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  1. For the analogue stick issue on Dual Shock, this is the stuff: http://www.gorillasnot.com/snot.htm
  2. I tend to feel more like I'm helping a character through a game rather than actually being a character. Therefore, I often choose a woman as I'd rather spend a long time with a woman than a man. As long as she does what she's told
  3. You just know the tube functionality will be: 1. Approach a station 2. Choose another station from a menu 3. Get teleported
  4. Thanks to the guys who sent me invites tonight - would have loved to accept, but I was hosting a full game all night. Soon though.
  5. But why would I be biased? I've got all three, and bought them all because I wanted them.
  6. gamerati hardcore the rez and ico show better than life games insight or if you are going for the Edge style: manic whiner
  7. Yeah, I was talking about the Controller S. The big one is too big for anyone, surely.
  8. I think this guy is loaded - I work at a bank and his title is "Senior Risk Analyst". Good points about the backward compatibility and 2nd hand scene - although I think he has money burning a hole in his pocket. It also looks like Halo might be a bit of a swinger for him - but he is taking it seriously at least and listening to these points, and hasn't made up his mind 100% yet. One and the same. Just changed the name.
  9. See, now how could you know about that unless you were involved? Seriously - it's just because I'm not so keen on the Mario side of things. I liked Zelda (ish) and loved Metroid Prime, and am really enjoying VJ and Konga. But I see GC as "the gamer's games machine" and so I think it's not so good for casual gaming. I seriously suspect this guy will be taking out an EA subscription (if there is such a thing).
  10. I decided not to mention GC, as firstly he hadn't asked about it, and secondly I still would have said XBox. It's also a strongly personal reason that I don't like GC as much as XB (although more than PS2), and I wanted to try and be objective. [edit: in hindsight that sounds a bit weird. I will mention it to him now.] I was going to mention chipped XBoxes etc, but it struck me as being perhaps a bit too hardcore for someone who had thought there would be a simple answer to "which is better". The conversation is continuing between the two of us, not interesting enough to post but yes we are discussing the types of games he wants to play (sport, guns and cars ) and how he's going to plug it into his TV of all things. He's also asked me if either of them can record TV to DVD, which led me to mention the PSX in passing and then recommend Sky+...
  11. Should probably point out that I also have a GC.
  12. This question was just posted on the work bulletin board by a first-time buyer. Here's my answer: So, how did I do. Knowing you lot, all wrong.
  13. It's finished enough for me... THE END .....?
  14. If you're a drummer it won't be anything like what you're used to. But you will probably still enjoy it. It's not JUST the syllables, more like the syllables plus some off-beat (not off the beat, but on the off-beat if you see what I mean) clapping etc.
  15. Yeah but I FINISHED IT! TODAY! How long can this go on, I wonder...
  16. What I'm getting at is that in general you're not creating "beats" at all, even syncopated ones. Most of the time you're simply hitting a drum at the start of each melody note. If a real drummer did that he'd get sacked. For instance, imagine "Saturday night's alright for fighting" - the "Saturday, Saaaturday, Saaaaturday" part. Beat your fists on the table in a 1-2-3-4 pattern while you sing the syncopated melody. Sounds fine. Or even a "1-2-3-and-4-and" or something. Basically, on the beats or halfway between them, or a quarter of the way, or whatever. A drum part. In DKa, you would have to simply bang a drum on every syllable. In other words, totally different from what an actual drummer would do. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just not what I expected. I expected to be a drummer, and actually I'm some kind of bizarre tuneless lead instrument player.
  17. Acoustic level on Gitaroo man
  18. I thought I would literally never get past the shark defense. But tonight, I did it, and then went on to finish the game! Turns out the shark is the hardest bit. The music really is astounding - the legendary theme - wow. Anyway, shouldn't think I'll be trying Master Play any time soon, but I'll definitely be redoing some of the levels (the acoustic one and the arena fight beckon...) The hardest game I've ever played (I'm not very hardcore) - and I managed it. Fucking BOSH!
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