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  1. Disney didn't make Captain America. The first few Marvel solo movies were made with a comparatively tight budget.
  2. Honest trailers did a funny video picking up on MCU recurring themes:
  3. Clearly not an MCU fan. His opinion is of little value to us MCU fans.
  4. I can't help but feel that the Switch Full Fat still represents the better deal at £80 extra.
  5. You know, I can't even recall how they got to London. Were the rest of the kids even in the Netherlands?
  6. The more I think of it I'm convinced that all the rumours involving Oscorp, Osborne being the new MCU big bad, and David Morrissey playing the role are all massive fake news red herrings deliberately put out there by Disney.
  7. I liked that they actually came out of St Pancras station in London. They could have used any train station in the whole of Europe, so kudos for maintaining geographical accuracy.
  8. Vulture's motives were far more compelling.
  9. Anybody else pick up that nearly all of Beck's non-Elemental scenes were taken from the 2004 Spider-man 2 game? Plus the PS4 game got a bit of an Easter Egg at the end too.
  10. drmick

    Nintendo Switch

    DeKay- I need to know town, route number, and preferably times of the week for increased chances.
  11. Before this film the biggest shock appearances of characters for me were Hawkeye in Thor, and Wolverine in First Class. It will take some doing to beat this one.
  12. Not once, in a fist fight, did he face an opponent who could talk.
  13. Anybody else finding the main action set pieces quite tame in these two Spidey movies? So far we have had Spidey run through back yards, jump around a ferry, climb onto a plane and then crash, fight some water, fight some lava, fight some drones. His best sequences have been in Civil War and Infinity War. The Berlin sequence was clever, but hardly Spidey specific.
  14. Cheers guys. Do those old games hold up? Double Dragon certainly doesn't! Castle Crashers is the best I've played in modern times- anything match that?
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