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  1. Fond memories of you driving your motorcycle into the strip club and all hell breaking loose. I think I still have the video somewhere!
  2. Anyone else fascinated by that digitiser picture? Looks almost 3D on my phone.
  3. This makes me very sad as I'm fighting my own battle against alcoholism. It's a shit disease.
  4. Wizzball on Comdore64. Me and my bruv as kids got unhealthily addicted and have fond memories playing it with him. He's sadly no longer with us, but I play it once a year in his memory thanks to emulation. Great game.
  5. The Joker (5/5) Dark, but just an amazing performance. Don't want to spoil anything so leave it there.
  6. Where's the Ashens vid? It on his channel?
  7. Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy.
  8. Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy: Ghost Dog Recon Six
  9. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cel Shading
  10. Tom Clancy's Rock'nRollaBalla
  11. You should've seen it in the 80's...
  12. Full locomotion on controller. It's like being inside the house.
  13. Amazing game in VR. I hid, like properly shit scared hid in that game. Completed it though and is spectacular in VR.
  14. Why does it have to sink to that? It's one company using someone else's. As someone said here - Netflix uses Amazon technology. And not a shit is given.
  15. I believe it was the first console game to use a technique called bump mapping, which gave textures depth, rather than just looking wrapped? Correction anyone?
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