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  1. Check out Dark Seal if you get a chance, it's a really cool game. I only listed a sample of games with Challenges, their are tons more and each game has at least 5 different challenges for it. Couldn't attempt to give a number for exact amount of challenges but I still need to get gold medal in loads of them
  2. @MagicalDrop 1st attempt at Mr Do tonight
  3. They have added challenges to non arcade games too, my mistake for saying it was in arcade. This particular game has challenge for Amiga format speedball 2
  4. I don't think that these games are obscurities !!!!! Metal Slug Bad Dudes Tumblepop Double Dragon Magician Lord Renegade Joe and Mac Speedball 2 Spin Master Fatal Fury Dark Seal Super Burger Time Shadow Force Just a sample of games that have challenges . I actually remember playing every one of those games in the arcade back in the day
  5. I was too busy trying to beat Baggers time in the Next Space. Ticked that box so I will fire up Mr Do now to see what im up against. I'll let you know how I get on
  6. That may have been me earlier today
  7. The challenges are so much fun and have added a whole other dimension to these games. I absolutely love them . The online Scoreboards are fantastic as well and it makes gunning for high scores much more worthwhile when they will be saved to the worldwide tables. I never bothered with high score hunting in retro games in the past because as soon as you tuned off the console the score was lost forever. It makes me appreciate these old games more now
  8. I was a bit dubious about streaming at 1st. I usually strive for the best picture / latency on my retro consoles. Input lag drives me insane. I only play snes on my super NT and my next big purchase will be the mega SG. Everything in my house is connected with RGB where possible and I avoided any upscalers because of potential lag. My Antstream setup at home is connected via Ethernet and I don't notice any lag what so ever and never get picture breakup. I have used wireless at home but my router is pure crap and far away from my t.v. so hard wire is best option for me. I honestly don't feel like content is been streamed. People have reported that their picture was poor at times but that may have been due to poor internet on their side and I think the Ant team have also resolved some bugs which fixed all that (something to do with extended play sessions). I have to say I am amazed at how well the streaming works in Antstream.
  9. I have only managed this so far
  10. This week's Bish Bash challenge has been set by Jim Bagley. It's a challenge to survive as long as possible against a boss in a game called The Next Space without firing a shot . His time is incredibly high and proving very difficult to match
  11. I have the Snes cart and I think it's absolutely rubbish. I find it almost unplayable it's so difficult, you just can't seem to avoid getting hit , maybe im just crap. Must check out the arcade version later
  12. This is how out of control Double Dragon is !!!!! I Was top for about 2 months and then boom
  13. Give it a bash .. this high score battle only started a few days ago
  14. I vaguely remember playing it in the local arcade. It's actually a really cool game and very difficult. The power ups you collect expire after a certain amount of time so you need to keep collecting them in order to stay powered up. Anytime you get hit , you lose your powered up form (their are many) and go back to wimpy alien where one hit kills you . Scramble to survive and collect more power ups
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