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  1. For anyone who’s in two minds about a purchase from @beakbeak, I heartily recommend you go for it. We had 5 more mugs delivered yesterday (and a complimentary dipping bowl to boot) to add to the previous 2 we’d purchased. They’re absolutely blooming marvellous and give an added touch of luxury to the morning imbibing ritual. Luke is a lovely guy to deal with, really reasonably priced and can’t do enough to help. @Kryptonian, if you’re in the market for a few mugs I genuinely can’t recommend these enough.
  2. Was announced at least 6 months back. Think I read about it on the New York Times, Good Reads or at the Grauniad
  3. Been a really disappointing performance so far. The Irish look like they're able to swing the ball effectively and the batsman are underperforming in the same way the bowling unit did in the first 10 overs. Think we're going to need an explosive Livingstone batting performance to win this.
  4. Think Maxwell is in trouble judging by the first 3 balls of this Lahiru over. Smacked in the neck, ouch!
  5. You'd hope so. Otherwise the poor guy will be Villafied.
  6. Stopharage


    I only ever use the double-shot with mine. Needle distributors are also really useful but overkill unless you're comfortable with your machine.
  7. Stopharage


    First bit of advice I'd give you is to do a (free) Sage Masterclass. All done online and you use your Barista at the same time as the trainer runs you through everything. Hugely useful and really helps you to get to grips with the machine. Here's the link. In addition, I think they send you through a 20% off Sage code as well. If you have Facebook, well worth joining 'Sage Coffee Machine Owners Group' and asking a load of questions as there. It's a really useful group, patient members and excellent advice given. You know you can reprogram the single and double buttons so they can run for longer? I've always found that if you weigh your input and output, whilst keeping your eye on the pour time, this is the easiest way to tinker with things to get decent shots. Lance Hendrick and Hoffman on Youtube are very useful for extraction theory/techniques.
  8. Consider Phlebas by Iain Banks and A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole are both 99p today.
  9. He has a companion piece coming out next month as well, called Stella Maris. Two separate but related novels.
  10. Leicester have been superb on the attack today. Tielemans with a potential goal of the season and Maddison continues his rich form.
  11. That Warner dismissal was wonderful. If you haven't seen it Enjoy
  12. Little desperation to play any of those but will inevitably pick a few up when a) there’s a price drop, and b) the adoration of one of these games post-release pushes me to splash out. My winter 2022 game will be Cyberpunk 2077, which I have purchased on PS5 and Xbox and still haven’t spent more than 30 minutes on.
  13. TBF it is written by Phil McNulty who somehow earns a living as the BBC's main football writer. He's as over-promoted as your average Conservative frontbencher.
  14. What a cracking team goal. Only thing is, we need to score another 3 to feel safe with our defence.
  15. I thought you guys were excellent last night. First United performance I've enjoyed as a neutral for a while and seems like Ten Hag is starting to get you playing some decent football too. Shame about Ronaldo but last night's behaviour might do you some serious favours going forwards.
  16. I read it here. That was before the weekend's games though, so Liverpool would have been further in the + since.
  17. We're all blinkered when it comes to our own team; I recall you calling Leicester a bunch of cheats in the same game one of your players broke one of our player's legs with a disgraceful tackle for which he didn't get sent off for. Mentioning that doesn't disprove you either but just shows we can all point to countless examples that we are hard done/others get the better rub of the green. Liverpool are as hard done by the ref as any other team; as an aside I think they're one of only 5 teams to have benefited from VAR this year is far - next year the opposite may be true. I'm the same as any other fan in saying some dunderheaded stuff at times when passion and anger are at the forefront. It's an ongoing rite of passage. City and Rodri seemed to get more of the decisions today; that's often the case though unfortunately. They've mastered the art of the snide tactical foul to the detriment of every other team.
  18. Taylor must have a bet on a 1-1 draw.
  19. How much dirt does Rodri have on Antony Taylor to not have been booked so far? There's been at least 5 obvious fouls he's committed so far. Edit: Post timed to perfection as Thiago takes him out..
  20. Kepa is having a cracking game so far for Chelsea. Nice to see him doing well. Hope I'm not tempting fate now..
  21. Stopharage


    I've got one of those. They're great for getting used to experimenting with different grinds, extractions, coffee art, bottomless portafilters etc. You'll want some of these descaler tablets for the monthly descale. The 'clean me' light will come on. Turn the machine off. In your portafilter, put one of the single basket filters in and pop the black plastic dish on top, with one of the tables on top. Insert it into the machine on the right hand side. Then keep your finger down on the 2 right hand buttons (single and double cup) and press the in button. Give me a shout if you get stuck; think the instructions might explain the process though. The descaler tablets are also great for cleaning the milk frother if you find it gets clogged up with milk. I've also replaced the filter in the water section with these. Much cheaper than Sage's offerings and was advised by loads of people in a Sage group to do so. You'll probably want to buy a knock box too, unless you bought one alongside the machine. There's a great Sage Barista Tool Set which occasionally pops up on ebay that has loads of useful items. Worth keeping an eye out for.
  22. Greenwood charged with attempted rape and assault A day after Greenwood and the victim start following each other again in Instagram.
  23. That this series can just about get me to stomach Sarah Millican is testament to its excellence so far.
  24. Decent article by Curtis in The Guardian. ‘They are stealing Russia’: Adam Curtis on how hyper-capitalism wrecked a nation – and why Liz Truss must take heed
  25. Top Tip, they also make great spice mixing bowls for when you have to use loads of turmeric and don’t want it to stain your bowls. I use them whenever I’m making a job lot of curry powder mix.
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