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  1. 1 hour ago, Unofficial Who said:


    I love tests like this.



    Swings and roundabouts. You might end up exposing your kiddo to her terf views but even if they stick to the game it looks like there's some pretty problematic stuff there about putting down a slave rebellion. If I had kids I wouldn't buy it but what would I know about raising kids? I don't have any and back in my day washing a kids mouth out with soap or adults randomly dishing out a "clip" around the ears was commonplace so I wouldn't take my advice.



    Well that really gets into the weeds morally. Buying second hand is seen as theft by some publishers. If by offered for free you mean via something like GamePass I think payment is still made to the people involved and the success of the giveaway leads to future projects. If you mean free as in given to you by someone, I don't know. Maybe?



    Well they've already been paid for their work thus far. I suspect that anyone who had major issues weighed up their life circumstances and have either decided to suck it up or have already quietly moved on.


    Why not? And I've seen a range of responses across various media outlets depending on their readership. Mainstream reviewers will cover it, smaller operations with more niche audiences might review the politics of it or not review it at all. I mean some might decide to ban talk of it all together and we've seen one forum do exactly that. The general consensus here on both sides of the debate is that it might actually be counterproductive in terms of their aims.


    I don't think that's even up for debate. Advertisers have booked spots on the sides of buses, it's up to the people selling spots to accept them or not. I suspect Pink News wouldn't be accepting advertising for the game and I suspect Warner would see that as wasted money in any case.


    Yes, though there is debate over what direction the thread should take once the game is out. One might ask "is it ok to keep talking about the negative issues around the ip's creator post launch and making the thread a bit of a bummer for those who just want to play the game?"



    Bolded. Because this has come up time and time again in this thread. We even had a non-binary member of the forum say something to the effect of "go for it but you can't call yourself and ally if you do so." And the response was to paraphrase "Wrong answer, back in your box chocolate." There have been loads of trans and nb people online saying that you can't buy this game and call yourself an ally. I reckon not many of them would be foolish enough to put their real name to that view though. If you do enough searching you will find some people who are trans or nb who are going to buy this game day one. So if you're looking for permission from the trans community you pretty much have it from some. For whatever that means. I mean I remember during the lead up to the same sex marriage plebiscite there were at least two or three men in same sex relationships who came out as "the good ones who were against same sex marriage."


    There's also a few who see this as an in regarding talking about trans rights. I think that's naive at best as such an exchange would likely be as follows.


    "So is it ok to buy Hogwarts Legacy?"

    "Sure, it's just a videogame. This is a good opp..."


    "Yeah but if we could just talk about the plight of trans wo...."

    "Nope, I'm all good. Too busy playing my sweet new game! Thanks again though, I'll just screen cap this so all my mates know that this is fine."



    What if wishes were trees? I mean I'm a big fan of redemption arcs but I don't see this happening. And as much as I'm against what she's doing I can see exactly why she's doing this as a response to things that have happened in her life. It's not going to happen and as such I'll be skipping this because I can't give money and support to someone who essentially depicts all trans women as fetishists and sex offenders.


    No and even if I did so what? I don't know most of the people here in real life. I have very different life experiences from others here and different views. Which is why I'm happy to explain why I'm skipping it but not telling others they should. If you buy this game and enjoy this the effect it will have on me directly is minimal. Others mileage on that may vary.


    There's a piece over at the Mary Sue called "Debunking Every Lie You’re Telling Yourself About ‘Hogwarts Legacy’"



    Some bits I agree with, some bits I don't. (The current argument that "the Harry Potter books were never that great anyway" strikes me as revisionist sour grapes. The early ones were great, the series was clever at the time growing in sophistication year by year that matched the audience and I'd argue the latter books were ruined by JK having to race to keep up with the movies as well as having to twist the story whenever internet detectives correctly guessed her intentions for the ending.) But it's worth a quick skim.


    But anyway this is a long way of me saying I think you've already made up your mind and are looking at reasons not to feel bad about your decision. In which case you can either interrogate yourself as to why you might feel bad or you can just do what buy it for yourself or your kid and enjoy it for what it is. Why would you care if I took offence to you enjoying the game on it's own merits?


    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. But you are way,way off with your assumptions in that last paragraph- just to be clear.

  2. On 26/01/2023 at 14:27, Broker said:

    Some of the posts in this thread stray dangerously close to a historical pattern that has always been negative. The idea that persecuted minority groups and the people who support them should be quiet and polite and only deal with social issues in terms which are comfortable for the majority groups is bullshit. Martin Luther King was repeatedly told that if he really wanted to affect change he needed to be polite and quiet and engage with the persecution him and other black people faced using the systems that were set up to destroy their lives and to definitely never make any white people uncomfortable, because what if they could be convinced to care about the lives of black people but were put off by being told the ways they were complicit in racism. The suffragettes were told to be less hysterical and make absolutely sure that they didn’t upset any men who might one day theoretically decide that actually they did care about women’s rights. 

