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  1. I can batter my MacBook with all sorts in Logic Pro and never heard the fan.
  2. Nah just get money, gold or paintings and obv the main attraction from the mansion as that fills your bags full. Always in the underwater tunnel then we drive off the edge of the map and swim to sub. Makes it so easy.
  3. I normally do it with a 4 and the other three are on this very forum. Speeds up the pre heist missions as you trigger from sub and we’re waiting normally in town. Takes minutes!
  4. yeh Cato Perico is a doddle and surprised they haven’t nerfed it.
  5. This is like time they said Bandersnatch was coming to the Spectrum. Bullshit.
  6. They make bugger all from people buying the game now. They just want people online to buy shark cards. Which I will never, ever do. I can understand why some people do buy them as after playing many, many, many hours online you can see how they’ve minutely balanced things to eek out the grind, pushing people to nope out and spend. After 650 odd levels I’ve never been tempted.
  7. I love running into an area and coming across a random battle and watching it take place whilst getting free sweet runes.
  8. I'm going with a March 31st launch date for next gen. No way they're launching any earlier as they won't have started on it yet...
  9. Yeh me and me old mucks @Polmon have just started getting into galactic. Pure fun.
  10. We were playing it last night, but mostly weekends mate. There’s a tonne of new content.
  11. I’m not sure about the lag as I’m happily playing Halo Infinite on this and I forget that it’s just a video and that I’m not just playing a console game. I’m not doing too bad for kills on this to be fair. It’s made me question if I actually need an Xbox.
  12. been trying this on Mac canary beta. It’s causing a bit of judder, but hopefully that’s due to beta issues.
  13. I’m on my 2nd play through. It’s utter bliss to me. I’m gonna start my 3rd straight after.
  14. I completed it in VR. And the DLC. Hard as fahkin nails me.
  15. I’ve been using this on my Mac Pro through edge browser for a while. It runs very well and has me wanting an Xbox, but while they’re tough to get hold of this is plugging a gap. Halo Infinite plays and looks great.
  16. Being able to jump into some Battlefield 3 with betterer grafix is worth the admission price alone. Caspian Border ftw.
  17. I was gonna dip in on my Mac through Xbox cloud beta, but it’s totally borked.
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