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  1. My shoes keep falling down, and now people are wondering why there is a constant rumbling sound coming from the roof, and why I'm running down the stairs every once in a while, but expect some real life HAWT shoe on roof action soon! Sneak preview: Meet my knackered size 12 Reef skate shoes. No idea how the blue laces ended up there, but hey. Oh god, almost there!
  2. Nosh

    Radiohead Tour

    Saw them at the Heineken Music Hall on the 9th of May. Amazing set, and hearing 'Street Spirit' as the second encore, was worth the entry price alone. Too bad that the second gig was cancelled, but now I've got a chance to see them August the 28th. Yay!
  3. Sorry Rowan, my bad. Almost finished my album, but got overwhelmed with schoolwork, and stopped thinking about it. Will finish it today, and mail it on monday. Quite happy already with the theme and music choice, so hope you'll like it too.
  4. El Stevo, listened to your album today. Liked most of it! Review will follow tomorrow
  5. To whoever sent his cd to me, just received it. Wasn't at home for a while, but will listen to it asap. Oh, and Rowan Morrison, your album is on it's way. Hope you like it.
  6. People are losing their jobs! Awesome!
  7. Count me in, already started working on my cd, so it will be sent on time.
  8. Oh, my bad. I just thought that 'house' was a word to describe all kinds of electronic music, from progressive to hardcore. Oh well, nothing to see here, move along.
  9. I love house, as long as it's hard, energetic and aggressive. Last party I visited was a small underground speedcore party (organised by some local squatters ), and while most speedcore tracks are over-pretentious 'look at me, I'm so fucking anti-mainstream, cause I just crammed 300 beats per minute into my track' vehicles, it was all good fun. Very good atmosphere, and a combination between squatters, tekno freaks, gabbers and random visitors who had no idea what was going on. But I mostly like Terrorcore, industrial hardcore, and 'mainstream' hardcore from the Netherlands/Italy. (blaring woofers, a pounding kick/bass, and thousands of party people having the time of their life. Brilliant fun. ) Recently downloaded some stuff from Shitmat and Venetian Snares and can heartly recommend it to everyone who wants something different. Especially shitmat, he fills entire albums with ruthboy babbling, breaks and 8/bit melodies. Hope to see him live sometime.
  10. It's very trippy (well, the beginning at least), and in the right mindstate it's ace. I found some of the singing on some tracks (track 4 for example') downright annoying, but track 5 is very cool. Liked the influences from India in it. From there it went uphill, liked the electroclash soundings songs, and the indie songs were pretty cool too. It's definetly not something I would listen too, but I like this very much in small doses. Again, especially track 5. So yeah, good job.
  11. Nosh

    Happy Hardcore

    Shite, missed that post. But even I can't stand ultra-happy-joy-yay-hardcore. No, really.
  12. Nosh

    Happy Hardcore

    Nope, I only have it on some 'History of Hardcore' compilations, and it's probably on a old Thunderdome cd somewhere. It was released on Forze records though, so if you're really desperate for it (no idea why though ), I can go to the nearby Midtown records shop (forze records is a sublabel from Midtown), and ask if they have it.
  13. Deepblue, sorry for being such a lazy cunt. Received your cd last week, will make a proper review tomorrow
  14. Nosh

    Happy Hardcore

    I'm quite embarrassed that I instantly recognised the song, and immediately knew on which label it was released. Oh well, guess that's just one of the many great consequences of growing up in the nineties I guess. And having an unhealthy interest in hard electronic music
  15. Nosh

    Mario Kart Ds

    Bought the game last week, good fun. I'm not that much online (very busy with school assignments atm) 167566 071616 What are your favourite Character/kart combinations btw? Just unlocked 7 karts per character and the choice is a bit overwhelming
  16. Knuckledust - Universal struggle Nothing better then extremely agressive metalcore to start boxing day with.
  17. Still haven't received anything, and hoping that Holly received my album.
  18. Nosh

    Guess The Game

    Great thread 6. Doom 3? 7. True crime. 8. SW: Battlegrounds 9. Warioware, or maybe Animal crossing. Except for the juggle part.
  19. Argy Bargy - What are you fighting for? Excellent streetpunk
  20. Haven't recieved anything yet. Will post the tracklisting of my cd later today. Maybe.
  21. Nosh


    If you're using Winamp: check the Id3 tags. Select the songs he doesn't pick, and click on view file info (or Alt + 3) Fixed all my problems.
  22. Hurrying to his work, as he's afraid to get fired (thought bubbles and all), I think. Love your style, and can really relate to it.
  23. Nosh

    Christmas Songs

    Damn, you beat me to it. The title song is the most cheerful punk song I've heard in quite a while. 'Oi to the punks, and oi to the skins! But oi to the world and everyone wins!'
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