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  1. I haven't even watched the previous trailer. I don't want the spoil to be spoiled.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. But you are way,way off with your assumptions in that last paragraph- just to be clear.
  3. In this case though- where does the line get drawn? Is it ok to buy it if a child who has no concept of the TERF issue really wants it? Is it ok to buy the game second hand? Is it ok to take the game if offered for free? Do we expect everyone who worked on the game to quit their jobs or risk getting fired if they also have the same level of concern? Is it ok for websites and magazines to review the game? Should print and screen media be allowed to advertise the game? Should there even be a thread on the game on here? What if the transgender community came out and said that it was ok for people to play this game? What if JKR does a complete turnaround and supports transgender rights and apologises for her previous statements? I know you are only speaking from your point of view- but curious to know if expect others to take the same stance in support of your values, or if you would take offence if others derived enjoyment from the game with full knowledge of JKR's views?
  4. Most of you in this thread have played the games by the looks of things. And maybe the majority of those who have played the games are having issues with the TV show? I've never played the games- and more than that knew absolutely nothing about the story. I'm enjoying this so far. I hope they can get more John Hannah into distant flashbacks.
  5. I think this might be key: let him direct others' writing. And potentially let him write for somebody else to direct. But maybe don't let him write and direct material which is considered IP or licensed.
  6. If you are referring to her bit where she said antisemitism isn't racism- I doubt it. She apologised for it, and it was ignorance on her part rather than overt anti-Semitism.
  7. My wife and I have been watching this- we like it a lot. Regarding the tone being all over the place- part of me wonders if they started off filming it in a more serious style and then converted it to be more comedic as they went along.
  8. I rewinded and paused to check the, er, Sao Paulo, registration code. Did anyone catch a Sovereign class registration?
  9. It's easy enough to work out why she keeps getting jobs.
  10. The current DCCU is unsalvageable. With the greatest respect to those bits of it which are decent- the whole thing needs rebooted.
  11. Did you go back to watch the rest?
  12. Did they explain why they were blue out of water, but normal skin colour in water?
  13. Ironically they don't really. Both could be excised from the plot. They are there purely to set up future movies and TV shows.
  14. The search for the scientist that the beginning of the film hinges on was stupid as there would be literally dozens of people with that knowledge by that point, and that's assuming it wasn't published. And then halfway through the film Namor says something along the lines of "never mind the scientist, I'm going to do this other thing instead anyway". Poor story crafting that.
  15. Top 4 MCU: Black Panther movies for me: 1. Captain America Civil War 2. Avengers Infinity War 3. Avengers Endgame 4. Avengers Age of Ultron
  16. I'd rather let him make every Star Wars film from now on than have Patty "Expert pilot and aeronautical engineer" Jenkins direct just one.
  17. The guy whose marriage/relationship broke down? And his dad was briefly shown in one of the final episodes? The dad looked like a proper thug.
  18. Is there a reason for such a sizeable increase?
  19. Has the human homeworld ever been established canonically?
  20. Some of her best friends are aliens you know. (I honestly didn't see one. Nor at the prison either).
  21. Tony Gilroy must really hate Star Wars I reckon. A party on Coruscant hosted by a senator trying to curry favour with other senators and not a single alien among them. It just give me all humans are racist vibes- not inviting aliens to parties, and the human politicians trying to divvy up the resources among the human worlds
  22. You've never heard of Toejam and Earl?!
  23. I am aware. But Byrne was also depicted as a typical comic book writer, and not a fatntastical you know what spoiler.
  24. Way, way too meta for her. It was very incongruous, and there had been no foundations laid earlier in the series to prepare viewers for that level of meta. I'm not even sure the Deadpool movies could have got away with that level of meta without complaint. It surpassed what the comics did too in my opinion. I'd already seen the episode when they were watching it. I came into them at the hallway fight scene (Iron Man 2 homage?) and she said to me "this is really weird!". My reply- "Just wait, this bit is the mainstream bit!"
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