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  1. You know this is not really beyond the realms of known chemistry? I'd say if given enough of the right substrate some chemist among us could propose how to do it now in a lab.
  2. Everybody knows that all alien computer and communication technology aligned to Earth standards some prior to Independence Day in 1996.
  3. Your tastes are much broader than mine in terms of game genres- but all my desert island games are on that list!
  4. Any chance you could post your list? I also rank it very high, but as a casual gamer I'm not even sure I've played 90 games since 2000! Haven't played any Thief or Dishonored. And never went back to a Deus Ex sequel after the first go (didn't feel the same at all). So, I'm hoping your list might line up with my tastes!
  5. Was there anywhere in the Whedon cut where he could have popped up (other than a flashback or cameo)?
  6. I had a dream about this game last night! And I don't think that I have consciously thought about it for years. What are the chances?
  7. Comes out on a weekend day? Means I will be drunk when I'm watching it. Apparently that's how I missed s2 being rubbish!
  8. Despite what others have said they definitely no longer gang up on Chris. I was very uncomfortable with it that first season, but it's clear the bosses have stamped it out. At least the ganging up on Chris bit. There's a still a fair bit of tomfoolery but nowhere to the level where you think it is outright evil, or to a level where you fear actual bodily harm can occur.
  9. Thank you. I wonder if I heard it on Cobra Kai.
  10. What is that tune that was playing when Flintoff did his second attempt at 200mph? Like an 80s synth Rocky Beverly Hills Cop type tune. I've heard it a few times recently.
  11. Have had this on in the background a few times this past week. There's a bit where Ben Mendo says "that's not a cat, that's a flerkin" but later in the movie when he's asked if he can turn into a cat he answers "what is a cat?". That's a bit lazy.
  12. After a few seconds of me and my daughter getting quite confused as to who we were talking about it dawned on me this film has two Penguins. Not to mention a few other comic book movie character actors.
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