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  1. I don't have a great deal of sympathy for Sarri. He's marginalised Kante by focusing on Jorginho. Teams are now just putting a man on Jorginho and totally disrupting Chelsea as a result. Leicester did it, Bournemouth put Brooks on him and appears that if you pressurise Jorginho, he folds.
  2. Disappointing result at Wembley. City actually played pretty well, although we were aided by some puzzling decisions by the ref in the first half. Chilwell was excellent and Tielemans sprayed the ball around well. We just can’t score though. Barnes missed an easy chance and it was a terrible idea to let Vardy take the penalty. Ghazzal and Gray continue to do very little of note.
  3. Off to Wembley later to watch Leicester with the kids. The youngest has never been so hoping for a decent game. Knowing my luck Puel will play 4 defensive midfielders this week, instead of 3. Can't see us picking up any more than a draw and I'm not very confident of that.
  4. Christian ethos to do unto others..?
  5. The first film I took my youngest to, was The Muppets at Epsom Odeon. It was one of those perfect parent moments. He loved it, I thought it was a lovingly crafted and heartfelt film and I came out of the cinema just having felt uplifted by the whole experience. The audience had all been fully engaged and there was no rustling of packets, chair being kicked, kids screaming, glaring mobiles. The saccharine memory of Life’s a Happy Song stuck with me all day. Wonderful.
  6. Not enough creativity in that Liverpool midfield. As for Keira, that was a poor, poor showing. Still hope Liverpool do it, but think it’s City’s to lose.
  7. I really enjoyed the first series of MAM, but felt that the second series really dragged. Think they could have had half the amount of episodes and it would have improved things considerably. The Staircase was decent too but both don’t approach the quality of The Jinx. Think there were around 6 episodes of that and it was jan-packed full of drama. That final episode..
  8. In case you were unaware, the fundraiser for her is now Over $200,000. Nice ending to a shitty situation.
  9. This was the epitome of the word ‘charming’. The leads were great, the wives were terrific and whilst it wasn’t a chortlefest it was a lovingly crafted character piece.
  10. Fairly certain it was Flash Gordon at the Empire Leicester Square in 1980. Was just me and my dad and I remember having a coke float for the first time. As great an experience as it was, it didn’t shut out nightmares of Peter Duncan fisting a predatory tree. The next time time I visited the same cinema, I went to see Event Horizon with my girlfriend, now-wife. It was a matinee showing in the week and we were the only people in this vast cathedral of a cinema screen. The emptiness of the screening helped to feed our uneasiness which was compounded by the scares on screen. With about 10 minutes to go, she was clutching hold of my arm. This wasn’t helped by a voice from behind us asking us how we were finding the film at a quiet moment. One of the staff had crept in and as soon as we heard his question, we both screamed. It was at that point, she worked out I was never going to be an alpha male.
  11. 4. In your defence:Stories of Life and Law by Sarah Langford. A serving barrister talks through 11 cases she had worked on, from cases of child custody to sexual offences. It's fairly enlightening throughout and the notes section clarifies some points of law. It dragged a bit towards the end of the book but the author's respect for the justice system and huge frustration with it's dismantling in recent years (legal aid issues etc) shine through. It's an enjoyable read and illustrates how quickly the legal system can go from being something you know a bit about to something you can actively be involved in, often through no fault of your own. Now onto My thoughts exactly by Lily Allen. I know she's a fairly polarising figure but seems to have an interesting story to tell. Although, in the opening pages she's said she wasn't born into the elite whilst then going onto talking about being the daughter of Keith Allen and the producer of Elizabeth, hanging out at the Groucho club as a kid, hanging around with Neneh Cherry, Miquita Oliver and many other celebs whilst at school, having some fairly notable godparents, Harry Enfield as a step-dad etc etc.
  12. I've told my wife that if I die before her I'd like Private Sunshine by Ashley Slater (from Freak Power) as the song that plays as my body is cremated. What a way to go!
  13. This really is quite ordinary. Can't complain about disconnection issues as I had none but it's doing very little for me. Slight caveat that I haven't played the stronghold yet but I found the general gameplay, mission design and the feel of the weapons were particularly unrewarding. The plodding around the central hub felt like a chore and a wholesale lift from Destiny. The swooping around was decent enough but that UI felt unwieldy. Ultimately, it just doesn't feel strong enough in any area to devote the required time to get the best out of the game. I'm sure it will flourish down the line, but I found the game fairly insipid. Hoping to have a go on the stronghold later with friends and I may well reevaluate, but first impressions are that it's the emperor's new clothes.
