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  1. Until a Star Trek episode comes along.
  2. Because I've not seen it mentioned anywhere else, I've always wondered if that thing is potty trained.
  3. That's the script to be fair. Can't blame the director for that......
  4. I get the feeling that we can add Jon Favreau and Kevin Feige to that list soon enough.
  5. Never. We will get Star Wars movies alright, but there is no tea left in this Skywalker teabag.
  6. Guys, it's been confirmed by Terrio and/or Abrams that what Finn wanted to tell Rey was that he was Force sensitive. For it to be the opposite it would have to be that they filmed it as him being in love with her, but then changed it in reshoots or editing, and the post release comments are part of enforcing that change.
  7. That reddit thread, in terms of the scenes cut and reshoots seems quite plausible. Not so sure about the reasons though. I'm coming to the conclusion that Kathleen Kennedy must have a shitload of dirt on so many Holywood types to wield so much power.
  8. I don't know what it is about the Star Wars cartoons but they start off very kiddie and take a while to mature up. I came close to dropping Resistance multiple times in S1, but it definitely improves late on.
  9. I'm convinced the dagger has been added in as reshoots, after principal photography. The only thing I can't reconcile with that theory is what Sith language C3PO got hold of before they added the dagger in. But not too hard to guess it was from Lando, DO or Ocho's ship.
  10. He mentions photo-realism, but didn't they previously commit to not using CGI to replace her after death?
  11. I can't even remember now, but does the Resistance fleet achieve anything? It's the ground crew that take out the antenna and bridge. How does the Sith Armada get destroyed- I genuinely can't remember since by that time my brain was working overtime trying to work out what was going on between Palpatine, Rey and the Force!
  12. I got hammered by purists earlier in the thread for pointing out a similar criticism. Apparently North Korea can do similar.
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