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  1. Thinking on getting back into D2 with the expansion coming up. Haven't really touched it this year. I take it I've missed alot lol.
  2. The developers are useless wankers.
  3. Its going to be a long 8-10 months of fanboys arging over which console will be the more powerful. Hurry up the official reveals/solid leaks to put the matter to bed once and for all. I'll be buying both so I don't really have a horse in this race, but I would be surprised if Scarlett didn't end up being the more "powerful". Especially if the rumours are true about it using Navi 20. Rumours, rumours, rumours...
  4. I think its pretty safe to say the two SKU approach with Scarlett is dead.
  5. Very true. Games media is also changing with publishers/developers beginning to get much more mileage out of streaming, influencers and talking to their potential customers directly - rather than via traditional outlets and reviews. Dr Disrespect streaming Apex has a bigger impact than a Gamespot 10/10.
  6. It has little impact on consumers as there is no requirement to purchase a game on launch day. A consumer can choose to use their own initiative, knowledge and experience to form their purchasing decision, which in my opinion is far more valuable than relying on what a freelancer thinks. There are also many other avenues open to help get more information and a feel of a game. Take Pedro, plenty of gameplay videos out there showing the mechanics. I also prefer reviews being "held" back by an embargo. Much more preferable than the olds days when [insert outlet] got an exclusive headstart review for clicks- talk about biased coverage. Everyone's thoughts/coverage hits at once.
  7. Why? Reviews are becoming less and less relevant.
  8. Decided to listen to the Bombcast while commuting to/from work - been a while. First, one of the ads is for a shaver for your balls and ball deoderant - man scaping. Second, Ben continues to find it incredibly difficult to convey his throughts. The Dota Auto Chess discussion is painful.
  9. Ben has a few alt-accounts I see...
  10. Wait. I thought we had passed the time where people think there is a direct link between a game's quality and review embargo date.
  11. Reviews are pointless anyway (imo). I've never paid any attention to them.
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