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  1. That's the bugger my brother had, that I wasn't allowed to use (at least when he was around, the sod)
  2. I know it's "hey just buy a thing in 2022" - so categorically not a solution to a very real problem in 1990 - but you can get convertors these days that, through some jiggery pokery, auto-assign up to a button on a controller. So you can indeed press a button to jump. It makes Alien 3 on Amiga so much better (though really I should just play it on MD and shut up). I remember some sticks being specifically marketed as 'two-button', and they meant as in the Amiga recognised them as separate inputs - at least on games supporting it. My brother had a two-button stick, I was lumbered with a Powerplay Cruiser that I hated so much I... err... rebought one a few months ago. PINK AND GREEN, BABY.
  3. Guys I just watched a video of The Chaos Engine being played on ST and the war is over, all opinions are moot, we have a clear winner. And it's not the home of plinky-plonky doot-doot-doot Chaos Engine:
  4. I don't know, no. A quick look says yes, though. I do know that most of these HDMI adapters are pretty much the exact same hardware inside. All based off the GCVideo open source project. All use the same instructions to make their hardware, and all use the same firmware - the only difference between things is the build quality/price. The Bitfunx one I linked is well made, can't speak for the other brands as I've never seen them in the flesh/plastic/metal.
  5. How much do you want to spend and how long are you willing to wait? I got one of these a while back from Aliexpress and it's perfect. Or the cheaper option, which I've never used. Be around two weeks minimum wait to get them, or thereabouts.
  6. I enjoy being told "I knew this existed" as if that changes my lived experience but anyway here's a video:
  7. You can get ground loop isolators that can help - they slot in between the audio cables and whatever they're connected to and strip out the hum. That said, I tried one for a similar issue and it didn't work. Could be worth a try if you've got a tenner to burn though - they're not too expensive.
  8. A month later and I feel compelled to share that this is still working fine, not had a single issue since the reflow. I think this is pride forcing me to post this.
  9. He's always been next level, to be fair. Have you ever have had a feature submitted that included large swathes of it cut and pasted from interviews posted online? And when you confronted the writer about it they accused you of trying to starve their kids? Unrelated point. Just a question.
  10. I recapped a SFC a few years back - all through-hole components, wasn't hard just took time. There are guides around the place, plus if you're capable of paying attention to what was where and replacing each one like for like, it's easy enough. That said if you're not confident with a soldering iron, get someone to do it for you. Take the uncertainty out of it. (Issue with the console was banded, distorted video signal. Replacing caps fixed it completely)
  11. And make sure the magic piano or whatever it's called in the settings is switched off. I've no idea what that is but it keeps being on and breaking my controller inputs.
  12. I don't see it, but this has reminded me to go and watch all the Rod Hull stuff from FoF so you can't be that bad a person. I AM HIM
  13. I know it's an 'all you have to do is make significant effort and do some stuff you might not be comfortable doing' situation, but I replaced the battery in my DS3 with a higher capacity one and it's great. I also have a USB mini to USB C convertor (cost like a quid off AliExpress) meaning I can use plenty of cables to charge it. Also PS3 is 15 years old so it's definitely retro
  14. Super Stardust HD is fantastic fun. One of the few games that has a half decent 3D implementation too, actually.
  15. You're driving more than you're on-foot, but you do get out of the car a fair bit. I just whacked it into first-person mode and it's absolutely fine - plus as there's no combat or anything you don't need it to be anything more than workmanlike in how it does things. Started playing this last week, after putting it off for months, and it's wonderful. I'm noticing some dodgy voice work, some misspellings/misspeakings, and some of the mic work needs.. some work (plosives!), but the game itself is exactly what I wanted of it. The atmosphere is intense - it's like existing in the world of Blade Runner, Syndicate Wars, G-Police, and loads of other cyberpunky stuff I've always been drawn to. And good god the music is incredible. So yeah, some rough edges but thoroughly recommended on my part.
  16. Been so long since I've done one I forgot to post it. JUST CALL ME THE THUMBNAIL MASTER
  17. Glad I clicked page two of this thread or I would have looked like quite the fool repeating this point. Personally I preferred the Vita game on Vita. It's still my favourite entry to the series, and not just because it's the only version I've ever got a hole in one on. World Tour is ace though. What a lovely series. Even the jarringly odd PS4 one.
  18. Well, reflowed and put memtest on - managed 11 hours at 138mhz with 0 errors. Ever so slightly better than the 70mhz 600,000 failures it was managing pre-reflow. I'm still wary of it (it could just be reseating it that's helped rather than reflowing), but it's a positive sign I've saved myself £50 for now. That said, the electricity cost of running the hot air gun for 20 minutes is probably £342, so...
  19. Seems my RAM module has gone funky - games started going a bit wonky, then crashing, then outright not starting. Tried reseating it, seemed to fix things for a week or so, but the problems have returned. Running the DE10 without additional RAM works perfectly (the cores that work sans RAM, at least) so it's definitely the module. Now comes the fun part: going at the module with the hot air station (and a ton of flux) to see if that helps in the slightest. Way I figure it I either fix it almost by accident, or I don't and it's broken anyway. All I wanted to do was play Final Fight for a bit, sigh.
  20. I worked on a PlayStation magazine during the PS3's pomp, so I am biased and paid for and all the rest of it. Shill. Fanboy? Sure. Anyway, I also did a video not long ago about my bestest PS3 exclusives, and really there aren't that many, though probably largely because of re-releases and remasters making things not exclusive anymore - otherwise Uncharted 2, Journey, Demon's Souls etc etc would make the cut. That said, I do still have much love for Tokyo Jungle, Resistance 3, Everybody's Golf: World Tour (@geldra is correct), Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, and oh fuck it here's the video link. Also glad to see @strider agreeing with what I got mocked for saying back when I was on that very PlayStation magazine: God of War 3 really isn't a patch on the first two. That opinion spread around the Imagine office and I had people actually coming up to my desk to challenge me on it. Christ, working there was like living in a forum sometimes...
  21. Relevant selfpromotionspam. Distinct memory of my brother telling me this on the way home from school one day. "I know a cheat for BTTF2!" "What is it?" "The only neat thing to do..." "Which is what?" "The only neat thing to do..." "What's the neat thing to do though?" Repeat ad nauseam. Older brothers are all trolls who need to be stopped.
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