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  1. drmick

    Nintendo Switch

    There is very good evidence that at least 30mins per day prolongs life.
  2. I'm pretty sure I listened to a podcast recently, or was it a YouTube video, of an interview with the X-men composer. He looked like a downbeat.
  3. That's interesting, same here. Never noticed any bugs. Docked or handheld? I played the entire thing docked.
  4. It felt like there were hundreds of names in the end credits!
  5. Which machine were you using, out of interest?
  6. drmick

    Megadrive Mini

    I genuinely didn't know about the 6 button mode in Shinobi 3. That has blown my mind. Is it possible to get on the Classics compilations for 360, PS3, Switch etc? I'd also love it for Revenge of Shinobi!
  7. His name is Charr LyPayss. Or Murr Eadokk. They haven't decided yet.
  8. The only thing I had to Google was how to dress the bust. I will add my voice to the game being too short. They could have easily made the game 4-5 times as large with just variations of the same puzzles. Plus they could have added a metroid style going back over previous areas to find previously unreachable areas (keys for gates, knocking on doors, delivering mail, picking up rubbish etc). Surely only a weeks work does all of that as a programming team?
  9. drmick

    Megadrive Mini

    Revenge of Shinobi- is it considered better than Shinobi 3?
  10. Finally got this finished so can come into this thread. As a non-English person, can I ask what specifically was wrong with Urban's accent? Not once did I detect an Australian, Kiwi or American twang. So I can only assume the problem was that he was TOO Cockney? As in: every single syllable was 100% Cockney and such a thing does not exist in real life? Also- so many warnings about sex and nudity and in reality there is no sex nor nudity!
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