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  1. I may have just she's a tear finding out this is in vr
  2. I didn't miss the embarrassing playthrough's. 'Yeh, nice one you got him there'. Cringe.
  3. Damn. If it was 600 games I'd have bought them.
  4. Also, Ummet Ozcan just released a new soft synth for a whole 1 euro. It's pretty great and you'd be mad not too at that price. https://webshop.oz-soft.com/en/
  5. I used to run the advertising account across Europe. We tried get 501's into uncharted 4, but it all fell apart They were the best client ever.
  6. There have been mixes and dance tracks put together in the past, but none can outrun or equal the power of Megablast. Ok. It was of its time, but was amazing when it came out.
  7. Finally, space whales I can fly.
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