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  1. Even before Coronavirus the gap between FFH and BW was the probably the longest we've had since 2010.
  2. Ah, ok. There's hardly anything that good missing, and you'd imagine even then some of it will come along eventually.
  3. I only checked the first few lines of the list in that link- but a huge chunk of it is on the UK version.
  4. Essential worker here. I'll never be allowed to stay at home. Unless somebody in the house gets it I suppose.
  5. Is there a season of Clone Wars to start from where the quality is consistent for most of the season? You know, like you can do with TNG, DS9, Buffy etc.
  6. Being pernickety, but that equation is useless unless you put some more stuff to the right of Mandalorian, because the following is also true: Episode V > Episode IV > Episode I
  7. Why was Picard sitting by himself when the rest were having a sitrep? Why was gold Soji not at that meeting when it was clear she was one of the bosses?
  8. I was also referring to the reasoning for poisoning the water supply, for what it's worth.....
  9. I'm not following- was there some sort of attempt?
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