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  1. My wife and daughter have been watching this show and have been really enjoying it. They really hated that ending. Watching my wife's reaction- I could see a mixture of shock and disgust on her face. I admire the producer's courage for that ending- but I think they will have alienated a greater percentage of the casual fans than that of the fanboys.
  2. I'm not sure Coogler has it in him to craft a film that long that won't drag on a bit.
  3. Ah, I hope this doesn't mean he's been given a terminal diagnosis.
  4. It is going to take some time travel shenanigans to remove this version of the timeline. Hopefully they can take out Discovery's 31st century timeline at the same time lol.
  5. I'd wage a sizeable sum of money that there isn't a single pediatric oncologist on the planet that looks like the actor in this episode!
  6. My guess is the show is not for you. I was hooked from the first scene.
  7. There seemed to be the same conversation about succession had in at least three different scenes, and I'm not sure why they didn't edit those out.
  8. Allicent got that little statue fixed. When was the last time any of our other halves did something for your hobby that they couldn't give a shit about?
  9. I posted my thoughts about Ms Marvel in its thread at the time- but bailed out of thread halfway through the show as I was on holidays and couldn't keep up contemporaneously. But it was clear my criticism of the show was clearly offending some so it was probably for the best.
  10. For the purposes of balance: I think Ms Marvel has been the worst of phase 4, by some distance actually.
  11. That makes your earlier post even more illogical..... It's more a reflection on your own motivation than it is of the shows: I can't be arsed with any of this. But actually when I do it is mostly good. ?
  12. That was a slight retcon by Insurrection where I think they referred to it as if it was a narcotic. It's not a drug in the addictive sense- it is a enzyme that is necessary for Jem Hadar to live- they were deliberately genetically engineered to be unable to create it naturally.
  13. I've been one of the biggest Phase 4 critics- but your post doesn't make any sense as a criticism of the current MCU. So you watched Endgame, then made a belated stab at Shang Chi and that's it?
  14. I reckon over 50% of Star Trek fans got their taste of TV Star Trek with an episode that was neither the first season nor the first episode of that season.
  15. I wonder would it have been possible to cast a really tall skinny extra/stuntperson in a female bodysuit and then CG the face than to try to render the whole character in CG? At least for big buff males body suits do a really excellent job these days.
  16. They were either shite from the very beginning, or started off promisingly before taking a sharp dive. I probably posted as much in each respective thread. She-Hulk probably has the best "first two episodes" of all the shows so far. Although I'm partly suspicious that it was really just one episode split into two to pad out the weekly schedule.
  17. 2 episodes in and this hasn't offended me or set off my Spidey sense- which I can't say of any of the previous (live action) Disney plus shows. In the first episode I didn't have a problem with the CG. But in ep2 I felt it was far more noticeable- to the point where I was wondering if it was a completely different crew doing it.
  18. I reckon Ezra's brain has had several years of being exposed to illicit/recreational drugs.
  19. Yep- caught that straight away too. No clue as to why they did that- my theory is that they originally filmed the scene wearing actual prop helmets- and then CGi'd their faces on later. Not sure why they didn't just reshoot the scene.
  20. Are they a chap though?
  21. Today's one reminds me of a Reaper from Mass Effect. Definitely getting that first time when it comes up again!
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