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  1. I appreciate the concerns about digital prices but can’t understand why more people don’t gameshare. I’ve shelled out £50 for Cyberpunk and in return my friend paid for TLOU2. Get each game on release, for £25 each. It’s an absolute doddle to set up too.
  2. Mark Haddon's The Porpoise is 99p today only. Been looking forward to this for a while. INVEST.
  3. It's the utter inconsistency of those running VAR that infuriates so much. If it takes more than 30 seconds to decide, with the benefit of multiple camera angles, then it's not a clear and obvious error.
  4. We do look utterly one-dimensional at the moment. The only way I can see us getting anything out of this game is if they have about 4 players sent off.
  5. We have been pretty dreadful since we returned. I'm not sure how taking 2 and a half minutes to decide a penalty can be seen as a clear and obvious error though. Ho hum.
  6. The spices will be fine for 12-18 months. Obviously the fresher it is the better. But if they’re sealed they’ll be fine. The seeds last for 3-4 years, so no issues there. I do a lot of home cooking so I’ll get through those spices easily.
  7. 1Kg peeled white onions (halved) £1 Sliced 1/2 Red Bell pepper 40p 1 chopped Green finger Chile 20p 1/2 sliced carrot 10p 60ml Vegetable oil 10p 1 tin good quality Plum tomato's 80p 50g coconut block (KTC) 40p 125g sweetened condensed Milk £1 50g Garlic (just peeled) £1 50g Ginger £1 2 teaspoons turmeric powder 10p 1 tablespoon tomato puree 20p 2 teaspoons Coriander powder 10p 2 teaspoons Cumin powder 10p 2 teaspoons Paprika 10p 2 teaspoons Tandoori Masala powder 10p 1 teaspoon salt 2p 100g White Cabbage 50p
  8. Just a head's up. If you don't mind using cookery books through the Kindle app then it's 99p this month. Here.
  9. Some books. Cheap. 99p Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson Ellis and John Present The Holy Vible by Ellis James and John Robins Dirty Vegan by Matt Pritchard The Man Who Fell To Earth by Walter Tevis Patter Recognition by William Gibson If Nobody Speaks Of Remarkable Things by Jon McGregor RHS: The Little Book of Bonsai I Think You'll Find It's A Bit More Complicated Than That by Ben Goldacre Who Rules The World by Noam Chomsky Caging Skies by Christine Leunens The Science of Discworld by Terry Pratchett The Climb by Chris F
  10. The Iain M. Banks is definitely The Algebraist. The Asimov is Prelude to Foundation. Handmaid's Tale is on there. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World as well. She's got quite a few Sue Townsend 'Adrian Mole' books on there. Jonathon Coe's 'The Rotter's Club' She also has this, which is rather lovely.
  11. That's how I feel about the rest of the season, after the way Leicester have returned.
  12. The risk/reward is it all going wrong and being spotted then swamped by enemies vs conservation of resources. You discern how beautifully planned and executed the kill is by whether their body is discovered whilst you’re still trying to stealthily take down the rest. There are at least 20 occasions where you have the opportunity to make the most of the stealth options. Anyone can take 1/2 enemies out stealthily but it takes really sound planning to wipe all 5/6 of them without alerting anyone. I think what you miss from watching and not playing this, is the fairly
  13. I can't speak highly enough of the Chelsea fans that day in 2016. My son had his Leicester shirt on and he was getting applauded, hugged, high fived etc. by Chelsea fans and it made it even more magical. And when they gave Ranieri a standing ovation, there was a tear or two. We've actually always had a pretty decent reception at Stamford Bridge; it was just the scrotes I went to school with that gave me such prejudice!
  14. This will probably come across as a bit self indulgent and mawkish. TLDR - what are those songs that give you shivers down your spine? That mean something hugely important to you? That there's a story to. I got in from work about 5 hours ago and started to watch some of the BBC Glastonbury content on iPlayer. I thought I'd listen to some artists I've not heard much of and some familiar favourites. It's been my favourite evening since this pandemic began, just wallowing in music. Not particularly a fan of The Killers but their set was decent and entertaining. Then watched some Metr
  15. I can only presume you support them because of the Sean Dyche emoji?
  16. Bit late to the whole level of fandom debate earlier. I've grown up in London/Surrey all my life and for the entire time I've been a Leicester supporter. The old man's family were from there and I later went there for uni. I'd argue that I'm as committed as most Leicester fans partly on the basis of the ridiculous amount of shit I got at school for being a Leicester supporter and never backing down when confronted about it. Primarily, it was from Chelsea fans, who were universally ghastly (at my school). As judgemental as that sounds, when we won the league and had our final game at Stamford B
  17. Can't say they're my cup of tea normally, but watching some of the stuff on iPlayer and The Killers do put on a good show. Brandon Flowers is a pretty charismatic guy and knows exactly how to play the crowd. They got their cameos bang-on too, Pet Shop Boys for a couple of songs and a Johnny Marr fuelled This Charming Man.
  18. Klopp on Sky hugely emotional. Genuinely lovely to see a guy who gets the club and has a real affinity with Liverpool. Congratulations chaps, very well deserved. You've got a wonderful football team and they're magnificent to watch. A credit to football.
  19. I think I preferred football when I was missing it.
  20. Even less PC, considering he was charged with domestic violence and harassment charges. Anyway, from the extremely juvenile Adam Sandler.
  21. I was just going to post that. The sheer energy throughout was amazing and she was absolutely flawless.
  22. I'd say the sequel is easier on normal than the first. Can't say I've struggled with much so far.
  23. I get people who love cinema but don't get on with French New Wave. I get people who love music but don't get on with Miles Davis. I get people who love literature but don't get on with David Foster Wallace, Irvine Welsh or Charles Dickens. I don't understand who anyone who has a passing interest in games can't appreciate at least 50% of what this game has to offer. I've had more enjoyment in an hour of this than I have in countless other AAA games. The level of detail alone is enough to justify the purchase. I'm yet to finish but at this point even if the entire game h
  24. If it wasn't Burnley, some other racist prick at another club would have done something similar. We all have them at our clubs. Seems the club, Ben Mee and Dyche have all come out straight away and dealt with it as best as we could have expected. Too many Neanderthals think this kind of shit is acceptable.
  25. My son is off ill today (Year 6). My wife has allowed him to use the X1X which is in the sitting room so she can 'keep an eye on him'. The same TV that my PS4 Pro is hooked up to. I don't want to move it elsewhere in the house because I have a decent set up in the sitting room. I'm resentful of my ill son. That's how great this game is.
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