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  1. You can poke fun at a movie without criticizing it. Don't jump on my balls.

    I don't care if you criticise it, or if you hate it. I care that you have one rule for one film and one for another. "Poking fun" my arse, none of those points are funny.

    What's the Wampa eating? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Oh a tauntaun. Yeah makes sense.

  2. I wouldn't normally mention the P word. But when you're picking ridiculously pedantic holes in a film, it comes off as really rich when you spent such a long time graspingly "explaining" gaping chasms in another movie. Just apply those same justifications to this movie. Not to do so would be intellectually dishonest.

    To be clear: this isn't "yeah but you liked Prometheus so your opinion is invalid". It's "but aren't you the person who is happy to internally paper over the cracks in a story in order to indulge the spirit of the script?".

  3. It's not like that at all. You are saying things are stupid when with a different film you said that much stupider things weren't stupid.

    I mean honestly, the placement of the lightsaber. It fell there at some point.

    We're not saying you should like Empire because it's better than Prometheus. We're saying you didn't mind gaping holes in one film, so you shouldn't mind smaller (to non-existent) holes in another. Every point about Luke's you raise is easily explained by the same reason you gave for every time someone did something stupid and nonsensical in Prometheus: people behave irrationally when they're scared or under pressure. And all the other points aren't even holes, they're just things you haven't applied any thought to.

  4. He's eating Luke's tauntaun isn't he?

    The stuff about which way up the lightsaber fell: fucking hell. Go back and read some of the stuff where you bent over backwards to give all the absolute bullshit in Prometheus a pass. Especially perhaps the bits where people did illogical things because "they were scared".

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