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  1. is there any debate on the subject?
  2. Gord

    The Division 2

    Hey ps4 folks - are we going to try raid? @Harsin
  3. For me the issue with this series is defined by the fact that the big reveal of Jon Shows lineage seems to have meant very little. We didn't even get to see the Starks reaction to the reveal and everyone else has just kind of shrugged it off except Danni - but I don't buy the love story so shrug. They've mishandled that major moment and rushed through everything else None of season 8 has landed with me at all except the Lannister brothers goodbye. None of the deaths and none of the events have touched me at all really, it's all just so very disappointing.
  4. Gord

    Your views on collecting

    I completed a Dreamcast PAL set but found the thrill had been in the chase so sold that on. Then was well in my way into a PS Vita collection when Limited Run started releasing games which really killed it for me..so I sold it all...then I started to pick up PS3 games pennies but was buying any old rubbish so sold that and now I buy digital. Many of the big collectors i know thinned collections and moved away from full sets. Curation rather than collecting seems to be the thing. There was a huge rise in retro interest 5+years back and it just made sense to sell up...some were sitting on collections that would pay off their mortgages that had cost them next to nothing.
  5. Just got back from a 30th anniversary showing of Batman. Parts haven't aged well but others are iconic. Really enjoyed it.
  6. Gord

    The Division 2

    Raid looks like a bullet sponge fest. Disappointing
  7. Gord

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Ordered. I want hand delivery to my house please.
  8. I'd have preferred the hound to see zombie bro and simply laugh and walk away. The guys a rotting corpse.
  9. Gord

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    It's the names of the creators although if the series ends with the critical role.lot sitting round the table it would perhaps be the best and worst ending in history.
  10. Gord

    How it should have ended

    Yeah that was kind of the point. Immortality required sacrifice (in this case staying in the cave) or else his brother's wouldn't have died.
  11. It was about the accords that became part of it. Tony even says that in the film.
  12. It has already crashed and burned.

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