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  1. What is wrong with you people? I have seen The Winter Soldier and Civil War dozens of times- not only are they my favourite MCU movies, they're among my favourite ever movies full stop. Zemo is one of the best MCU villains to date, bettered only by Loki. Emily Vancamp is gorgeous and I can't comprehend anybody forgetting her.... .....but, yes, this series is crap.
  2. I'm a big MCU fan. Winter Soldier and Civil War are in my top 3 MCU movies. Four out of six episodes in- and I'm giving this a fail rating. It has very little time to redeem itself, and I'm not expecting it to do so.
  3. The same place it went in the summer.
  4. Was it just me, or was the amount of information fed to the audience about the mother boxes the same in both movies, or possibly even less in the Snyder cut? I found myself going say what now for a few of the motherbox moments.
  5. Don't forget half of the cows, sheep,, chickens, pigs, tuna, salmon etc just got returned as well lol! Not sure about plant life though so might be tight for vegetarians like.
  6. But that's my point- you write "finally getting" which implies (correctly I feel) we haven't had it before. We are 22 movies in- the MCU has an established pattern where that sort of thing is dealt with in the dialogue if needed, but briefly. To elaborate on it in more detail is a change in the status quo. Some will like welcome it, some won't. But like I said- it is my expectation and hope that Sam's family will play a much more pivotal role in the episodes to come.
  7. Alrighty then. You've convinced me that I was wrong. Looking forward to seeing more of his sister's financial woes.
  8. Because it's boring (in my opinion). The MCU isn't the place for that sort of melodrama! I'm fully expecting Zemo to take his family out now. Or at least sink the boat.
  9. Yes- but my point was that it is possible to portray all of that without ever involving his sister or nephews. We spend a good 20 mins on them- when a line or two of dialogue with Torres would have got the same message across. Hence my point that Sam's family better have more important roles in the plot in future episodes.
  10. I really hope the stuff with Sam's sister is going somewhere intrinsically crucial to the plot because it felt very much like padding to the runtime. Bucky's side story had an immediate pay off in contrast.
  11. Game of Thrones. X-Men animated series from 90s.
  12. Bill Murray tried that in Groundhog Day.
  13. Was it not the case that powers didn't manifest in mutants until puberty? Or was that a FoX-men thing?
  14. I take it this isn't going to be "free" anywhere in the UK then?
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