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  1. Thinking about ending fight scenes- I have to say I much prefer the tighter one on one style sequences we saw in Winter Soldier, Civil War, No Way Home, Ant-Man etc.
  2. They do. The story contrived a need for F-18s so that they could use actual two-seater F-18s for filming cockpit scenes.
  3. Where was the orgy in Leftovers? I don't remember that.
  4. Instead of writing out lists- how about volunteering a single two year period where MCU was at its peak? I'm going for 2016-2017 (tough one- but those two years include two of my top 3 MCU).
  5. Korg has two dads in this, but I'm pretty sure he mentioned having a mum in Ragnarok.
  6. I assume the consequence of the swimming pool scene is the role Homelander ends up in S4.
  7. Rebekah Vardy's agent would make a better stab at protecting our dimension from the Clan Destine than this lot.
  8. Managed to sneak in episode 4 before going to the airport
  9. I'm watching it to see how much of Blackpool makes it through to the final edit.
  10. I reckon that is something Tom Cruise insists on lol. Can anyone recall similar in the Mission Impossible movies?
  11. At this point it has to be COVID in combination with being medically vulnerable or being unvaccinated surely?
  12. I'm not sure what to think of the constant friend-zoning of Bruno in this. Is it comic relief? Is it that Kamala will following a stereotypical romcom trope path of realising she had a true love all along? Or is Bruno going to be so jilted by Kamala's ignorance/indifference and go down the path of becoming a villain?
  13. I have noticed that the prevailing opinion of any MCU movie of people who catch it after release on streaming is negative in here. So I'm curious to know the reasons why such posters choose not to watch it in the cinema.
  14. That was bizarre. First of all the ship was the size of a bus on the outside, but the size of a multi-storey ferry on the inside. And then I was like- where the feck did Obi Wan just go only to come straight back? Did he go for a dump? I was also wondering what Reva's intention was in this episode. I was thinking- surely not the same thing as the first episode? And in the end that would have better than what we got.
  15. Up to the wedding this was just more dull tedium for me. And then stuff happens! Except the stuff that happens makes Obi Wan look like a fight sequence masterpiece. I can't win really. My comments on here have rankled a few. But I've been critical of all the Disney+ MCU shows. Ms Marvel might even turn out not to be the worst (for me)- but given that it had the blankest slate to start off with compared to the rest I had higher hopes for it. And thus it will be the one that disappoints me the most. I won't get around to seeing episode 4 for a while due to holidays and there being many better shows around at the moment- and I'm probably going to have the remainder spoiled* somewhere. * I am aware of the irony.....
  16. We have Sky Cinema- the process by which to get Paramount+ activated on our Sky Q box was not a straightforward one at all. I can't help but feel Sky or Paramount have done that on purpose to stagger the demand.
  17. No idea if this is even a valid measurement- but apparently it's the least watched MCU Disney+ show to date: https://comicbookmovie.com/tv/marvel/ms_marvel/ms-marvel-scores-lowest-5-day-viewership-of-any-mcu-disney-series-so-far-a194368#gs.3flii3
  18. This season is really good. I was mesmerized by wondering where ep3 was going this week.
  19. I'm of a similar opinion- this is a A-list blockbuster that isn't superhero, or space, or fantasy, or sci-fi- and as such it appeals to the casual masses AND appears original to younger audiences.
  20. Everybody enjoyed the first two seasons of Mando without watching BOBF- because BOBF didn't exist. Unless you are a time traveller from the future who has watched season 3?
  21. But if you watch The Mandalorian you have missed some crucial episodes for those characters.
  22. I'm enjoying the SoR comparison banter. Where does Castle Crashers rank then for those of you have played all three?
  23. I was actually considering giving up on Ms Marvel actually- if next week offends me yet again. I'm an MCU loyalist- but that loyalty is neither limitless nor free. The next concern is potentially missing out on something plotwise that is crucial for a future production. But this has been so bad that I'm at the point that I will just read the Wikipedia entry ahead of the next movie. Don't add me to ignore just yet- I'm going on a 10 day holiday abroad soon so will be a couple of weeks behind shortly- on all my shows- and this isn't going to rank high up the list of the backlog- especially as a few Paramount+ shows are going on that list next week.
  24. You have quoted my post- I think you intend it as proof of inconsistency on my part. But there isn't any. I have not stated Eternals is better than all the Disney+ shows, but I certainly enjoyed it better than them. Anyway- Here's hoping ep3 ups the ante a good bit next week.
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