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  1. OK, well there is kind of a spoiler in there. Some people might not want to see it. The bit where: I sort of wish I hadn't watched it.
  2. Yeah but the ending was "and then... who knows??!?!???!!!!!".
  3. I thought it was fine. One of those films where they can't be arsed with an ending but they style it such that everyone goes "that's the point, it's open to your interpretation" or whatever. Bollocks. Come up with an ending, it's your story.
  4. Well we know he's in the cast! We just don't know if there's a scene where he rides a bike in a ghostbusters uniform. We don't *know*. It seems likely, of course. But I was just pointing out it's not an official photo, so there's no explanation that goes along with it.
  5. Picture was illegally taken on a closed set and released without permission. So no way of knowing if it's even part of the film.
  6. Man, Leia looks way hotter there than she ever did in the films.
  7. Maybe Luke went to the dark side. Is that a spoiler? Maybe Rey's last name is Skywalker or Solo. Is that spoiler? Maybe Leia is now a force user. Is that a spoiler? It just seems a very weird interpretation of what "spoiler" means.
  8. I'm going to put this whole post in spoiler tags even though I think it's a bit ridiculous, as speculation isn't spoilers. Anyway, can we quickly decide if speculation based on barely anything really needs to be spoilered? I mean if someone doesn't even want to think about something that might happen in the film, surely they shouldn't be reading the thread. So, I'm asking whether this is necessary:
  9. Yeah, it's the bit where Luke starts to lose it. That bit's awesome.
  10. A new character name? To the punmobile! And then drive it into the fucking sea.
  11. Daisy Ridley, and she has a mind too thank you very much.
  12. No DocG, it's ALL Americans, all 300 million of them.
  13. Surely their applause just says "yay, you did exactly what we told you to do".
  14. Actually the pants on the outside thing would totall fix that. I seem to remember that the Reeve costume was just tights and a top, with the pants covering the join. And of course they pulled everything taut before each take.
  15. The supergirl costume in the porn parody looks really good, save for the fact that obviously it has to have an easy-access minge port. It actually looks like a female version of the superman costume. Slightly sexed up with the length of the boots, but not overly so. Certainly a more imaginative take than the new series' costume, which does look simply like a Halloween costume of medium quality.
  16. It doesn't massively change in style or anything, so if you didn't like the first one, give the rest a miss.
  17. Liked Wet Hot American Summer. Watched the whole series and then the movie. Will watch again.
  18. No, I'm not worried about it at all. I was making a very similar point to what you're making, which is that the bat-signal already doesn't actually obey the laws of optics, in a much more egregious way, and so the exact shape of the bat doesn't matter. But I do hate this argument "you're complaining about realism, in a film in which a man can fly????!!!!". It's not a catch-all. If in this film Batman ends up stuck in the Arctic, freezing to death on his own, but solves the issue by banging two bits of ice together and that creates a roaring fire, you'll be fine with that will you? Because Superman can fly and Kryptonite doesn't exist?
  19. The bat signal wouldn't work anyway without some sort of focusing lens.
  20. Of course Monster cables don't make any difference. But yeah, doesn't really matter anyway. Composite is the format that the film is actually stored on the disc - that's right, they're analogue, not digital. It's actually kinda cool when you think about it - they work more like vinyl than CD. I sometimes think about buying a few of the discs even though I don't have a player - as you say the packaging is awesome, and the discs themselves just look so cool.
  21. There's a huge ego element to it. "We can't let these rights go to someone else who then makes loads of money off of it".
  22. That always works out so well. They could get Bret Ratner.
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