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  1. I don't really have an EGS, but when I've only got two friends on my friends list...doesn't really seem to have inputted everyone in from Steam.
  2. And? By then plenty of hours of enjoyment will have been provided. I don't subscribe to the wait in case it is cheaper approach to enjoying my gaming hobby.
  3. Got it pre-loaded on the old Pro, but will probably end up playing on PC to check out the Ray Tracing.
  4. Welcome to WoW. Unless you are Alliance lol
  5. A disgrace. Especially if on a PVP server.
  6. So some Alliance (scum) decided to group outside WC yesterday. Not on at all.
  7. Tempted to pick this up on Steam...but Borderlands is this Friday. And WoW Classic, Control and all the others I fancy coming out soon....too many games/not enough time.
  8. Some would say having your name "out there" in the public space without any evidence is potentially a punishment. People can jump to conclusions based on nothing but a tweet, which maybe false.
  9. In complete agreement. The use of Twitter, IMO, is not an appropriate course of action. As far as I'm concerned it is trial by social media based. It goes against the principle of innocent until proven guilty.
  10. Loading times appear to be very...…….long on my Pro. Saying that, might be my Pro as its a launch unit and generally sounds like a hair dryer.
  11. Downloaded it on PC and I can't even enter the settings...getting under 60fps on a 3800x and 2070 OC super.
  12. Thanks. As much as I enjoy DF sometimes have a laugh with their frame drop analysis
  13. How is performance etc. on the Pro? Anyone tried it yet? Thx
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