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  1. A couple of criticisms I have for this last episode: The name chosen sounds like somebody dropped vowels out of a certain character's name from Star Trek Discovery. And it seems more fitting for an orc. I was disappointed by the way in which the Jedi first encountered the Mandalorian- far, far too aggressive for the character.
  2. On the Garfield side I'm guessing Rhino and Electro. From Maguire- Sandman and Doc Ock.
  3. Resistance does improve by the end, but not to a quality anywhere near Rebels, and very, very late on. But it does improve over a very long shite start.
  4. With the benefit of hindsight I'm wondering if the future Burnham and Discovery should have jumped to should have been whatever the real world gap is between Star Trek Nemesis' release was and today, transplanted into the Trek universe? That is: Nemesis came out in 2002 (18 years ago) and was set in 2379, so make Discovery jump to 2397 (2379 plus 18). Then it could share a universe with Picard or at least draw upon some modern Trek characters and lore. It's painful watching the Discovery crew find out about established tenets of Trek fact like the Trill and the Romulans
  5. Genuine lol. Well done.
  6. Is the webswinging physics in this the same as the first game?
  7. I'm convinced the Leonard Nimoy character was meant to originally be an alternate Walter Bishop, but JJ then developed a friendship with Nimoy via Star Trek and cast him instead, forcing a change of plans.
  8. Remember Me. First Star Trek episode, of any iteration, I ever watched. Turned me into a Trek fan. Really scary scene in the morgue, still gives me chills.
  9. This show has really affected you! Clone lives matter.
  10. If Lucas was still about I doubt we would have got Favreau, and Filoni would have been suppressed to being a simple yes man.
  11. I like Culber. Probably my favourite character after Saru. But he's up against McCoy, Bashir and the EMH in terms of Trek medics.
  12. That was Lucas' fault for the premise. The cartoon a decent enough job given that the before and after were already established.
  13. I had the same thought- that they are effectively retconning (of a sort) the sequel trilogy.
  14. Several mentions of shift working, so presumably the night shift were in bed asleep at the end. Bummer for them!
  15. Ep 6: Burnham is DESPERATE to find the cause of The Burn. Has been for a year now. It has been her life's mission. Eps 3, 4 and 5: not even remotely interested in finding the cause of The Burn.......
  16. But by the same logic a gay actor wouldn't be the best fit for a heterosexual character? So, personally, I think that's completely wrong. And by your same logic, we also get into very difficult territory for race/ethnicity.
  17. I have to admit, all those Steppenwolf memes are very clever!
  18. Given this is a Star Trek thread- the correct term is mass. She can increase or decrease her weight with the flick of a switch.
  19. It's clear that Favreau or Filoni have access to the originals, but I wonder if it's old personal vhs or some sort of secret vault.
  20. Where is it available these days?
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