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  1. Gord

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    You'll need to download on the current console if you've played the game on the other. It's not automated.
  2. Released 2001, set in 2009. Character is 18 having been born 1991.
  3. Sometimes it's the journey not the destination which is most important.
  4. Gord

    Nintendo Switch

    What! As much as I love bubble bobble that's...just...crazy pricing.
  5. Bill Murray retired for 4 years after The Razors Edge flop.
  6. Taxi Driver First time I've seen it. I imagine it was shocking at the time but now...not so much. Wasn't really what I was expecting either . 3/5
  7. Gord

    Nintendo Switch

    https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Nintendo-Switch/FAQ/How-to-Deregister-a-Primary-Nintendo-Switch-Console-1364365.html Once you have done that log into your lite first and it will.become the primary.
  8. Gord

    Nintendo Switch

    @sandmanMake the lite the primary console and the one at home the secondary.
  9. Id forgotten all about this.
  10. Loved it. It was a-ha at Leeds direct arena. Everything i hoped for.
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