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  1. No - Bodhi is the name of the sacred ficus tree under which Lord Buddha sat and obtained his enlightenment -seemed fitting for a ranger. or Bodhi is a former Imperial cargo pilot who, under the influence of Galen Erso, defects to the Rebel Alliance in an attempt to steal the plans to the Death Star, a powerful weapon possessed by the Empire. I lack imagination.
  2. Death is only the beginning... New character - Bodhi the 2nd level ranger is here to save the day.
  3. Gord

    Nintendo Switch

    Bought 400gb card..thought I'd download all my games as it's nice to have them to hand..filled it. Doh.
  4. It all my years I've never heard anyone refer to arcade cabinets as anything other than cabs. Reading arcades in the above posts is well strange but makes sense - how do.others refer to them?
  5. oh. So Level 1 Fighter - Galen - got a little bit cocky and got savaged by a wolf and then thoroughly beaten by an angry bugbear - 3 death save failures in a row (9,3,2) meant he expired before his companions could come to his aid. Galen..I salute you. "I’m­ convinced of ­the ­significance ­of my destiny, and blind to my shortcomings and the ­risk ­of failure" - Galen
  6. Gord

    Nintendo Switch

    @bradigor it's in the faq. Can I link different Twitch Prime accounts to my Nintendo Account and claim each offer multiple times? No. You can only claim each offer once on a single Nintendo Account.
  7. I'm out of storage - what's the biggest and best value card i can get at the moment?
  8. It was a really lovely wallet and the discs themselves were in protective slips within the holders within the wallet. All gone now like.
  9. Is anyone playing this on switch?
  10. Don't think that's true. Fakes would be pretty obvious. There's just stacks of them out there and they are pretty much identical to retail game discs. I collected for a while but they all just lived in a wallet.
  11. Please for the love of the wee man get some frames on them.
  12. You should be trying to reduce the enemies effectiveness but not kill them in each battle. So reduce to 1 or so strength then leave alone. This means they use a turn but can't do any damage..then when you are ready smash them all in one go. This strategy helps loads.
  13. It didn't hit the heights of lion king but still performed well by most standards. Mulan is my favourite Disney so looking forward to this.
  14. I playing in t he switch. It's just as fun as it ever was and looks great..I have had some slowdown at busier moments which is a bit worrying as I'm in the smaller areas at the moment.
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