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  1. It's really not the same. They wrecked the plot, gun play and stealth mechanics which made the first one great.
  2. Not as bad as discovery but I won't be watching the next season.
  3. Code for Xbox pre-order bonuses - DOOT revenant skin A bonus campaign master level Throwback shotgun weapon skin Pm me before 12 and I'll select a winner.
  4. I stopped at skellige and restarted on the hardest difficulty. It's a completely different game as before i just powering through stuff easily...last night I got murdered by a small group of Nekkers as I took them likely. Already encountered a number of events that I somehow missed before. Loving even more. --and I love Gwent now.
  5. Only the post credit sequence though. Don't watch that and its fine. Id watch it as a post credit to infinity war instead.
  6. - Loki does this on purpose. He sees the ship coming. - Black Widow does this on purpose. she sees the ship ciming. - Hawkeyes arrowheads are interchangeable. He does this on purpose. - They aren't gods, just really strong and can die. Thor is the strongest but barely escapes. - Loki is really strong, Hulk was not trying to kill him. - Some engines were still working, hence the slow descent. - Nuke fired to destroy the invading army and save the world. It's not comic book logic...it's all there if you pay attention. They have problems of course and I fully get why people don't like them btw.
  7. Saves aren't transferable.
  8. Does the chronological order only really shift Captain America and Captain Marvel?
  9. It's not discovery level terrible but it does feel like they could have compressed this whole series into a two parter.
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