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  1. I haven't watched all of Enterprise or Voyager- but has it been established before on onscreen canon if Vulcans had been on Earth before first contact?
  2. Going off the rails is little Ezra. The cancel hammer is perilously close.
  3. Not much you can really do with the story here, but a good cast, and decent set pieces could elevate an average premise into a solid blockbuster. For example Idris Elba, Chris Evans and Gal Gadot as the three leads would guarantee decent box office.
  4. Ep4 better than ep3. No Moon Knight in this one. Some mild gore, implied body horror that might not be appropriate for younger kids, although I'd say it's probably ok for those around 12.
  5. Woeful. I did find myself trying to work out where exactly Gaius Baltar's Starfleet uniform was meant to fit in the timeline though. And my answer was that they tried to emulate the First Contact uniforms colours using DS9/Voyager materials.
  6. Picard and Laris to have a wedding on Betazed. Ricky Gervais to officiate.
  7. The invisible monster debate is a week late. But there is no in-universe reason given for them being invisible.
  8. The blank amnesic periods were very intriguing in the first episode but it's now increasingly clear they are a budget saving tactic. Ooh, look at the aftermath of that exciting action sequence. You just missed it. Cairo in this episode has a chance at being one of least accurate onscreen Cairos ever. Even primary school kids would be able to do a better interpretation of the inside of a Giza pyramid than this episode did.
  9. I thought ep3 was a bit dull. The show gets less R-rated week on week! I got Star Trek Picard vibes from some of the story elements seeming like they have just been made up for that episode, and would have been much handier to have in early episodes. And I am now more confused than ever as to what Moon Knight's power set is meant to be. One more duff episode and I'm giving this a fail.
  10. Wasabi is evil. Looks like guacamole. But isn't.
  11. Aircraft controls for a 3rd person viewpoint? That's bonkers.
  12. I was going to post that those diversity characters actually do a disservice to equality because they are written as somehow neurotic or lacking confidence. But then I realised that the entire cast is written that way really.
  13. Nothing in that episode that I wouldn't let my 11 year old watch. In fact it's more PG direction than the first episode. They've answered most of the mystery boxes from the first episode. I'm slightly disappointed by that- because it feels like the rest of the series will just be more an Indiana Jones style chase to get to the artefact first type plot.
  14. I'm too lazy to check but I doubt any tax gets anywhere near 50% in the US!
  15. For reasons that are actually unknown to me, but I cannot stand anime styling. Tons of stuff on Netflix right now where I'm a fan of the genre- but I have ignored due to their insistence on putting it through an anime lens.
  16. One more movie that I've never even heard or read of and I'm giving up.
  17. Wait a minute- Val Kilmer is mentioned and his image shown, but isn't in it?
  18. Have to agree with this- this was the best first episode of all six Disney+ Series so far. I really enjoyed the mystery box building. I will be letting my 11yr old watch the first episode- but I will be watching later episodes ahead of her to check.
  19. These guys are going to run out of remote islands eventually.
  20. It's definitely used as the exterior of the police station in The Rookie series. I have clearly forgotten all of the TNG time travel lore. For some reason my brain is say Guinan first popped up in the future on that El Aurian refugee ship at the start of Generations.
  21. Only if you have seen it. Typing in random letters- I've never heard of half of the films in the drop-down list. But like the rest of you, I got it with Elon Musk's grandfather.
  22. But has it? Either Voyager or TNG were on concurrently, and Voyager went on for two seasons after DS9 finished. Then we had Enterprise. Then a long break. And then the reboot movie universe. That is 17 years or so with nothing DS9-like. And in that time TV in general has evolved considerably.
  23. Yes, I am aware that slavery has been almost endemic in human society since the advent of agriculture. I've watched all of the TV shows Spartacus and Vikings where slaves are among the main cast. It's the term "house slave" I am questioning. I've never heard it before, and at the risk of sounding facetious it didn't exist in Roman or Egyptian times, or in France.
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