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  1. Not with one-sided physical hitting they haven't.
  2. Is that really genuine art? What from?
  3. I really wish one of these would get a Switch release- perfect desert island (beach holiday) game.
  4. Flintoff is clearly a bully and a thug. Its clear that he picks on Chris because he is short, and doesn't try the same shite on Paddy.
  5. My 8yr old daughter was absolutely distraught by the ending of this. Cried all the way home, and couldn't even get to sleep with the crying. I didn't think the ending was that sad at all, more a logical evolution for the characters, which was being telegraphed from the beginning. Also helped (not being sad) that most of the old characters had nothing to do. Even Buzz, who got some slapstick had bugger all development. The saddest bit for me was the bit where the little girl gets lost in the carnival. Compared to Toy Story 3, where there were two major sad bits- the scene where they had all come to terms with impending death, and where Andy gives up Woody.
  6. What would constitute a good attempt to get it over the line?
  7. Wasn't the inference evil Nebula and/or Thanos science guy fixed it, and reverse engineered the Pym particles?
  8. The very first scene with Nebula and using the time GPS- the movie showed that it had malfunctioned surely?
  9. You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of.
  10. Definitely the Asian one for me. Which makes sense when you consider the influences on the UK market in the late 80s/early 90s.
  11. Osborne belongs to Sony. No way he becomes the MCU big bad, just as all the Fox baddies have come into the fold.
  12. This game was an emperor's new clothes for me. I thought it was shit beyond belief in terms of gameplay. Wasn't there some sort of 360 exclusive or multi region thing or something? I remember getting a decent wedge for it on eBay.
  13. Has the preorder price guarantee been dropped then?
  14. Is the Switch powerful enough to run Arkham Asylum or Arkham City? And if so- why is there no word on a release? Surely it would be profitable.
  15. Yeah, for the first time in 8 seasons I found myself questioning the intelligence of dragons in this series. He went up quite a few more IQ points in this one. Maybe his intelligence got the same power up as his fire-breath did last episode?
  16. Thanks for posting. I knew that Hulk was destined to bust out of Hulkbuster in Infinity War! That was probably the first confirmation.
  17. Revenge of Shinobi was announced for the Japanese version. Does that mean it doesn't make the Western one?
  18. Killing kids is fair game in the Star Wars path to redemption.
  19. I wonder what happens to the NBC, CW, and all the non-kid friendly ABC/FOX shows in terms of the UK? Presumably Sky/NOW and Netflix continue to buy them.
  20. They were all told that they were there for Tony' s wedding. I'm not entirely sure they all knew by the time of filming either. I reckon the directors did several passes, most of which were happy or neutral, and did one solemn one "just in case".
  21. Saw that with a previous Google. But I'm keen for a 2D game, and also the inability to jump in that game would do my head in.
  22. Tried Limbo demo on XBLA back in the day, and I didn't really like the slow Flashback style controls. Inside looks similar in controls? I do prefer 8-bit/16-bit controls/physics but I don't like the boss battle/pixel perfect platforming/super reflexes skill required! I'm an odd one that way.
  23. Trine 1 vs Trine 2? I'm someone who doesn't like games which prefer fast reflexes, but a more thoughtful strategic approach. Mark of the Ninja is one of my favourite games of all time because I can hide in the shadows and think for a bit! On that topic- what is the closest game to Mark of the Ninja? I'm keeping my eye on Inmost......
  24. For Sky Cinema Disney? What about these new TV shows?
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