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  1. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/amp/shang-chi/jessica-henwick-was-eyed-for-xialing-role-in-shang-chi-reveals-how-long-spoiler-knew-about-mcu-debut-a190476
  2. I'm wondering if this is a coincidence but in the past 7 days we have had confirmation that the following are not part of the MCU: Tom Hardy' s Venom, and his movie universe Agents of Shield TV show Iron Fist TV show (well certainly Jessica Henwick's character from that series) While in the same time we have had confirmation of Charlie Cox being MCU Matt Murdock, and Vincent D'Onofrio as MCU Kingpin. Feels very much like Feige giving his grades on the stuff he wasn't involved with.
  3. I'd say a good few of those leaks were "leaks".
  4. I agree that the portrayal of Kingpin here is a bit of a let down- I'd love to know what those who saw none of the Netflix shows thought of it. Renner is much lighter, and Cox is a good bit heavier in that last action sequence- but I've no idea if that means it was filmed way before or way after the rest of the series! My guess is way before (Renner got lockdown weight, Cox followed the Hollywood actress diet regime, and her prosthetic was much more obvious).
  5. Well, I did say it was nit-picking! I loved the movie, just in case that wasn't clear.
  6. The ending of Spider-man 3 was heavily re-worked in pre-production, and post-production. It was originally meant to be Gwen there. And Marko was only involved because he was blackmailed by Venom who threatened to kill his family.
  7. I thought some of Defoe's performance was over-hammy. And I'm going to nitpick this version's Spider-sense- in an identical situation it didn't even pick up on Mysterio and his gang in the bar in Prague. Also in NWH when it originally went off Peter was standing beside Norman, but then needed to make his way away from him to the centre of the apartment. Feels just a bit too made up on the fly, for me.
  8. Did McClean not lay eyes upon Hans when he was on the top of the elevator looking down through the grille?
  9. First two episodes have been very slow- so they must have something up their sleeves.
  10. I have to admit, forcing myself to pick one, that Babylon 5 was the only one I would have accepted!
  11. Stock footage in my opinion. Definitely for the 2007 version.
  12. I'm probably too late with this revelation- but Roses are red.
  13. Her father was a pilot. No explanation is necessary. She is qualified on all things that fly.
  14. It does in Hollywood. Patty Jenkin's father was a pilot and she is the best qualified director to make a film about fighter jets. In space.
  15. It was hardly "silent" though. Also, if you think about it- there was absolutely no need to have any reference or mention of an alarm- Echo could have just showed up anyhow for purposes of the plot. The purple putty arrows were referenced last week.
  16. I'm not sure any riddance has happened yet. That's a very speculative article, and that's before you consider the unsubstantiated source.
  17. I thought this episode was a bit dull. Not a lot happened really- and I'm wondering if the series had been condensed to 5 episodes it might zip along a bit faster.
  18. Is Pluto on Sky Q boxes? I've never noticed it.
  19. Laws of physics. Another thing Patty doesn't have a clue about. Although to be fair, neither do JJ Abrams or George Lucas.
  20. They go back to the drawing board with Bashir for season 2 onwards. Even before the internet they knew he did not go down well with fans. He's a much better character from season 2 onwards.
  21. It was his voice at the start.
  22. Harsin answered that attempt at trying to look smart!
  23. I went on about it in the Wonder Woman 2 thread. Short version: she was to Wonder Woman 1 what Michael Bay was to the 1st 2007 Transformers. The director who got all the credit, but in reality all the good bits were somebody else's idea. So when given most of the creative control...... And to be honest- having a dad who is a pilot is hardly reason to give a person a whole movie about pilots! We say what she did with pilots and planes in Wonder Woman 2! She clearly hasn't got the foggiest notion about aeroplanes. Not even primary school knowledge.
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