    Deciding to buy this game is like continuing to support a bakery that won’t make cakes for gay weddings because you love their Victoria sponge. You are absolutely free to make that choice, but when someone from the group who are being persecuted tells you that that is wrong, no amount of mental gymnastics or “well actually” is going to change the fact that you are choosing your own entertainment over caring about the rights of people whose lives are being made miserable and difficult. You can bring up all the unethical buying habits in other unrelated areas that you want to, but they’re completely irrelevant to this particular discussion. You are choosing to financially support a campaign of repression lead by an individual and if that makes you feel uncomfortable and you care about those people, you should be looking that fact straight in the eye and feeling that discomfort, not trying to come up with excuses about other people being wrong because they once bought a tub of nesquik. 

    In our repulsive hyper capitalist hellscape we are all complicit in supporting repulsive practices. You can make whatever choices you want, but you need to be honest about what the choices you are making mean and accept that you might be making the world a worse place through what you choose to support financially. The idea that if I buy Zelda this year I will be in any way supporting the human rights abuses of the Saudi government makes me feel repulsive. I might still decide to do that, but if I’m going to state that those abuses are something I think is wrong, I absolutely should not be trying to pretend that actually it’s fine because someone else bought a new iPhone. 

    I grew up with Harry Potter, queued up to buy the books at midnight, read them to my kids, watched the movies with my mum, went to the studio tour and bought an overpriced slytherin hoodie. This game looks shit, but the world means a lot to me and it has been really hard for me to let go of that because I don’t feel comfortable directly financially supporting someone who despises others because of their identity and uses their influence and money to encourage others to do the same. 


    In this case though- where does the line get drawn?


    Is it ok to buy it if a child who has no concept of the TERF issue really wants it?

    Is it ok to buy the game second hand?

    Is it ok to take the game if offered for free?

    Do we expect everyone who worked on the game to quit their jobs or risk getting fired if they also have the same level of concern?

    Is it ok for websites and magazines to review the game?

    Should print and screen media be allowed to advertise the game?

    Should there even be a thread on the game on here?

    What if the transgender community came out and said that it was ok for people to play this game?

    What if JKR does a complete turnaround and supports transgender rights and apologises for her previous statements?


    I know you are only speaking from your point of view- but curious to know if expect others to take the same stance in support of your values, or if you would take offence if others derived enjoyment from the game with full knowledge of JKR's views?

  3. Most of you in this thread have played the games by the looks of things. And maybe the majority of those who have played the games are having issues with the TV show?


    I've never played the games- and more than that knew absolutely nothing about the story.


    I'm enjoying this so far. I hope they can get more John Hannah into distant flashbacks.

  4. 16 hours ago, monkeydog said:

    He's already directed an episode of Mandalorian.  He didn't write it though.


    I think this might be key: let him direct others' writing. And potentially let him write for somebody else to direct. But maybe don't let him write and direct material which is considered IP or licensed.

  5. 2 hours ago, Protocol Penguin said:

    Not that I’m going to watch it anyway, but I hope that Paramount have edited out any scenes that Whoopi Goldberg might’ve filmed for the third season after her recent public antisemitism.


    If you are referring to her bit where she said antisemitism isn't racism- I doubt it. She apologised for it, and it was ignorance on her part rather than overt anti-Semitism.

  6. 13 hours ago, ucci said:

    I started to watch it but the opening scene with him living in an air hanger in the Mojave Desert then putting on his leather jacket over his white tshirt made me cringe and had to turn it off immediately. Tortured capitalist nomad soul. 


    Did you go back to watch the rest?

  7. The search for the scientist that the beginning of the film hinges on was stupid as there would be literally dozens of people with that knowledge by that point, and that's assuming it wasn't published.


    And then halfway through the film Namor says something along the lines of "never mind the scientist, I'm going to do this other thing instead anyway". Poor story crafting that.

  8. Tony Gilroy must really hate Star Wars I reckon. A party on Coruscant hosted by a senator trying to curry favour with other senators and not a single alien among them. It just give me all humans are racist vibes- not inviting aliens to parties, and the human politicians trying to divvy up the resources among the human worlds ;)

  9. 1 hour ago, Stigweard said:


    What Fierce Poodle said but also she's ripped and punched her way out of the comics before too, so it felt in keeping with that but done to reflect the MCU.


    1 hour ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    I'm guessing you haven't read a lot of She-Hulk comics then. One of the most famous scenes in her solo comic book series features her literally ripping open the comics page and stepping out to complain to the writer that she didn't like where the story was going. She angrily asks whether he's trying to get her book cancelled. The 4th wall breaking in the finale of the TV show was directly inspired by this scene.


    I am aware. But Byrne was also depicted as a typical comic book writer, and not a fatntastical you know what spoiler.

  10. 9 hours ago, Gabe said:

    What didn't she like about it?




    Way, way too meta for her. It was very incongruous, and there had been no foundations laid earlier in the series to prepare viewers for that level of meta. I'm not even sure the Deadpool movies could have got away with that level of meta without complaint. It surpassed what the comics did too in my opinion.


    I'd already seen the episode when they were watching it. I came into them at the hallway fight scene (Iron Man 2 homage?) and she said to me "this is really weird!". My reply- "Just wait, this bit is the mainstream bit!" :)

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