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  1. I can't really imagine anyone being against the re-compositing of the snowspeeders. "No, it looked better when you could totally see that it was fake!". As for the death star explosion in Star Wars - yeah, the original was better. Those weird disc shockwave things are just weird, like, they wouldn't happen, and it's just not so climactic an explosion. It looks too much like someone designed it, and not enough like something blew up.
  2. Are you sure about this? http://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/may/19/usa.filmnews http://www.theguardian.com/world/2006/sep/12/china.jonathanwatts1 http://www.theguardian.com/music/2008/aug/21/slipknot.school.killing Everything kids like and adults don't has been criticised baselessly for as long as I can remember. Remember video nasties? Those were banned. Bill Haley's Rock Around The Clock was considered almost Satanically evil. Catcher In The Rye is viewed with suspicion by plenty of idiots looking for a scapegoat. The biggest, most obvious difference is that gamers are overwhelmingly young men.like this forum, how many women have we got? 10 or something? Fortunately the feminists are winning here, save the occasional transgression, and so it's a safer place than a lot of the internet. And we're older than 8chan too, a lot of us are married etc instead of being terrified of women.
  3. Simply tweet something like "#Gamergate has leaders" and you should get plenty of "evidence" to the contrary.
  4. Thanks for that. I'm off to read about the DLC and see what happened there.
  5. You could get a job at the guardian with that shtick.
  6. Caps don't mean angry shouting, they mean I'm doing the action movie trailer voice. IN A WORLD WHERE SOME PEOPLE KNOW WHO KIM KARDASHIAN IS, ONE MAN STANDS ALONE AGAINST THE TIDE OF KNOWING WHO FAMOUS PEOPLE ARE.
  7. Well OK, don't bother getting baffled about it either, is what I mean. "Oh it's no bother" OK WE GET IT YOU ARE BAFFLED BUT DON'T CARE. I don't watch TV or read gossip papers either, but to not know who Kim Kardashian is would seem weird. Well actually I guess the difference is, when I thought "how did she get famous anyway?" I looked it up, which is what I tend to do when I don't know something, even if I don't particularly care that I don't know. I've always done it since the internet was invented. I mean, that might seem like a waste of time to you, but I put it to you that telling other people that you don't know why a famous person is famous is an equal if not bigger waste of time.
  8. I don't know why people enjoy it either. Just don't worry about it. Kim Kardashian got famous for being in a sex tape with a rapper I think. Then through the utter genius management skills of her mum, the entire family became famous millionaires who star in loads of TV shows and charge a fortune for an "appearance" at a club.
  9. 720p is fine for the distance we sit from our TV, plus my dodgy eyesight.
  10. The second one, although the first one is more readily available whenever I do turn on broadcast TV (ie I am on holiday). My favourite is Kourtney. Or do I mean Courtney (Peldon)? Ahahahahahaha we're nailing it here Alex.
  11. How good are those? I've never downloaded them, I guess partly because I don't watch them very often, but also partly because I assumed there'd be constant egregious jumps to SD quality.
  12. Its not the emperor who says it. Actually wonder I g if you've seen the blu-ray version of Jedi. Its a scene-ruining change, seemingly done specifically as a fuck you to people who didn't like the NOOOO in Sith.
  13. ID fraud is still quite a new thing and doesn't really have a code of ethics yet.
  14. Yeah saw that on twitter. Awesome. And same with the comments, someone (a 1-tweet egg account) had replied something like "well done you got in a game nobody cares about". Great zinger mate, do you feel big now?
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