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  1. That's impressive for a Gameboy. Like the way they did the kick drum.
  2. Are there more of these things than PS5 as pre ordering seems pretty easy?
  3. Even in 2077 they have a 303 and 909.
  4. Is it just me that feels that both Sony and Microsoft are both quite childish in their approach to this gen? I mean the whole, no price given game of chicken, no details on pre orders, the fact they're about as clear as mud. Does this bolster brand affiliation, or dent trust in these companies?
  5. Pre ordered just now on game as forgot this was out. Likelihood of me actually getting it?
  6. I'm only getting the drive for 4k blu ray. I need my head seeing too.
  7. Shooter McGavin likes it. Hope he's a playable character.
  8. I've been playing this on a 356mb line and have to say it's like the game is I'm playing it locally on my PS4. Very impressed.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for a playstation pro Midi adapter and wondered if anyone had one for sale. I'm trying eBay, buth thought I'd also check here. Thank you.
  10. I haven't got a pc, but how about Rouge Squadron?
  11. I'm currently thinking of starting again. I think it looks great on pro, but there's probably limitations to builds? I'm not sure as don't have a PC.
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