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  1. Me and @Polmon play this regularly on PS5. Such an awesome little game and I think each class has something to offer. I’m just finishing off the Driller class. Then need to finish each unlock. We normally leave the game open to ransoms and overall they’re not much trouble, but odd occasion we’ve had to kick. such a great game.
  2. I've raced most, if not all of your creations over the years Disco and apart from some dodgy point markers, they're all great! I'll see you online tonight for some shenanigans.
  3. Takes a bit of adjustment, but not had much trouble. I'm a pump the accelerator and break kinda guy, so it's been ok.
  4. where did you find it?
  5. It’ll be all about you, the gamers. It’s all for you, yes the gamers (or should I say whingey inflooencurs on YouTube’s). Some COD game and not FIFA. One map for Halo. sony fuck the whole thing off and go to the pub.
  6. I daren't look at mine Disco when I'm 100 levels higher...
  7. I have been obsessed by I Feel Love by Giorgio Moroder since I was a kid. The past few years I’ve wanted to do a remix, but slowly taught myself better production on Logic and balance (I’m getting there slowly). Anyway here’s my tribute (titled in honour of my girlfriend). Tried to stay true to the original. Ran out of steam at the end. Soz. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ZnmxGE3EyigYqwsq9
  8. Has science gone too far?
  9. That’s the GTA servers being crap. Happened a lot on PS4. Normally around the time of a pending update.
  10. Wreckfest. I have put hours into that game and it is the best fun online. I’ve not been so hooked on driving since Open Wheel came to GTA.
  11. Elden Ring is the best game I have ever played. End of. It’s frustrating and joyful in equal measures. I love it.
  12. The only benefit of running a mission that you’re allowed to as an MC is that minions can get a bigger payout, but not by much.
  13. ‘Have you finished that race yet Disco?’ I have to say to all on here that Disco is a master of track design. He can be an arse for putting on traffic though.
  14. You should read the sense of entitlement on the psvr Reddit. I had to stop going in there for a while.
  15. I frankly couldn’t give two shits as to how this game looks, or some frame drops. This is the best game I ever played and I’m not sure what could ever top it.
  16. I can batter my MacBook with all sorts in Logic Pro and never heard the fan.
  17. Nah just get money, gold or paintings and obv the main attraction from the mansion as that fills your bags full. Always in the underwater tunnel then we drive off the edge of the map and swim to sub. Makes it so easy.
  18. I normally do it with a 4 and the other three are on this very forum. Speeds up the pre heist missions as you trigger from sub and we’re waiting normally in town. Takes minutes!
  19. yeh Cato Perico is a doddle and surprised they haven’t nerfed it.
  20. This is like time they said Bandersnatch was coming to the Spectrum. Bullshit.
  21. They make bugger all from people buying the game now. They just want people online to buy shark cards. Which I will never, ever do. I can understand why some people do buy them as after playing many, many, many hours online you can see how they’ve minutely balanced things to eek out the grind, pushing people to nope out and spend. After 650 odd levels I’ve never been tempted.
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