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  1. Laws of physics. Another thing Patty doesn't have a clue about. Although to be fair, neither do JJ Abrams or George Lucas.
  2. They go back to the drawing board with Bashir for season 2 onwards. Even before the internet they knew he did not go down well with fans. He's a much better character from season 2 onwards.
  3. Harsin answered that attempt at trying to look smart!
  4. I went on about it in the Wonder Woman 2 thread. Short version: she was to Wonder Woman 1 what Michael Bay was to the 1st 2007 Transformers. The director who got all the credit, but in reality all the good bits were somebody else's idea. So when given most of the creative control...... And to be honest- having a dad who is a pilot is hardly reason to give a person a whole movie about pilots! We say what she did with pilots and planes in Wonder Woman 2! She clearly hasn't got the foggiest notion about aeroplanes. Not even primary school knowledge.
  5. So we have to be on the service at a particular time of day? Like TV BEFORE VHS?!??! Wow.
  6. It wasn't the brevity of the post, but the use of language which could be considered offensive, for two reasons: 1. What language would you use to describe films which are universally accepted as poor? 2. The use of such language in a thread where the majority of opinions have been positive.
  7. That's a bit too strong, no? Expected better from a writer!
  8. Yeah, I agree with that sentiment, and can come up with an even better reason. It seems a bit Victor Meldrew to be critical of the scene's inclusion I feel.
  9. I don't think it is too difficult to come up with an in-universe reason for the baby marshmallow men popping up at particular moment.
  10. Which Marvel movies have you NOT watched? (I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you have seen more than you missed).
  11. I think you took South instead of North on the Community board!
  12. Patty Jenkins movie has also been effectively canned. I think with Wonder Woman 2 she has been found out.
  13. Or....... It has done a Silk style origin- what if MJ (or another female classmate) was bitten by the spider instead. Also- I think I now need to check out of this thread to avoid any more spoilers......
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