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  1. Deal alert… Deathsmiles on Switch £26.95 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/deathsmiles-i-ii-nintendo-switch-3971623
  2. Excellent, it’s here! I don’t really understand how there can be two physical versions, with one being the strictly limited one, and now this by clear river. Surely they sign one physical publishing deal, or can they just do this at a whim? Odd. Pleased to have a copy at least, always nice to have a physical if it’s available and not ridiculously expensive
  3. I sure am - love it! As for being a computer nerd… well I work in IT so for me I am that way inclined, I just cannot be arsed doing it in the evenings if I can avoid it I guess! It turns my hobby into my job. I’m mega excited for Deasthsmiles now, never played 2!
  4. Tried to play Deathsmiles last night. My gaming laptop died, wasted a while trying to fix it. Then loaded it onto my normal laptop and had sound problems. Got annoyed at wasting precious time on tech issues, concluded PC gaming is like self harm, then ordered a physical copy of Deathsmiles on Switch from Amazon, as I really want to play it. In the meantime I played a bit of G-Darius (clump I still adore the stick!) which was a lot of fun. Seems tough though!
  5. Went back in tonight and changed character which went well - got the all clear with lives to spare this time and then found on the score board I had a 1cc already back in 2021 which I literally can’t remember did set a new high score tonight at least.
  6. Came *this* close to a 1cc on Espgaluda 2 black label it’s sickening clicked continue and must have been 2/3 shots and it was done
  7. Meanwhile I’m officially giving up on Mushihimesama. I’ve tried and tried and tried but I cannot get on with it, can’t pinpoint why whether it’s bullet speed or the visuals not agreeing with my eyes during play but I’m actually pretty gutted as I love the aesthetic, the music and everything about it really, and I double dipped on steam / switch too. But I absolutely SUCK at it. And it’s one people generally say is accessible. Bah! Clearly a me problem. Meanwhile I’m really enjoying Crimzon Clover World Explosion again and feel almost ready to go for a 1cc. Boost mode is great fun and I’ve even been enjoying the alternative music.
  8. Anyone heard about the switch version of G-Darius HD getting the update? I’ve clicked the update software option on it a few times and it keeps saying it’s still current on version 1.0
  9. Oh that's good then! It's back on my radar in that case. I was just going off the limited pics / videos I'd seen tbh
  10. Nice, oh yes I have Demonizer too actually. It was from that Ukraine bundle from itch.io Neko Navy and Rolling Gunner are considered Indie aren't they? They are unbeatable to me. I would like to play Eschatos, but it looks a bit too Psyvariar to me, which I bounced off hard. Forgot to mention I also picked up a physical copy of G-Darius HD as it was so cheap, cost me like £9 from Amazon as they randomly gave me a fiver off voucher. Not played it yet!
  11. Ah clump great to see you still here and the last post mentions Rolling Gunner. A man from my church. Picked up Schildmaid MX and ZeroRanger. Schildmaid MX seems bloody FANTASTIC. Exciting and exhilarating, great music and it just feels lovely to play. Excited to play more. Yet to play Zero Ranger but understand it's good...
  12. Same to you dude! I read a fair bit here (you've made me want Blue Wish Desire :D) but it's an arse logging in on my phone and I get very little "me time" these days so don't get much chance to post. Are we concerned about elementaler elexfalter being a verizontal? The gun looks suited to going all over the place so it might not be a bad thing. I love Rolling Gunner so much (though I don't like the DLC really) I will get it to support regardless
  13. Been lurking for ages but still dipping into shmups, some thoughts on what I've been playing lately: Mushi - something just doesn't click with this, not sure why. Graphically stunning and the music is incredible. ESP Ra.De - I think this is my favourite Cave game. I click with it more than any other Freedom Finger - it was cheap, its mildly amusing, that's about it ESP Galuda 2 - Love this! No idea what the hell I'm doing but it's great fun
  14. A bit too similar! Wow. Loads of the music and designs are straight from it, why would you show this? Madness
  15. Rolling Gunner (Honourable mentions: Neko Navy, ESP Ra.De, Crimzon Clover)
  16. I think he means the Megadrive games coming to the more expensive Switch online service soon, Musha is one of the games
  17. cheers man! I’ll feed back when I get to Espgaluda 2 but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the black label tip smiling… one day that’ll return I’m sure sadly I have to do some ironing now so the frown shall reign for a bit
  18. Still alive! Still love a shmup. Rekindled faith I can still play them by loading Rolling Gunner and getting my second best 1cc despite being criminally fatigued at night. I’ve just picked up Espgaluda 2, had to be done. Really want to learn this and Mushi! @ImmaculateClump have you Cave’d and got a shmup machine (switch) yet?
  19. Edging slowly to a 1cc in Crimzon Clover hopefully, can get to the second half of stage 5 before binning it. Currently beating my mate for score too (206billion) but he’ll be back
  20. SHITTING HELL Crimzon Clover Is it just me or did they improve this over the Steam version for Switch? It’s sharper, has loads of little tweaks and runs absolutely beautifully. Well worth double dipping... I’m on such a high after my latest run on it, cleared up to the back end of Stage 4 with a nice high score which happily obliterates my mates score by 30 billion (bit of a rivalry with shmups... clumpy will recall) and nowhere near the 1cc really but getting better. It’s just so bloody exciting this game - bombastic and ridiculous, yet never overwhelming. It deserves so much attention. If you haven’t bought this for some ungodly reason, get it NOW I’m off to scream maniacally into a pillow for a bit
  21. So Progear It's great, but man is it hard. Even on the easiest settings, it's ridiculous in comparison to other Cave games (to me anyway) and I can't get too far before the old Continue? flashes up. Makes me wonder if the difficulty settings are actually doing anything to the game! ESP Ra.De Psi is the opposite and M2 made it genuinely accessible. I credit fed till the end of Progear and did enjoy it but it feels like light years away from something I'll be able to 1cc.
  22. Switch. Haven't played others. On Switch though at least you hit the direction to move your ship, can then go away, impregnate your girlfriend, support her through the incubation, be there for the birth, have a lot of sleepless nights and arguments leading to distance in your relationship, send your child off to school with tears in your eyes and then get back to your desk to see the ship actually move.
  23. Played a bit more Progear - it's absolutely fine, no stuttering or major lag issues. I'm no pro mind so your experience may vary. But I find Vasara Collection pretty much unplayable. I also thought Giga Wing was fine... I was playing handheld with a Hori Split Pad Pro. Both games are a real treat to add to the Switch shmup library! Thrilled. I really thought the games would be so much more expensive than they are, and the emulator options are pretty decent I think with difficulty, speed, rewind, display etc all nicely tweakable.
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