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  1. It was recently in an Xbox sale, so i used my Microsoft reward points credits.
  2. Superb 9 minute version of, A Forest. Worth watching to the end, to hear what Robert Smith thinks of Robert Palmer.
  3. Now we await which prick is going to sing the opening credits song.
  4. What's some bad about pinning your games? One the dash loads, you've got access to your games, just scroll down. Easy.
  5. From V1 Interactive.
  6. Martial. What a waste of money.
  7. You'll get some loot for the new Gears of Wars mobile game. So meh then.
  8. It's still hot. I got the Ultimate Edition for £4.99, and there is a ton of stuff to play. Don't play Narco Road though, it sucks.
  9. Xbox have been tweeting it starts at 4pm, not 5pm as shown in the first post.
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