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  1. Seconded. Thirded? Whatevered. It's a genuinely great controller. Not cheap, mind.
  2. I've been told you do get a reminder, yes. You don't have to do anything to renew, mind, just to cancel - but you do get an email pointing out the sub is coming to an end so you can take action if you want to/if you hate our beautiful covers.
  3. Well saying we're having a shark of a time didn't work, so I'm willing to take this hit.
  4. Issue 9 and we're having a WHALE (because there's a whale on the cover) of a time: https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/9
  5. Update on these - the jury rigged solution is so very delightfully hacked together - all the hot glue - but it works perfectly. You still have a wire from your controller to the broadcast part of the connection, but it does create a Bluetooth (i.e. wireless) link between that and the Amiga. So can't complain there. What I'm seriously impressed with is the other thing - I took a punt buying this convertor from a random dude based in Melbourne. It showed up quickly (with free postage to the UK, no less), but didn't work. I tried to fix it with the chap's guidance, but I just broke everything. Still, he sent me a replacement one free of charge which arrived last week. This one works, and it does indeed allow me to use the Joyzz with my Amiga - wireless, no lag, it even maps the buttons so the Amiga sees it as a proper CD32 controller with its [checks Google] four buttons. So that's about £85, give or take, for the sake of pissing about with something I'll only use sporadically. Still, it's fun to experiment.
  6. I mention the cover almost every issue, but this one is probably my favourite so far: https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/8
  7. Ianos

    Your retro youtube videos

    Hahahaha it's been 25 years since UFO came out and now I have to lie down.
  8. Mine should be in the post by now, I got in on the second pre-order round. Realised after asking around it 'will not be easy' to install. Soooo looks like I'm paying for that to be done too. Ah well.
  9. The DC piece is great, put some games on my shopping list for the console. Even though it's 2019.
  10. Issue seven and a faltering belief it's worth continuing to post them here: https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/7
  11. No customs for me, was all very straightforward and not that slow either.
  12. I got mine direct from 8bitdo, too. But some folk sell them on Ebay for slightly inflated prices. Nothing too heinous, mind.
  13. It's piss easy, isn't it? I was worried I'd bugger up some more soldering or something, but it's just unscrew, take old one out, put old one in (and line it up), re-screw. And now my SNES pad is so comfortable to use wirelessly, I've forgotten I even modded it and any time I have to use a wired SNES pad I get annoyed. Ah, spoilt.
  14. Ah, of course. I'm actually not going to pick one up though - I'll do the same as I did for the SNES and buy one of their DIY kits, which let you convert the original pad to a bluetooth one. It's really easy, otherwise I definitely wouldn't bother. But yeah, pair that with a receiver in the MD, which I assume they'll release, and bosh. Would have to test it with all the machines that have DB9 connectors, too. Of course.
  15. Wires can do one, frankly, so I started looking into the ever-increasing wealth of wireless controllers folks are making for old consoles and... well, there's a lot. There's the 8bitdo ones which can pair to a NES and SNES with the correct receivers, the upcoming Retro-bit Saturn controller, the Dreamcast Bluetooth controller that chap hacked together in Greece (which I spent a small fortune on but bah gawd it's great), Brook's range of adapters - one of which I used that lets me use a Dualshock 4 on my NeoGeo, Krikkz's absolutely superb wireless Mega Drive pad the Joyzz, and the upcoming Hyperkin Admiral for the N64, to name but a few. But beyond that, there's even more stuff. I wanted something wireless for my Amiga, and I've got two solutions in the works. One is an adapter that makes a 6-button Mega Drive pad function like a CD32 controller on the Amiga - and a side effect of it is it allows a Joyzz to function too. The other is this, which I've purchased as of yesterday out of sheer curiosity - the most jury rigged thing I've ever seen, yet I already love it dearly. Anyone else been bitten by the wireless bug? Any other controllers out there I should be paying attention to? I should note a) I've also got a couple of rubbish 2.4ghz generic wireless pads in the post for the PS2 and Xbox, and b) I intend to put together a video on these controllers in the near future, so you'd be helping me out if I've missed anything major.

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