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  1. This second game looks great..oh, State of Decay 3.
  2. New Leicester kit. Quite like it, although our away kits always seem to be more interesting. However this Sunday we'll have a different sponsor to announce our new sponsorship deal with the Thailand tourism authority. Not sure I'll be able to deal with the fallout when United beat us, with that emblazoned on the front. That Kasper kit is awful though.
  3. I've read both of those and some other Blake Crouch stuff. None of which seemed that great behind some decent central ideas. Dan Brown sci-fi, if you will. Maybe give One Word Kill, Do You Dream of Terra-Two, Sleeping Giants or Wool a go. All interesting premises, with accessible writing which makes you think you could have written them.
  4. I think that's our Champions' League hopes well and truly over. If you'd told me at the start of the season that we'd get into Europe I'd have snapped your hand off. Would rather we'd never had the chance of a Champions' League place as a possibility. Although why Rodgers went for a back 3 featuring some of the slowest centre-backs in the league is beyond me.
  5. The game I most want to play but can't play on that list is Disco Elysium. I could get it for my Mac but I want to wait for the console release. However, Control all the way. It's not perfect but is just a great gaming experience. Plays like one of those games that was lathered with love and attention; lots of the detail and collectables really add to proceedings.
  6. The problem with VAR is that it’s over-turning ridiculously marginal calls when it’s remit is to overturn clear and obvious errors. If it takes more than 10 seconds to decide that an original decision is incorrect then it’s not a clear and obvious error.
  7. 26. Be Careful What You Wish For by Simon Jordan Autobiography of the perma-tanned ex-chairman of Crystal Palace FC. I quite like his unflinching honesty when he's in the media and his utter disdain for football agents, huge salaries and the ridiculousness of the football business. This is pretty much exactly what you'd expect it to be. He's arrogant, waffles on about his various girlfriends, name drops throughout and is open about his hatred towards certain people. But it's a fairly illuminating insight into how he made his millions in the mobile phone business, was lured into spending a huge
  8. Would be great if Wigan stayed up, their owner loses his supposed bet and the fit and proper test actually starts to live up to its name. Just watched the monstrosity that was West Brom v Fulham. If both of those team go up under those managers, they'll come straight back down. Dross.
  9. Efan Ekoku has to be the worst co-commentator I've heard in a while. Spent the first half waxing lyrical about Leicester then as soon as we self-implode he waffles on like Bournemouth have been amazing all game. Schmeichel twats one into Ndidi's arse, then lets a Solanke shot dribble under him before Soyuncu decides to assault Callum Wilson. We've well and truly handed the game to Bournemouth with dreadful mistakes.
  10. Son Watch. He is now smashing the sofa cushions with his fist. We're making Bournemouth look like 1970 Brazil.
  11. My son has just said "This is the worst game I've ever watched." Utter shambles.
  12. Jesus wept. Leicester doing their upmost to give Bournemouth a chance in the relegation fight. Appalling.
  13. Instant Hotel is great popcorn tv. Tristan from Series 1 has restored my faith in humanity. He’s in it from episode 6 and every time he was on screen I was beaming. He’s like a mixture between Tony Hawk with Bill and Ted. Like any of these reality shows they often depend on the quality of their villains and there’s some great ones in this.
  14. Morrisons had brisket on offer for £4 a kg last week. So I bought an entire brisket (nearly 8kg) for £30. Just looked and it's at £6 a kg now. Depends on how much you need but have you looked at some of the online butchers, like tomhixson? BBQ thermometer - depends on budget but I've got an Inkbird thermometer which is great, this has 2 probes but you can have a 4 and a 6 probe version. The accompanying app is great and I've had no problems with it. If you're looking for something pricier then Meater are probably your best best.
  15. I'm sure more will come to mind, but a very recent one was playing Minecraft Dungeons. It's nothing special from a gameplay POV and I wouldn't say it does anything innovative or extraordinary. However, it came out in the midst of the pandemic and was something I played through with both of my kids. It's instantly accessible, great fun and in a virtual universe which they grew up in. Sitting on the sofa for a few hours, escaping the worry and confusion of real life in an engaging and rewarding game world was a wonderful distraction for the few weeks we played it for. It also gave us something s
  16. The Vardy one was definitely an accident. I’ve seen him do some silly and horrible things against opponents; some which he was punished for, some he got away with. This wasn’t one of those occasions. Love the guy, but he does have a snide, cowardly tackle in him at times.
  17. Noooooo! Say he won't score another.
  18. Could you now post we won't win? Please!!
  19. This better be a red. Could have broke his bloody knee.
  20. Unsolved Mysteries is an utter drag. Falls foul of the Netflix kryptonite - too much bloat. A 30 minute programme stretched into a 50 minute episode. The first two cases, whilst tragic, really aren't very interesting. There's so many decent examples of true crime programming out there, this really isn't one of them. The Floor is Lava however, is great family fun. Even better when cocksure contestants faceplant into an Easter Island head located in a bright red swimming pool.
  21. Yep, your son is fine. Panic over.
  22. Gabriel Jesus always looks like he’s trying to work out whether he left the iron on.
  23. First thing he did was wipe out Ayew! I'm not sure he's a like-for-like replacement for Chilwell!
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