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  1. If you have some Amiibo cards, you can then invite them to the campsite.
  2. Someone will have a high price, tomorrow or Friday.
  3. Mr Do 71

    Xbox Game Pass

    Journey to the Savage Planet, out on Game Pass April 9th.
  4. Thanks for this, she got a cool 300,000 tip.
  5. Squeaky bum time for those wanting to get to @Larsen B Nook Cranny, with less than half an hour to go. Or have I forgotten and it's 10pm.
  6. Still got turnips left to sell, so can be a bit generous. I'm going to see what prices pop up in the few days for those remaining nips.
  7. @Larsen B Thanks for letting me sell. I left a 500,000 bells tip.
  8. Same here, but dunno if I can wait that long. As it's only fair that I go to the back of the queue each time. Think I'll see what happens next few days, as someone else is bound to have a high price. How much did you spend? I splashed 800,000 on the nips.
  9. Saves having to wait to build a bridge.
  10. 129 yesterday afternoon, down to 125 this morning.
  11. No not yet, but I've caught something else on a tree stump.
  12. Wandering around your island, you will hear something. You then have to try and find the sneaky bugger, by digging holes. Make sure to have your net ready.
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