  14. I watched it earlier and quite enjoyed it. The central premise works well and there are some decent performances, especially Gylenhall. Can’t profess to have any working knowledge of the art world but seemed stereotypically believable. It looks glitzy, the script contained some decent lines and dark humour and the cast seemed to really enjoy their parts. There was an obligatory dig at modern art with a fairly obvious scene but beyond that it ticked along nicely. Looked beautiful in parts and had an engaging b-movie aesthetic. 4/5 for what that’s worth.
  15. 10 years or so back I worked on a documentary and the main cameraman was the guy who did that Martin Bashir/Jacko documentary. He filmed extensively at Neverland and with Jackson and was 100% certain that he was guilty as hell. Apparently, Jackson's main bedroom could be locked from the inside and there were a number of rooms that only Jackson had access to. Lots of people have rooms that can lock from the inside, but it was the sheer number of locks, the air of creepiness and that the room was fairly impregnable if you were outside. Bashir spoke to a number of the accusers, whose stories weren't included in the documentary and the cameraman totally believed their accounts and thought the evidence they offered was compelling. Anecdotal, granted, but it was enough to convince me.
  16. 3. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Picked up for 99p on Kindle, after it was praised in a lot of the end of years, on here and by my friends. Initially it all seemed fairly predictable but the more it went on, the better it got. The characters were all well developed and became increasingly likeable and it became a really enjoyable and realistically uplifting. Reminded me of the feeling I got when I read The Curious Incident...As a populist novel covering some fairly meaty concepts it did a grand job. A well deserved 4/5. Now onto In your defence:Stories of Life and Law by Sarah Langford.
  17. The giraffe scene in The Last of Us. The cynic in me thinks it’s a manipulative piece of game creation. But screw what the cynic thinks; it’s a wonderful moment in a wonderful game. A time to reflect on the main protagonists’ bond, the changing world and nature’s ability to surpass man. I was an absolute sucker for that scene. More recently, PSVR has been an absolute revelation. The utter sense of escapism is majestic. And despite my initial concerns, there is real range in the gaming experiences available through VR.
  18. Iconoclasts. I quite enjoyed the 5 hours I spent on it and how the map opened upon as you gained new abilities. But the signposting is poor and it's often quite unclear where on earth you should go. Plus the map doesn't seem to allow you to zoom in. When it started to become an exercise in frustration I gave up. Freebie though, so got my money's worth.
  19. More K-House, but you might enjoy.
  20. I watched this last week and it's ridiculous. I tried to explain some of the events that happened to some friends and they genuinely thought I was taking the piss. I think your description is perfect - there were 3 points in the documentary where I questioned whether this was just some elaborate wind-up. I actually think it's a poorly made documentary but the events are captivating enough to keep you engaged.
  21. 2. Borne by Jeff VanderMeer. A strange, post-apocalyptic land is overseen by a giant flying bear, where a couple of mismatched lovers avoid the gaze of The Magician, whilst encountering something newly borne. Whilst sounding totally unconventional it's actually a slightly more traditional and conventional read than Annihilation et al. The description of the flora, fauna and general environs are hugely evocative but I felt at times the book meandered, especially mid-way through. But the plot is engaging, the characters are well fleshed out and the mysteries satisfactorily resolved by the end. I could happily spend time in the world that VanderMeer creates so vividly and I think it's a novel that really shows off his range and ability as a writer.
  22. Horrible news. As a Leicester fan can totally empathise with the impact this could have on club, fans, community and (obviously) friends and family. I know this thread was criticised earlier in the week, but horrible events like this show what a tight, caring community football can be and how tribal nonsense pales into insignificance. Hope for positive news.
  23. Well, looks like the caterer will at least be reimbursed. Not by Billy obviously. $130,000 and rising. Great watch but at times I had to remind myself that this was a documentary rather than a black comedy. Felt really sorry for all the manual workers but hard to elicit too much for the drones who had been tricked into signing up for it. Reminded me of the hype that the Kony 2012 video received.
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