timing concerns due to it going wireless - think I'll wait and see how these pan out before I pre-order!
  11. Where did you see this? I can't find anything on ebay?
  12. Sony have done this to try and justify the cost of the PS3 I imagine. They have said they equivalent cost of the 360 is $700 once you account for the HD-DVD (which they say is a 'requirement'! Click here.
  13. Eurogamer have their initial impressions up!
  14. Gameplay have started pre-orders!
  15. I'm sure technically it's not difficult to do, but I imagine that the ever-so-slight lag you would inevitably have, rendered the concept void? Timing is a crucial part to this game.
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