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  1. @tnman Would it be possible for my daughter to join the clan please? Don't worry, she's in her early twenties, so you wouldn't be bringing a child into the fold! She'll send a request through now, her gamertag is taylzilla Hope it's ok for her to join.
  2. I've also just sent a request, if you'll have me? I'm quite good, honest
  3. The power does seem to be a little bit awkward. Have you tried building a prefab room and seeing if it's powered up when the room is? I might give that a go now and report back...bear with me *Edit* can't try it, I don't have any Uranium so there's no point buying the blueprint yet as I wouldn't be able to build it It wouldn't surprise me if it's supposed to go on the prefab round or square rooms as they seem to power what's inside them. It could be worth you trying if you have the blueprints for those.
  4. Don't forget that you can buy a suit slot in each space station (starting at 10k and going up by 10k per slot, if I remember correctly). I totally forgot to do it at the first station so I went back as soon as I could. I think the next thing on my list is to do some warping to get more slots, it's the quickest way to get them if you have some cash to spare (which you will do with all that gold!)
  5. It's pretty simple once you get going, but it means spending time at the refiner rather than exploring. So that's a bit of a down-side. The second planet I landed on had "Natural Burial Site" areas on it which made me a fortune early on - the bones you dig up range from 60k value to around 2mill (each). So if you find a planet with bones, find yourself a building with a sales terminal, then plonk down a base next door and go hunting for burial sites. One thing to note, the bones don't stack so you need lots of open inventory space.
  6. If I had to give one tip for this game, it'd be to prioritise getting your medium refiner and as much Oxygen as you can. If you want to make money early on, and be able to duplicate your resources, then the refiner is the way forward. It's also worth noting (before I go into a few tricks with medium refiner) that the portable refiner can give you infinite Di-hydrogen as long as you have 40 of them - make a Jelly in your inventory with 40 Di-hydrogen, pop it into the refiner, get 50 back. Now, medium refiner - many of the materials can be duplicated (sometimes 3x, 6x rather than just 2x) using Oxygen or Chromatic metal. For example, 1 Ionised Cobalt and 2 Oxygen will output 3 Ionised Cobalt, so you can get infinite Cobalt and Ionised Cobalt as long as you 2 Cobalt to start with (to make your first Ionised Cobalt) and Oxygen to put in with it. Oxygen will also double up other things, Sodium Nitrate being one of them. Using Chromatic Metal you can quadruple your copper (1 Chromatic Metal + 1 Copper = 4 Copper), and this one is even better because it's an infinite loop. Quadruple Copper with Chromatic Metal, make more Chromatic Metal using some of the Copper. Rinse, repeat. If you want to make money (as well as infinite resources), the best way to do this early on is with 1 Chlorine and 2 Oxygen in the medium refiner. That combo will get you 6 Chlorine, which you then put in with 12 Oxygen to get 36 Chlorine out. You only need to use Oxygen until you have 75 Chlorine. Now put 25 Chlorine in the refiner to make 50 Salt and the put that in with your remaining 50 Chlorine to make a Chloride Lattice. At this stage you have a pretty worthless item, except that it refines down to 150 Chlorine. Put 50 in to get 100 Salt.....and you see how this works by now....Every 100 Chlorine is worth 60k Credits, so you'll quickly make money on this early on in the game. Of course, if you can harvest Oxygen from the Atmosphere then sod all that messing around with Salt and Lattices and just put the Chlorine in with Oxygen to multiply your stack by six. Much quicker! There are loads of other things that I haven't experimented with since I started playing this again, but I know you used to be able to get infinite Indium and Emeril by putting them in with Chromatic metal for a 4x return (same infinite loop as with Copper). Anyway, I'm off to carry on with my Chlorine and find out where the Atmosphere Harvester is in the tech tree, woo hoo!
  7. I'm running shock patrols (joy) if anyone wants to join me.... Or I'll be happy to do something else!
  8. So what you're telling us, is that you could really help us down this bastard, but you're not going to because you want to watch football? Thanks
  9. What happens if you manage to get him between you and the orbs, do they hit him instead or do they go around him?
  10. That was the most frustrating thing, they come out so often you can't keep up with them. There doesn't seem to be much point in doing it unless it does him some damage when you take one out? I was wondering if he can be interrupted when he's about to throw them, but I spend most of the fight running away so I haven't had a chance to watch him for tells
  11. He's a real nob. I've found the dual blades are fine if you use the secondary attack for the range / spread, plus you have good mobility with those. Personally, I'm not sure how I'd get on with the repeaters because I couldn't hit a cows arse with a shovel. I expect you have better aim than me, though, most people do
  12. Same for me. I need the gear to get the orbs to level the gear to.....oh dear That one last night is a nightmare, much harder than the other shock monster - there must be something I'm missing about how to fight him. I know you can bat the orbs back at him to hurt him, but doing that doesn't seem easy. Maybe I should to try it with a pokey-stick or heavy weapon to make it easier to destroy those orb generator things - I think I also have a mod that increases damage against creature generated items. Maybe I'm over thinking it, though; a couple of lucky fights patrols against him (or the other shock one) and I'll have shock resist gear maxed out anyway. At least this game is generous with the low level orbs if you're willing to risk a patrol. Sorry I had to shoot off so early, I get into bed really early in the week as I'm up at 5:30. One more day of that and I can stay up as late as I like for while, though. More Dauntless time, yay!
  13. I could really do with a mini one, the one I'm using is full size and it's getting in the way. Although it's a small price to pay for being able to communicate, I suppose.
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