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  1. CrashedAlex

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    @JoeK GTA 4 PC - I *nearly* bought this yesterday! How is it? I was hoping to revisit it in a better res and a smoother framerate. I played the original on PS3. If you like that game, I highly recommend you also have the 1971 movie "The French Connection" playing the whole time on another telly in the background. The stakeout on the deli scene, and even Gene Hackman's apartment complex and a few other bits are faithfully recreated in both geometry and mission design.
  2. CrashedAlex

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    @bankies last I heard - Rallisport 2 has some sort of technical issue which is why it's never happened.
  3. I think the above link is busted for some reason: http://www.threefieldsentertainment.com/2019/05/03/dangerous-driving-your-questions-answered/ This one details the roadmap we have for the next three Updates to the game. Online Play is a *huge* chunk of work for any development team. We're a tiny Studio so we're releasing things slowly where each piece of works builds upon the next. Over time we'll get there and we'll have Online ready to do Day One for the next game.
  4. Quick update - we have had some good chats on the fixes we're going to do. More info shortly but a lot of you will like the stuff we'll do.
  5. CrashedAlex

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    Have to say, have never played any of the series. Turns out I have the first one for free from Uplay. Plan on giving it a try.
  6. After the sheer exhaustion of the PAX East show and then launching the game, it was time for all of us to switch off and take a good break. Back tomorrow and already seeing a few bugs have been fixed already. One of them addressed the 'supersonic AI' bug that can occassionally happen. Thanks for all the comments and feedback. I'll try and update as and when I can. As soon as I know anything that looks like a 'date' for Online I'll pass it along..
  7. CrashedAlex

    Arcade racer chat

    @PengTiki Sorry, you're asking the wrong person. I left that company in 2013. I tend not to make comments about other companies. I wish them all well.
  8. @MattyP Boost Start - step on the gas dab brake to spin the wheels then snap the gas on the GO!. Hope that helps you..
  9. @Salsa Party Animal I cannot say bc we've just launched, we have a few fixes already so the first update could be just a bunch of fixes. Online will be done as soon as we've done the work, tested it and sent it off for certification. It's been a very busy period for us and after tomorrow we're taking a week or so off. Everyone needs to unwind, recharge and think about something other than cars, tracks and modes for a bit.
  10. @Thor Bit of a shame you had to let go of the Boost though eh? @MattyP Yep. Thanks for that - you seemed dead against it before you'd got the game and/or tried it.
  11. @Thor Buy yourself another 9999 copies then we could afford to pay someone to spend 12 months making pretty scenery for you to look at....
  12. @Thor Hang on a minute, you mean that it's a really fine balance of risk versus reward? In a really fast paced high octane arcade racing game? An experience that has you on the edge of your seat for five laps? Where everything can change in the blink of an eye? Surely not? I suggest having a quick review of the movie "Days of Thunder" to get into the right frame of mind. The bit where Cole Trickle has to prove himself by borrowing the NASCAR early on, and then the bit when he spins off the track but then makes a recovery....and then that bit from the original "Tron" where Flynn gets led "into the maze" in the lightcycle sequence.... That, or drink two cans of Red Bull....
  13. @Thor If your nerves are getting frayed now, then I wait until you see what's down the line. There is a specific Event that really broke me. But I am sworn to secrecy.

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