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  1. gamegenie


    Is Sid still around ? (Apart from Let's Play)
  2. gamegenie

    Battlefield 4

    Hmm, cheers - food for thought. Think I might stick to BF3 for now than.
  3. gamegenie

    Battlefield 4

    Is it worth buying BF4 if I only have a 360? Read one particualry review which highlighted the issue that some maps felt empty of players on the 360 due to them being made for 64 players as opposed to the 24 max on the last generation.
  4. gamegenie

    Battlefield 3 - Rllmuk 360 Tag: rllmukBF3

    Thanks for the advice on dlc's, eventually went for premium so I wouldn't feel like I'm missing anything!
  5. gamegenie

    Battlefield 3 - Rllmuk 360 Tag: rllmukBF3

    Okay I am a newish convert to BF3 and love it! Only thing is that I bought the standard edition. What's the most cost effective way of upgrading to the best bits? Am I missing out on specific maps/upgrades?
  6. gamegenie

    Nintendo Wii U

    My wii broke, it seems Nintendo didnt have the foresight to make it accept multiple discs as my 18 month old anticipated.
  7. gamegenie

    UK Nova R.I.P.

    Appreciate an invite please!
  8. gamegenie

    Wii Homebrew

    Really want to access iplayer channel, but even though I'm in the UK, can't see how my chipped US wii can access the UK shop. Can anyone help? Haven't looked at softmods before because it wasn't needed!
  9. gamegenie

    Derren Brown : The Events Fridays 9pm

    But surely this group were educated on the subject - they had a years worth of winning lottery numbers to look at.
  10. gamegenie

    Jean Claude Van Damme - The Epic

    Anyone else seen this? Thought it was quite good - a nice small film and quite funny.
  11. gamegenie

    Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars

    If anyone from Rockstar is reading this thread, please implement the above. You could use this feature to cause a gust of wind to lift up womens skirts - a la Marilyn Monroe.
  12. gamegenie

    Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars

    Yeah, but it didn't have the 2nd screen, which I read somewhere will be used for a map.
  13. gamegenie

    The Apprentice - Wed BBC1 9pm

    I think the answer lies in the FAQ of the apprentice site... How many people does it take to film the tasks? The production team, including all crew, is large – about 80 people. On each task there will be 4 crews filming (each with a producer and researcher) – one for each half of the two teams. I suppose they want to capture everything on camera which means teams can't split into more than 2 groups. I can see why they do it, but it's a bit shit.

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