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  1. hey, katerine thank u for reading my emotional "letter" and taking a bit of your time to write me c: it really warms my heart i guess we all would like to save him.. the melancholy is really touchable well, receive this weird-virtual-hug back <333 and, please, feel free to send me a message if u feel like wanting to talk to someone wish for you all the good energies this universe can offers ^^ all love, me
  2. at the moment, a cello cover of "bring me to life", by evanescence
  3. dear yoñlu, i was only three yo when you decided that this world was too heavy for u. now, im almost sixteen, and i feel like i don't belong anywhere. i feel so many things, things that makes me want to scratch my skin and scream. but your music helps me a lot. when i got to know what happened to you, two years ago, i felt like a part of me i didn't know died and then was reborn. i felt like i had lost a friend, vini. i dreamt of you so many times. i always try to save you but i can't and then i die too. i miss you and we've never met. and i feel so sorry. im so sorry b
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