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  1. I wonder what happens to the NBC, CW, and all the non-kid friendly ABC/FOX shows in terms of the UK? Presumably Sky/NOW and Netflix continue to buy them.
  2. They were all told that they were there for Tony' s wedding. I'm not entirely sure they all knew by the time of filming either. I reckon the directors did several passes, most of which were happy or neutral, and did one solemn one "just in case".
  3. Saw that with a previous Google. But I'm keen for a 2D game, and also the inability to jump in that game would do my head in.
  4. Tried Limbo demo on XBLA back in the day, and I didn't really like the slow Flashback style controls. Inside looks similar in controls? I do prefer 8-bit/16-bit controls/physics but I don't like the boss battle/pixel perfect platforming/super reflexes skill required! I'm an odd one that way.
  5. Trine 1 vs Trine 2? I'm someone who doesn't like games which prefer fast reflexes, but a more thoughtful strategic approach. Mark of the Ninja is one of my favourite games of all time because I can hide in the shadows and think for a bit! On that topic- what is the closest game to Mark of the Ninja? I'm keeping my eye on Inmost......
  6. For Sky Cinema Disney? What about these new TV shows?
  7. Do we need spoiler tags for trailer content?
  8. I've done an extensive Google image search of Sonic the hedgehog. Until today I don't think I truly appreciated that he has flesh arms, mouth, belly and legs. And maybe hands and feet too. So I have some sympathy with the producers there on which of those to un-flesh and turn into either blue fur or white fur. But the proportions! These have been pretty constant between two different aesthetics:16-bit era and 32-bit era. Why would they mess with that?
  9. Surely the toys are already made? They usually need 18-24 months head start.
  10. What I really find annoying is when a new show starts off nudey bits, then hits the big time, then decides to remove nudey bits. It's happened to Homeland, Westworld, Game of Thrones and Leftovers of the shows I've watched.
  11. The split over the Thor comedy issue- I have seen this a few times online. And not just Thor- I've seen it in other areas of fandom where there is change in tone from being serious to some form of comedy- again this splits into two groups. I am firmly in the pro-comedy group. But here's the thing- 10-15 years ago I was definitely in the serious group. What has made me change? Could just be old age I suppose. But in that 10-15 years I have lost several first degree relatives, which understandably has changed my outlook on life. A life's too short type of thing. I'd be curious to know if that sort of change has happened with others.
  12. I think everybody has their own list, and let's face it everybody's top 10 is excellent but in no particular order my top 4 are Winter Soldier, Civil War, Ragnarok and Avengers 1. Lots of competition for that 5th spot
  13. I liked the film. A lot. Better than Infinity War for me. But it doesn't get into my MCU top 5. Probably not even top 7. But I'm a die-hard MCU nut. I once got to no.1 in the world on Quizup. But I can understand that if you're not a MCU fan, then Endgame could have been a test of endurance.
  14. But nothing is being filmed right now, as far as we know, right? I'm guessing Black Widow won't be a CG-fest, probably a spy movie, so would have a shorter turn around time. But no way they get that out by May if they haven't even started.
  15. After Far From Home when is the earliest we can get an MCU movie? I reckon Xmas 2020 at best, but more likely Spring 2021.
  16. It's not that spolier_y. We all knew Hulk and Rescue were in it. Most of us knew Scott ended up with Cap and Stark in New York somehow. Ant-Man going big was probably suspected.
  17. Fair enough if this thread isn't for Marvel geeks. But of all the forums I'm in this one is by far the busiest with regards Endgame, so it is by default my only true Marvel geek medium. And then you are in the middle of it.
  18. I think your posts betray a lack of intimate knowledge of the MCU, and for us more knowledgeable folk that can try one's patience (If one is impatient in the first place).
  19. Of the three you mention- Winter Soldier has the most references in Endgame.
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