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  1. Fucking hell, why can't we have a new thread for this docco? I mean if it HAS to go in an existing thread, shouldn't it be the Superman Returns one?
  2. Here's one good thing about it: Kate McKinnon. I've got more.
  3. The bat man is the guy you call when you have a bat infestation in your roof.
  4. CG is still way more expensive than physical effects. I think some of the reason it gets overused is because it's easy to change after the fact, and possibly because some of it can be done simultaneously with the main shoot.
  5. Fuck that, I want to see someone trying to mug him.
  6. I think you're probably (well, almost certainly) right. The thing is they have to sell it as a master plan for marketing reasons - saying "we fucked up but we're making the best of it" is pretty bad advertising.
  7. If it is, it's Matt Damon from 15 years ago.
  8. The dynamic yeah, but to achieve that he just turned Superman into a government agent, which is just wrong.
  9. Depends on the writer. Sometimes Superman is super smart. I'm sick of Batman always beating Superman. Its no longer a surprise. And obviously it always involves Batman doing loads of preparation without Superman even knowing the fight is going to happen.
  10. Oh. I thought that was another Batman costume. Anyway "the redcapes are coming". That bit makes me cringe.
  11. Well, I'm a fan of the Reeve Superman, and of course he's nowhere to be seen. But yeah I'm a bit more optimistic now.
  12. I don't think they cast Wiig instead of Fry because they weren't trying hard enough. I'm sure they got the cast they wanted. But yeah, Poehler in particular would be awesome.
  13. Does look better than I thought it would. So is Batman created by the first film, or just reactivated?
  14. I didn't think it looked bad, I'll give it a go. Didn't really think it looked great either.
  15. Poehler, I expect? And Aubrey Plaza. Yeah that's a really great cast you've got there. Bit of an expensive one, I expect, but yeah I'd love that. I imagine price may well have played a past when you have to hire four.
  16. Thing is, it's not. It's equivalent to you because both come under "they've cast a bunch of people I hate". But in reality, those guys you mention have been making critically-panned terrible films for 20 years. They have an average age of 50. The four new ghostbusters have an average age of 40. (The best equivalent male cast I can come up with is Bill Hader, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson and, I dunno, Paul Rudd. It's a coincidence that one of those is black, by the way.) They have been in successful films that a lot of people have loved, including critics. So no, you wouldn't get the same people defending your hypothetical cast, because most people would agree that's a terrible cast. I am one of the people "defending" this film, and it's because I like these four women and what they've done. You need to stop saying that the reason people are defending it is because it's women. It's kinda weird that you're obsessed with that aspect, perhaps take a look at that. The reason you're so down on it is because they haven't cast your perfect cast, which is, what, Louis CK, Idris Elba, Bill Hicks and Choi Min-sik. Well, tough, they're not making this film for you. As I'm sure you know, they're making this film for money. It's a remake for god's sake, why else would they be making it? Therefore they are going with successful, popular actors. Crazy decision! I know you think this means it'll be shit. But that's OK, because you thought Bridesmaids was shit. But they're not making this film for people who thought Bridesmaids was shit, they're making it for people who liked that film. Which is a lot of people. It's funny really. If they were just doing a straight remake, they'd hit all the usual criticism - "it doesn't need to be remade", "have an original idea", and so on. But they've done quite a big switch-up which is going to mean they can't just borrow everything from the original, and now they just get anger about the fact that the new cast is "completely wrong", "middle of the road" and so on, none of it to do with the sex change of course. It's not about the fact that it's women? OK. Ignoring that it's a remake, and assuming it would be a sequel, what's your perfect all-female cast for a Ghostbusters film? That would be a much more interesting thing to say than just going on about how shit these guys are. Even when the all-female concept was first announced, this thread still had loads of posts saying people they didn't want to be cast. That doesn't happen in most film threads. I can't think why.
  17. Lucas put lens flares in the special editions, didn't he?
  18. Sure, it does now you know the character. The picture itself doesn't actually give you anything about Venkman's character, in fact he and Zeddemore actually look like they're out of character. Ray looks like a tough guy which is not his character at all. Egon looks perfect. It's almost as if the original film isn't actually magic, but our associations with it are very powerful.
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