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  1. Super successful website (millions of views a month), the PC Gaming Show (sponsored by Intel and Epic - not Mickey Mouse nonsense), and a machine of a commercial department getting ads and advertorials in the magazine itself = I don't think PCG is going anywhere soon. By no means is it too big to fail or anything silly like that, but I'd guess PCG is one of Future's best money earners.
  2. That's $175 for the HDMI mod alone (plus postage/customs), for those who just want that bit of it. Impossible to make value judgements, but it sounds about right to me for what it is - well engineered stuff produced by a small company in limited numbers, and 100% a niche product. I won't be upgrading from my UltraHDMI to this though, much as I love PixelFX/BlackDog.
  3. Yes, but not in the regular way - I've picked up a bunch of busted Dreamcasts and Saturns with the intention of fixing them and doing them up with new PSUs and stuff like that. So far I've only broken one Saturn, but fortunately someone far more talented than me has taken it off my hands and can fix it, so nothing's been wasted. Phew. If I make some of the money back: bonus! Plus I'm getting better at soldering, which is nice.
  4. PixelFX is the company formed by the people behind the DCDigital and PS1Digital - HDMI mods for the Dreamcast and PlayStation. They are absolutely fantastic bits of kit and I recommend them wholeheartedly without reservation. I'd expect the N64Digital will be just as fantastic. Alright, price is a reservation because they tend to cost more than the consoles do these days. But it's a small business operation, they're not produced in massive quantities, and they're very niche, so it's to be expected. If you can afford them, get them, because they're brilliant.
  5. If memory serves S-video is the best you can get sans RGB. Maybe.
  6. Yeah I had a UK N64 with an Everdrive 64 v3 and it ran NTSC stuff full speed, automatically, no issues at all. This was RGB modded via a SCART lead for picture, mind, so avoiding pitfalls there.
  7. This one works on PS2!* *for PS1 games, ahem But yeah, one will probably pop up at some point, but I don't think there's as much demand given you can do virtual memory cards already via OPL. Would be good for non-filthy pirates, mind.
  8. In case you haven't seen it and you have some spare money, the MemCard Pro is out and it's pretty brilliant. Needs at least one thing updating - which is coming - but it's already made memory cards redundant. In short it's a PS1 memory card that uses an SD card for storage, and has smart doohickery behind the scenes to link the cards it creates on the SD to specific games. At least if you're using an XStation/PSIO/Mode or whatever. Even without those things it's just an effectively unlimited memory card, I think my £4 16GB micro SD amounts to about 125,000 cards or something.
  9. The update here being I left the lid outside last night, forgetting it, and it's rained overnight. Ah well, at least rainwater won't brown the plastic.
  10. I did an SFC myself a few years back - no pics, sadly. Basically grabbed some of this, basted the console's plastic parts, wrapped it in cling film and let it sit out in the blazing sun (summer, obviously) for a day. Rinse and repeat the next day. A completely brown console went a much nicer, more normal colour. I know it's bleach so of course it works, but it still impressed me. Right now I'm trying to do the same with the top of a Dreamcast, attempted a (very low watt) UV bulb but that did next to nothing. Now it's sat out back in the non-sun. It's working, but slowly
  11. Thank you! It keeps the magazine going, which - handily - keeps my household in things like electricity and... errm... beans.
  12. The video's content is fine and all, but for me it's all about the thumbnail game here. I expect to be a Youtube millionaire within the week with a performance like this:
  13. I saw in the DC thread that Sega Rally 2 doesn't emulate well (or at all, not sure which) - got me thinking: what big/known games out there still can't be emulated properly? There's a chunk on Saturn I see, like X-Men Children of the Atom et al, but Saturn emulation still feels like it's pretty early days.
  14. Ah poo, it is a fingers crossed approach then. Didn't realise the VAT threshold applied - thought everyone had to charge it for stuff sent here (which has rendered Aliexpress pointless, but hey that's another topic for another day)
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