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  1. I was such a big Star Trek fan in the 90s. But the franchise has been ruined for me. So much so that I don't check the news sites, can't be bothered keeping with the threads in here, and I don't have it in me to even to watch the trailer.
  2. So Age of Ultron is better than Avengers Assemble? And Homecoming better than Far from Home? And The Dark World better than Thor?
  3. Can you really name eleven MCU films it is better than?
  4. I find her incredibly annoying. Her voice grates and she is written poorly- having all sorts of accidents (usually life threatening) for the sake of what? Humour? Children viewers to have someone they can empathise with?
  5. Mark Hamill plays every baddie exactly the same, I'm quite bored of it now!
  6. I thought it was quite dull given the premise. And I see nothing that gives me any hope it won't have the same flaws of Wandavision and TFATWS.
  7. Crixus ends up killing Jadzia's girlfriend anyhow. On the forest moon of Endor it looked like.
  8. R2D2 did nothing at all in the entire sequel trilogy. He didn't have the numbers on the internet championing his inclusion.
  9. You reviewing these movies, having seen them for the first time- is that not analagous to going back and reviewing the PS1 and Saturn launch line-up having played them for the first time?
  10. Was that the one where there was an uber-Fan doing a quiz and Schwimmer asked him what hand he had in the poker game?
  11. Oh yeah, I do recall that now that you mention it. Don't think it was Ross though- Johnny Vaughn maybe? When Corden asked the question the others looked sheep-ish. Schwimmer and Aniston jumping in felt to me that they were protecting the others.
  12. I said it at the time too, elsewhere, and got accused of being racist! It was a nigh untouchable film for criticism.
  13. Maybe they were all as conveniently snapped as Peter Parker and friends?
  14. I see Angel got added this week. And unlike Buffy it isn't buried so that you cannot find it.
  15. TLDR for a film that I hated, sorry.
  16. I wonder how they will explain his death in-universe.
  17. Not good enough to learn how to spell it correctly though.
  18. Martin Freeman's comments do not fill me with confidence for BP2: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/black_panther/black_panther_2/black-panther-wakanda-forever-star-martin-freeman-says-the-sequel-is-very-odd-but-were-in-for-a-treat-a184725#gs.0pthyc
  19. What about a poll? Pick your top 3 or top 5?
  20. Not gonna lie- I just googled how to pronounce omega!
  21. I'm not convinced Ryan Coogler has the skill to do a blockbuster that can deliver good action sequences and a decent story.
  22. Knowing nothing of the owner of that tweet I should point out that someone who was pro-immigration could type out the same words.
  23. I thought Sam's speech had less weight than the closing remarks of a junior high school debating team myself. The costume looked unusually puffy/children superhero costume- this could have been forgivable if it was shown to have some special abilities. This entire series has been very poor on the whole. The only way I can forgive it is if there was a plague/biological warfare plot point that had to be cut completely and the only way to fix that was to pad out the episodes with all the filmed material that would normally be dropped. The showrunner has been g
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