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  1. I thought Loki was boring- but it's boringness was nothing to do with it being different and not ending in a big CGI fight! Just taking the Loki series in complete isolation I thought that the ending with Kang was very intriguing, and that last episode is probably the best* one in the series. Rather it was the actions and motives of Loki and Sylvie that were quite predictable and unoriginal. I definitely get an Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ark vibe from the main Loki in this series. He is nothing more than a witness to the events that occur. *Least worst
  2. I cannot get enthused about season 2 obviously, as I fall in the camp that didn't like it. But for those who did like it- what would you be looking forward to in a second season? All the things that people have said they have liked about this, cannot really be done a second time.
  3. I thought the entire series felt like high school students getting work experience in the MCU/Disney+ offices, with the promise that their final product would be aired. Change of director, or any of the production team, can't get it any worse. Can it?
  4. What else is in your never watch again column? And have you seen all of the MCU movies?
  5. The paid for DLC not on Switch yet? Or am I doing it wrong?
  6. Wage bill Carbon emissions KWh used All wasted.
  7. You are referring to the story/plot. I am referring to its very existence. From before its conception. A complete waste in every measurable metric.
  8. Utterly pointless series. In no way essential at all. Cumberbatch will have a line or two of dialogue in Dr Strange 2 and Spider-Tom 3 to explain it for those who have been lucky enough to avoid the series.
  9. Did you come straight here to post that after hearing it? Are you on the internet while also watching the movie? Are you at home or at the cinema?
  10. Yeah- Taskmaster from the comics has great potential, and as such has been absolutely wasted here, with no real way to redeem the choice of how to use him in the MCU. They can't get away with the Mandarin style retcon a second time. I also thought the direction was very..... masculine? misogynistic?...... for a female director. The butt shots- I'd be suspicious a body double was used.
  11. Harsh, yes- but the reasons for being so are explained . Knee-jerk? No. A longer period of assessment and reflection on my part will not change my view- although ironically Wandavision has turned out to be the least worst, which I never would have thought by the end of that series. I'm not passing judgement on those who think the shows are good. Variety is the spice of life and it's good to see stories tackled that likely would never get a cinema release. But I'm worried, for myself and my future with the MCU. And I am looking at that subscription cost in a very different light now.
  12. I thought the bigger one was a boy until a pronoun was used- maybe 5 mins after her/his first appearance!
  13. I think the series has been woeful, and oddly am expecting the final episode to be a similar length. I'm starting to wonder if these shows are a bit Marmite for some reason. Some people really like them, some people really hate them. I love the MCU movies, so I'm coming from a position of being a fan, and not that of a film critic.
  14. Take any random 20-40 segment of Black Widow- it will be better than any single episode of the Disney+ series so far.
  15. This film just re-inforced how poor the Disney+ shows have been. The end credits sequence ties into Disney+. In March 2020 that would have got me excited, but 5 episodes into Loki and my expectation is that it/they will also be shit.
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