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  1. I also was caught out by the timeline here- it didn't feel like he spent years with the Sand People in the previous episodes. No more flashbacks! Krrsante is a famous actor, no? I'm getting both Michael Dorn and The Hound vibes from him.
  2. The toilet roll shortage would have been very difficult I imagine.
  3. I think it is trying to distract us from the fact that the entire plot was originally written on a napkin.
  4. Building up to Tatooine/Mando: Endgame. With time travel back to the Obi Wan series.
  5. I've never watched Nomadland, because I learnt over 20 years ago that Oscar Best Picture nominees were always dull and meandering......
  6. If anybody is interested in cheating and has no care for getting as few tries as possible- the following seems to always work: Leaves very letters left.
  7. I'm really not sure about this series. My gut says that Favreau is solo on this one, and I'm now thinking that The Mandalorian was mostly Filoni with Favreau simply being the figurehead lead to attract the funding in the first place.
  8. Is the point of the game to guess the right answer in fewest guesses, or just to get it within 6? Because I have noticed playing the other eternal ones that you maximise your chances by going in with two words that have no overlap of letters (for me- RENTS, then GHOUL), although that does depend on what sort of success you have with the first go.
  9. This thread is in danger of getting too large and unwieldy at this rate!
  10. I'm still new, but my gut says getting consonants is more useful than vowels.
  11. That was me. Not once did I question his job credentials. And if his first comment on the movie was "simply saying he didn't like it", then I dread the comment he makes on something he hates. Adding "WTF" and "just wow" doesn't help in these sort of discussions either, but that's off topic I suppose.
  12. If PATIO is your first word, then I'd go with RUNES as your second in the event of PATIO getting no hits. That's all the vowels, and n, p, r, s, t out the door as well. Any tips for a second word if RATES draws a blank?
  13. I like this game, and seemingly am very good at it- today was my 3rd day, and all three days I've got in 3 attempts. But this thread is a bit boring with just tons of posts of rows of squares! Only 3 days in, but I agree that starting off with RATES is the best way to go: -Let's you know of if there is a plural or present tense verb -Gets two vowels established -Gets r, s, and t established as very common consonants -And I think the position of a and e in RATES is more useful than STARE or TEARS, but I might be wrong about that. I've seen AEGIS suggested elsewhere as a good first try.
  14. Wasn't there only 4 seasons? If the first wasn't good, and the last few weren't good......
  15. I went with the Binbok in the end- primarily for it's versatility. It's on it's way from, I assume, China.
  16. I don't think I've ever watched a TV show where the pilot episode is so different to what the show is meant to be. I gave up after that first episode, but resumed a few months later when I had a gap in tv show watching schedule. This thread alone, like your comment has proved I'm not alone, and may represent a sizeable proportion. In hindsight I wonder if it would have been better to try to fit that first episode's content as flashbacks over the first few episodes, and start like Lost with the destruction of the ship.
  17. That 42 min runtime is so crucial to get the adverts in.......
  18. Does anybody have any experience with the Binbok split joypad? Trying to decide between it or the Hori split pad.
  19. This thread just got a whole lot more intense.....
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