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  1. Those of you who are the naysayers- I'm curious to know how many of you have a disney plus subscription. Reva comes across too much as an American stereotype for me- I really hope they flesh her out with more flashbacks. This is better than BOBF, although that's not hard. Does Deborah Chow direct all the episodes?
  2. Did they ever explain the thing about the dogs?
  3. In the future, once the research is done, we will be able to do a complete personality-type assessment just by getting someone to rank all 9 Star Wars movies. I reckon I will be one of the rarer subtypes.
  4. Oh boy, the reaction to that trailer will not be in any way unpredictable.....
  5. Have watched the first 9 episodes in a very short time. This is very good- puts Discovery and Picard to shame.
  6. With the benefit of hindsight I think it's fair to say that Stewart and Spiner should never have been allowed to influence the plots or scripts of Star Trek.
  7. Watched the finale tonight. It was probably the second best episode of the season.
  8. I can see him being depowered. Hemsworth will soon run into the same problem Roger Moore had. And James Bond wasn't even immortal.
  9. That last point is not true. The purpose of Stormbreaker was to be able to defeat the Infinity Gauntlet and stones.
  10. Seeing this thread bumped- got me thinking- are we starting to see new characters in the MCU being introduced as quite divergent from their comic book equivalents? Shang Chi, Ms Marvel and Moon Knight for sure. Possibly Black Knight, arguably the Eternals. I'm starting to worry for Blade.
  11. Even though she was named as someone else I watched that whole sequence thinking the character everybody was talking about a few posts back was that universe's Black Panther. The flight powers were just Iron Man meets vibranium I assumed.
  12. Saw it today. At no point during the movie was I bored, but at the end I felt a bit letdown. Not one that I will be rushing to re-watch, but it's nowhere near the worst MCU. Its in that mid-table zone well safe from the relegation zone. Its relationship with Wandavision with regards story and timing feels off somehow- and I thought slightly misogynistic? I liked the way that the few holes in the plot were actually called out and referenced in the dialogue- top marks for honesty there. The A-list casting for the character in the mid-credits sequence- wow! I saw no rumours of that at all. The Illuminati casting- it's clear all of them were throwaway and novelty value alone- I doubt we see any of them again.
  13. I got the feeling that a lot of the job (both onscreen and behind-the-scenes) appointments were nepotistic as being friends or family of the showrunner.
  14. I thought that last episode was a bit rubbish. I can't see me ever re-watching this series- so overall it's a fail from me. I get the impression that the show runner wasn't really a comics fan in general.
  15. Watching today's episode I was more of the opinion that this series isn't really a superhero show at all- that it's more a psychological drama with a fake superhero veneer. Absolutely nothing in this episode that I would stop kids watching.
  16. Been reading the recent posts thinking I don't remember any BLM stuff. I think I missed that on the mural possibly.
  17. I haven't watched all of Enterprise or Voyager- but has it been established before on onscreen canon if Vulcans had been on Earth before first contact?
  18. Going off the rails is little Ezra. The cancel hammer is perilously close.
  19. Not much you can really do with the story here, but a good cast, and decent set pieces could elevate an average premise into a solid blockbuster. For example Idris Elba, Chris Evans and Gal Gadot as the three leads would guarantee decent box office.
  20. Ep4 better than ep3. No Moon Knight in this one. Some mild gore, implied body horror that might not be appropriate for younger kids, although I'd say it's probably ok for those around 12.
  21. Woeful. I did find myself trying to work out where exactly Gaius Baltar's Starfleet uniform was meant to fit in the timeline though. And my answer was that they tried to emulate the First Contact uniforms colours using DS9/Voyager materials.
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